To be or not to be: Does a business need a mobile application?

To be or not to be: does a business need a mobile application

To be or not to be: Soes a business need a mobile application?

The answer is obvious – to be. The application is useful not only for large, but also for small businesses, however, not for everyone.

A cell phone is not just a communication device, it is a means of payment, a notebook, a camera, a calendar, a flash drive, a radio, a navigator, a flashlight and much more. This friend hides various mobile applications, fraught with many business opportunities. Don’t miss out on this benefit.

The mobile application industry is actively developing and will continue to do so. In 2021, the average user spent 4.8 hours a day on various mobile services, according to App Annie, an analytics company. This is the maximum figure for the entire period of existence of this market. If you need a mobile application for your business, we highly recommend Ronasit, an IT engineering company. For more info, you can visit website, where you can find their contacts and more info.

In terms of downloads, more than 435,000 applications were downloaded per minute in the world last year. And spending on this increased by 25% and reached $135 billion a year. If you are not playing on this site, then you are not participating in the section of the pie and are ignoring a number of possibilities.

Let’s analyze what the introduction of such a development gives the business.


The mobile application allows you to always be at the customer’s fingertips. Literally lie in his pocket and be available 24/7.

Many people love online shopping, not limited by time and place. The opportunity not to spend personal time specifically on shopping is relevant and in demand. Our analysts claim that world retailers’ sales via smartphones grew by 30% last year. 

The application is necessary if you sell clothes, shoes, groceries, beauty products, books, appliances, gadgets, household goods, tools, dishes, kitchen appliances, tickets, medicines and much more. People stopped wasting personal time on visits to stores. Everyone appreciated the convenience of online shopping. And if you set up a delivery system for very busy people who have no one to meet the courier at home, then your position will definitely be higher than that of your competitors.

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The era of mobile technologies has already arrived, it’s time not only to evaluate them, but also to actively work with them. You will still come to the web application if it is a tool for your business, but you will miss out on time and the lion’s share of customers. Remember, 15 years ago, not every company had a website and did not see the point in it. Now these companies either do not exist, or they have a website, but they regret that they were not among the first.

Be in trend

“To be in trend” is not only a fashionable slogan. This means setting the pace and staying one step ahead of the competition. For businesses, this translates into increased sales.

A high-quality mobile application works for your image by adding another communication channel to your arsenal of communication along with advertising, flyers and SMS notifications.

It also allows you to keep up with your competitors. Most of which are already working with this channel.

Business card

A mobile application, along with a website, can replace a business card, and it will not be lost in your pocket and thrown out with unnecessary papers. It will be your calling card for mobile space users.

Have you noticed how young people get to know each other today? They do not ask for a phone number, but exchange Instagram. No one calls, everyone communicates through social networks, and many people are outraged by voice messages.

The business world has also changed and moved online in many ways. Many services have completely switched to this format.

For example, now few people order a taxi through a dispatcher, even fewer catch a car on the street, but everyone who has a smartphone has a taxi call application. If there is no smartphone, then one of the relatives usually orders a car for such a client. No less popular are delivery applications that allow you to call a courier and track the execution of an order. Food delivery and electric scooter rental services have almost completely switched to this format, and the pandemic has forced many to install and fall in love with video communication applications.

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Work with clients

Through a mobile phone, you work with clients in five directions.

First, you expand your audience by attracting targeted, appreciative communication through your smartphone. Just like that, no one will download too much for themselves. And if the client paid attention to your web application and installed it, then he is clearly interested in the services or goods of your business.

The travel agency application is downloaded by a person interested in travel. If he spends the whole summer in the country and does not go anywhere, then he will not download it for any bonuses and points, since this is not the circle of his interests.

As a result, you get a hot client to work with. And here, various marketing campaigns have proven themselves well specifically for application users. For example, discounts or bonuses for those who have just installed the application, or who have it. This is how Uniqlo and H&M, Starbucks and Burger King work.

Secondly, keep old customers through promotions, personal or bonus programs and notifications.

Push notifications allow you to always be in touch, keep the client up to date with your promotions, news and various activities. If you are interested, then the consumer will stay with you and will follow your offers so as not to miss the most important thing. Half of users look for relevant information about products and services, promotions and bonuses through applications, and incoming notifications double application traffic. As a result, the client knows your information, studies the offer, and sales conversion increases.

Loyalty programs with cashback work great . The accumulative points system makes the customer buy from you more often. For example, every fifth lunch as a gift will encourage the client to dine at your place, and not at a nearby cafe. And every seventh free cup of coffee will lead to a regular customer.

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People are tired of bonus cards. The application is much more convenient: it does not require space in your wallet or business card, you do not forget it in another purse and do not lose it.

Thirdly, increase the level of loyalty to yourself.

The ability to be in touch with you and solve problems around the clock increases user confidence. He feels care, attention and his importance, it’s nice. When choosing between you and someone else, the client will prefer you because his interaction experience is positive and there is confidence in your honesty.

It is customary to share a mobile application, this is how word of mouth is launched

Fourthly, you launch word of mouth, which is very effective in promotion. This is how customers talk about you and your work, and recommend your company to friends, relatives and acquaintances.

We are accustomed to sharing what benefits. This works in this case as well, however, the product must be worthy of a recommendation.

Fifth, get to know your customer better. By tracking actions and purchases in the application, you better study your client, find out his requests, interests, get the average check numbers and his personal data. As a result, you form a complete marketing picture of your business, and also have the opportunity to create personal offers for such customers.

Speaking of applications, it is worth paying attention to the most popular ones that have already won their market share. See how they work and what they offer. You have to learn from leaders.