Business Promotion on Instagram | Typical Mistakes to Avoid

Business Promotion on Instagram | Typical Mistakes to Avoid

Business Promotion on Instagram | Typical Mistakes to Avoid

It’s no secret that now an Instagram account can be turned into an independent store. Selling, communicating with customers, publishing engaging content, launching ads within the social network — the platform is suitable for all tasks. Given the large, active and solvent audience, an account on this platform is a must have for business.

Today we will tell you how to promote your business account without having to constantly buy Instagram followers and which mistakes you should avoid.

Business promotion mistakes on Instagram

Now we will tell you what not to do. For example, mass following and mass liking, giveaway contests as ways to promote a business can work, but with great doubts. You should also avoid content theft and do not forget about the quality of photos and videos.

Business Promotion on Instagram |  Typical Mistakes to Avoid

Automatic mass following and mass liking

Mass following and mass liking is when you subscribe to the accounts of your target audience and like their posts. People see the notification and go to see who you are. If the account is interesting, they will subscribe.

Mass methods are used by new and inexperienced accounts to quickly increase the audience. This is usually done with the help of third-party services, for the use of which the platform can ban you. And the result may not be the best: if the parsing is poorly configured, bots and non-target subscribers will come to you. Accordingly, such an audience will only lower the level of engagement in the account.

Mass following and mass liking work if you do it slowly, and it’s better to do it manually. And certainly do not choose them as the main promotion tool. 

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If you want to manually buy real Instagram followers, then you will not have problems from this. Now for this there are special services that have extensive experience in audience filtering and can give you exactly those accounts that will not leave you after subscribing. Instead of mass liking, you can use this method, as it is safe and reliable.


This is a type of competition when a prize is raffled between everyone who subscribes to the accounts of the sponsors of the competition or likes posts.

Giveaways cause an uncontrolled influx of non-targeted audiences that come only for prizes and leave after the contest, killing engagement rates. Instagram will see an outflow of subscribers and will start to reduce the weight of posts in the issue. As a result, you can lose the indicators for which you have been working for years in one weekly contest.

This method can be useful for promoting a business under two conditions: if you sell goods that will be useful to everyone, and in a large area, for example, throughout the country. To do this, it is better to create a separate selling landing account and drive competitive traffic there. Then, in the event of an unsuccessful contest or subsequent outflow of the audience, your main account will not suffer.


You can go on someone else’s content exactly as long as you are not blocked for copyright infringement. The coolest ideas are usually on famous pages, which means that there are a lot of subscribers and a lot of authority. Someone will see copy-paste sooner or later.

Look for your style. Nobody forbids looking for inspiration in other people’s ideas, but always adapt them and add something new and original.