How to build a sun soul monk 5e in dnd feat?

sun soul monk 5e

Sun soul monk 5e

The Way of the Sun Soul archetype is a unique one for Martial classes. Sun Soulmonk 5e are not a semi-caster like the Way of the Four Elements. They have a lower ki expenditure and fewer effects. Although they are a bridge between the caster and martial classes, they lack the damage output of the caster. Although you can attack in most situations, your attacks will not do as much damage as you would like.

The Best Races of Sun Soul Monks in dnd 5e

The Sun Soul is very similar to the Monk of Four Elements. Wisdom is essential. There are quite a few abilities that you can use based on Wisdom. Make sure it’s at the least acceptable Level. Your unarmed attacks and your Sun Bolts rely on Dexterity, so you will still need it most. Like any other class, you can get a little Constitution. You can deal with situations far away and stay within your range, so health is not as important.

Lotus Halflings

You can use the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont if your GM permits it. That will give you a friendly new Halfling to choose from. The two ability score increases Lotusden receive are High Dexterity and Good Wisdom. They have two abilities not available to other halfling races: scaling innate magic and anti-tracking technology. They also have many plant themes, so you can shout “Photosynthesis!” while you throw your suburbs. Just a thought.


Volo’s Guide to Monsters may not be the best choice for you. They gain Constitution and Dexterity, and one of their racial capabilities is a bonus action. Nimble Escape allows you to save ki for Step of the Wind, except when dashing or jumping. You might also want to throw Searing Sunburst every once in a while so that you may be interested in the bonus action. Fury of the Small is a powerful boss killer, and you get a significant increase in Dexterity. Your Darkvision is not being wasted, as Goblin Darkvision tends to be weaker than usual. It’s not a bad idea!

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Feral Tiefling

You can also find this race in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Your GM may allow you to use it. It’s easy to use this class as throwing Hellfire balls, so the Dexterity boost is excellent. However, radiant damage would be a problem. You could receive extraordinary Ability Score increases if your GM allows you to use this Variant along with the other options in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Fire Resistance and bonus spells will be more beneficial than any other race’s abilities. Fierna is a good option if Feral Tieflings are allowed to combine with different bloodlines.

5e Monk: The Way of the Sun Soul

The Way of the Sun Soul Monks learns how to channel their life energy into dazzling bolts of light. Meditation can help unlock the indomitable light that is the soul of all living creatures.

Sources: Sword Coast Adventurers Guide, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Radiant Sun Bolt

You can fire dazzling bolts of magic radiance from the moment you select this tradition at the 3rd Level.

This action gives you a new attack option, which you can use with Attack. This particular Attack is a ranged, spell-based attack that can be used up to 30 feet. It is easy to master, and you can add your Dexterity modifier to its damage and attack rolls. Its damage die is a D4. As you increase monk level, this die changes. It is shown in the Martial Arts column on the Monk table.

You can spend one ki points to make this special Attack twice when you take the Attack action during your turn.

You can use the Extra Attack feature to attack any attacks you have made as part of your Attack action.

Searing Arc Strike

You can channel your ki into creating powerful waves of energy at the 6th Level. Immediately after you take the Attack action on your turn, you can spend two ki points to cast the Burning Hands to spell as a bonus action.

You can spend additional ki points to cast Burning Hands as a higher-level spell. Every extra ki point you spend on the spell increases its Level by 1. You can only pay half of your monk level on spells, including the maximum amount of ki points (2 plus any additional).

Searing Sunburst

You can create an orb made of light that explodes into a deadly explosion at the 11th Level. You can create an orb by magic and then throw it at any point within 150 feet. It will explode into a sphere of radiant light for a short but fatal instant.

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Every creature within the 20-foot radius sphere must make a Constitution saving throw or take 2d6 radiant injury. If an opaque cover entirely covers the beast, it doesn’t have to make the save.

Spending ki points can increase the damage to the sphere. The damage is 2d6 for every point you spend up to 3 times.

Sun Shield

You are enveloped in a magical, luminous aura at 17th Level. A 30-foot radius of bright light is created, and you can dim the light by an additional 30 feet. As a bonus, you can extinguish the light or restore it.

You can use your reaction to deal radiant injury to a creature that strikes you with a melee strike while the light shines. Radiant damage equals five + Wisdom modifier.

What is the best build for Sun soul Monk 5e in Dnd?

Radiant damage is free with Lvl 3. This Attack bypasses all resistances and immunities and doesn’t cost any Ki. This ability and other Monk abilities can be utilized more often than any other Monk subclasses. You can damage like your fists with a resource-free magic attack. It’s pretty cool. It’s much easier to use Ki to Dodge and Disengage.

You can get bonus action Burning Hands for only 2 Ki with your level 6. That is a great ability, as it allows you to cast action spells with bonuses. This ability is advantageous if you use it after a Stunning strike so that two targets auto fail and you take 3d6.

Level 11 is the same as level 3, where you have a resource-free ability that you can pump whenever you like. If you want, you can throw balls of radiant damage for as long as your heart desires. It is a Cantrip of 20 feet in diameter with a 150-foot range. You can increase its size by using Ki. It can be attacked from the range of party archers without the need for Ki. Once you have used all of its resources, you can then dive into the thick of it.

Level 17 is a bit lackluster, but other Monk subclass capstones are even worse. Shadow can use Drunken Fist to hit someone they have just hit.

Sun Soul Monk can use magic ranged attacks that do not use the resources of other Monk abilities. Their primary and subclass abilities can be helpful more than any other Monk subclass. The Shadow Monks may need to take a break before they can use their spells again. However, there are still plenty of Radiant Sun Bolts. The 4E Monks get spells, not attacks. However, you can still hit and cast simultaneously. The Open Hand Monks receive a Sanctuary aura upon their awakening, and you can get an AOE at 150 feet for as long as your heart desires.

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Sun Soul Monk Subclass Summary

Sun Soul’s unique features give Monks a unique style for mid-range blaster play. Radiant damage can be used to block specific regeneration effects (vampires), making it possible for you to be very effective in undead-heavy campaigns.

This subclass can be completed if you can use a ranged bonus attack. Sun Soul is slow to start, so it’s best suited for campaigns that are at least level 5.

Sun Soul Monk Feat Options

Fey Touched is your spell. Choose Hex. Hex is my favorite spell. Hex lasts for an hour and has a ninety-foot range. It also uses your concentration. You can cast/retarget bonus actions. You can cast Hex with regular spell slot slots if you are leveled in a spellcasting class (or multiclassing with Cleric). Hex will increase the necrotic damage of each Attack you make against hexed targets by an additional d6. That stacks well with your multiple ranged attack options.


Mobile is my favorite feat for Monks because it allows you to avoid chance attacks from one enemy you have attacked. However, the Sun Soul prefers to use ranged attacks, so it’s less valuable.

Crossbow Expert is one Way to use a ranged bonus attack. To become proficient in hand crossbows, you will need to swap out a proficiency with a martial weapon from your race. Then you can use a hand-crossbow as your Dedicated Weapon. You will be able to use the attack action and make at least one hand crossbow attack. You can also ignore the ranged attack disadvantage when a hostile enemy is less than five feet away. That applies to your Radiant Sun Bolts and crossbow. It’s difficult to avoid the feeling that playing as a Kensei Monk is a better option if you choose this route.

Sun Soul Monk 5e in d&d can be unforgettable Gish characters. They can use all of their abilities for much more extended periods than other Monks.