Blender Boolean Object Disappears | Solving Blender remove double

Blender Boolean Object Disappears

Blender Boolean Object Disappears |Blender remove double

This article will discuss different scenarios where the boolean modifier is an excellent solution to modeling problems. Still, sometimes Blender can come up with many other issues, and you never know where you mess up. This article will cover some of the reasons and their possible solutions to fix geometry disappearing and make the most out of Blender.

Where do you find Remove Double Vertices Blender 2.9 Alpha?

The Remove double vertices operator has been moved into the “Mesh” menu and is now executed by going Merge > By Distance. Note that you can access it by right-clicking while in edit mode and vertex select mode. While modelling an object in a blender, it’s not unusual to have overlapping vertices precisely on top of each other. That happens quickly when you extrude and manipulate the mesh and then change your mind later on.

So removing doubles tends to be a standard operation. Are you wondering if it makes more sense to have Blender automatically do this to help improve workflow? One case would be if you didn’t want to lose sharp edges.

When you apply the edge-split modifier, it will be splitting off faces based upon the angle. It will be splitting them individually, so there will be double vertices. If you remove doubles, you’ll lose the sharp edges. Suppose you are using Blender for exporting to other applications. Not all exporters handle the “hard edges” attribute in Blender meshes in the same way. The only way to have said hard edges is to use the edge-split modifier.

Not as bad when everything is being done in Blender, but that is not possible for commercial indie game development, external renderers (other than Cycles), etc.

Some of the common reasons

  • It occurs when you are doing subsurface modelling (or modelling with deform modifiers, for that matter). The cage may overlap at points that don’t appear on the final output, but removing doubles will adversely affect the subsurface result.
  • Sometimes, you want the model to be manifold (watertight) with obvious inside and outside. In this case, you may wish to preserver a solid mesh shell and not worry about accidentally overlapping vertices while you edit.
  • Removing doubles can give unusual geometry (an edge with 3+ faces using it, for example). Such meshes are supported but often won’t provide good results with blenders tools.
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Most common Blender Boolean mistakes

To solve most Boolean problems, you can try just moving the object a little on any axis. Moreover, you may have created multiple meshes in the same thing cutting into a base mesh. Try separating these and making sure that scale is applied at the correct position. Finally, having normals facing outwards can help solve the common Blender boolean problems.

Importance of Modifier in Blender

You can use Blender without any problem by having complete knowledge of using tools correctly and how to use them properly. The best way is to learn and experiment with each tool in simple situations to understand the tool’s actual function before you start working on more complex projects.

The boolean modifier is one of the few tools which acts as a crucial element almost in every project. You need to make sure to use the modifier correctly right after you use it. Get to know the difference between each of the three settings (intersect, union, difference) and how they affect the object once you apply it. Al three settings have different functions and can be used together in a few cases. The boolean modifier requires two objects, no more, no less. One acts on the other and can be deleted afterward.

Using Modifier

Using a modifier is a pretty straightforward step. It takes the Booleans you have made and converts the Boolean operations to a mesh model, just as you flipped the Subdivision Surface to a mesh model. Check the following steps:

  • Select the Cabin you want to apply the modifier. At the top Add Modifier subpanel, click on the Apply button. This will make the Boolean modification permanent.
  • Now, repeat this for the other two Add Modifier subpanels.
  • In the Layers buttons of the 3D View header, select Layer 1 and Layer 2. You can modify the Layer later.
  • Use the MMB tool to inspect your sloop.
  • Increment the file name and save the file.
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Object Disappearing

The simple way to tackle this boolean problem is to extract the particular geometry and then perform the boolean operations if possible. It will indeed 100% works. Still, there are multiple ways to solve this problem, depending on where the issue is coming from. First of all, you should by:

  1. Normal checking
  2. History Clean up
  3. Check the crucial points of the geometry intersections that need to be considered.

Method 1 

The reason the boolean operation fails to work is that you might have duplicated geometry. 

  • Enter in Edit mode 
  • Press A to Select All 
  • Press the Space Bar and select Remove Doubles.

The boolean should work now as expected.

Method 2

If you are trying to make a hole and the object disappears as you make it, you can solve  the issue straight in edit mode now. But, first, take the two entities and hit Ctrl+J to join them into one mesh (make sure you pick the correct order and have your modifiers working correctly, or things might look wrong if the modifier is not set).

Go into edit mode and select the mesh you’re going to use to stamp a hole in your main object, then place it where you need it. Then press space and search for boolean, and you can make a hole.

Method 3

Blender is case-sensitive software, so you might be spelling it wrong if the object is disappearing. To solve this, you should start to type the name again correctly and press the Tab key to finish it. Then, you can hover the mouse over a text field with the name of your cylinder in it and press Ctrl+ C. Remember to hover not to click the object. Then hover over where you want the name to go and press Ctrl+V (again, hover – don’t click). This might help in solving your problem.

Method 4

If you want to create a difference in an object that an existing Boolean distinction has been made on. Try switching to the edge and delete some edges and begin when the first Boolean difference was made; after deleting it, try the difference, it will work.

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Method 5

Try choosing either union or intersect. Sometimes the boolean modifier winds up different options if you don’t use them correctly and inverts the functions. Also, update to the latest Blender 2.78 software version.

Method 6

There can be a problem in your mesh density which is also causing a Blender memory problem. For example, if the mesh is non-manifold and disappears the object repeatedly From within Edit Mode, using Vertex selection, with no geometry selected, use the menu to navigate to Select > Select All by Trait > Non-Manifold. (The keyboard shortcut is Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M). This will show you which part of your mesh is non-manifold.

Method 7

Always use the modifier correctly. Booleans are always potentially complex when it comes to working on face alignment. Tiny mesh movements can help fix some problems, as they can align a problem alignment. Though with such vast vert density, you may lose one and gain another issue.

In the last few days, A report says that the beta 2.91 version has an improved boolean operating calculation. Not yet in the latest stable release. A new ‘exact’ option that is much improved and efficient operation but not perfect. It might well be a spur to move to 2.9 when it is official.

Method 8

Suppose you are using multiple boolean objects. It would help if you did it one by one such that it doesn’t overlap. If you are working with living creatures, then another method is to detach the faces going to be boolean without multiplying the boolean objects combined.

Method 9

The history for one or both of the objects does not allow booleans = delete the history. One or both of the geometries is invalid = check and clean up as discussed earlier. Normals for one or both objects are pointing wrong, reverse normals.

Method 10

Go to User Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U) -> Addons -> Search for Bool Tool -> Enable

in your T menu, you now have Boolean Tools. In Object Mode, Select the object you want to use for cutting, then the object you want to cut, then press “Difference” under Auto Boolean.


After reading this article, you should solve the problem of an object disappearing in your blender software. Unfortunately, Boolean has always been complicated to understand. If you solve one problem, you will run into another right away. Make sure to use the correct method according to your problem for best results.