Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women | 2022 latest fashion trend

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

In modern times, it is acceptable for women to often change their hairstyle and even the color of their hair to enhance their appearance. One of the colors that exist is blonde. At one point you would love to try out a blonde hair color look and experiment how it could look on you.

Choosing the best shade of blonde color should be your first consideration when you decide the change the color of your hair. You should note that you need to often visit your stylist to highlight the color as it is not a guarantee that the color comes out as desired after the first trial. Some of the blonde hair ideas you may want to try out are;

  1. Short Blonde Bob

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

This is one of the most common blond styles. The hair is trimmed such that it reaches the chin area and then it is styled. His style can work for any face shape and it helps to highlight the cheekbones.

2. Short Layered Bob With Bangs

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

This style requires the hair to be just above the chin area so that it comes out perfectly. Once the hair is layered on each other and left to hang freely on the sides, it gives you the perfect classy look.

3. Classic Blonde

This type of blonde hair is a mixture of bright blonde color and a sandy hue that makes your hair look extremely natural as well as classy and trendy. It however works best for those with fair skin complexion as it gives them a trailblazing look.

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

4. Platinum Blonde

This blonde color is a mixture of grey hair color and a white blonde hue to give you the perfect platinum outcome. This is the lightest blonde color and it fits perfectly for those with medium skin complexions. Platinum blonde is however very expensive to maintain as it might fade off easily. This requires you to visit your stylist occasionally to re-do the shade so that it brings out the perfect look.

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5. Buttery Blonde

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

This is a warm shade type of blonde. It gives your hair a honey yellow look that is sexy and modern. Despite buttery blonde being a bright shade, it is perfect for people with a pearly skin tone.

6. Golden Blonde

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

This type of blonde hair shade is ideal for those with light or blue-colored eyes. When it is combined with faded blonde highlights on the edges, it helps to enhance and modernize the look. It is the best fit type of hair color for those with wavy and curly hair.

7. Cherry Blonde

This is the best choice of blonde for those with both dark eyes and a dark skin complexion but with a little adjustment on the cherry color, the shade can work for all skin tones. The hair is first dyed into blonde then the cherry color is dyed on top.

Blonde Hair Styles for Modern Women

8. Pastel Pink Blonde

The pink shade in this type of blonde is not very highlighted and it is hard to notice making it ideal for both casual and official looks. The best part of the pastel pink blonde is that an amazing rose vibe is revealed when the sun shines over the hair. The pink shade also gives you a great look even when it starts to fade off your hair.

9. Caramel Blonde

This shade is similar to faded golden blonde hair and it fits any type of skin complexion. The best look is brought out when pale shades are made closer to the face and golden shades near the edges of your hair giving you both a natural and classy look.

10. Chocolate Blonde

This chocolate shade works perfectly for those with dark eyes and dark hair color. It looks natural when it is not combined with orange tones but it looks great when it is highlighted with golden shades at the edges.

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11. Sandy Blonde

This is a warm type of blonde hair shade that is ideal for people with both light skin and eyes. It is achieved by first dying the hair with a dark blonde and then adding a beige color close to the edges.