Can You Wash Your Hair Normally After a Hair Transplant?

Can You Wash Your Hair Normally After a Hair Transplant?

Can You Wash Your Hair Normally After a Hair Transplant?

When you are thinking about surgery like a hair transplant, you want to know about the whole process. You want to know what you can expect when you are having hair grafts taken, as well as what the recovery is going to be like. When you are armed with this type of information, you can feel at ease about the whole thing. You can know what to expect and whether this is the treatment for you.

A common question people have relating to hair transplants is, when can you wash your hair normally again? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect and the answer to this popular question.

Understand Your New Hair

First of all, it is very important to think about your new hair and what it is going to be like after the surgery. Namely, the hair follicles are going to be very fragile. They have just been taken and moved to a new part of the scalp. This means that you are going to need to take care of them, allowing them to grow and thrive.

This does not mean that you cannot wash your hair. You also have to understand that scabbing is something that forms. In other to allow the follicles to grow and breathe, you need to remove these scabs in a healthy way. Indeed, washing your hair gently is going to be a good way of doing this and making sure that you are encouraging your new hair transplant to settle and grow.

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Know the Process Will be Different

So, you now know that washing your hair is going to be an important part of the process when it comes to your new hair transplant. But, you have to know that the process is going to be slightly different. You will not be able to follow your normal routine to begin with. Indeed, this is down to the fragility of the new hair follicles.

Most surgeons are going to give advice and an aftercare plan, which will help you know what to do. If you are interested in finding an expert for your procedure, contact Dr Yaman for a hair restoration doctor in Turkey. With many years of experience, he is able to achieve fantastic natural results. This will include plenty of advice and support when it comes to washing your hair and how to take care of the hair grafts.

Some people wonder what would happen if you followed your normal hair-washing routine after a transplant. Well, you could end up dislodging the hair follicles from their new location on the scalp. This is definitely not something you want to do, and it can mean that you do not get the results you are looking for. The way you care for your hair is going to be essential in making sure you get the thick and plentiful hair you are looking for.

Understand What Should Happen

Generally, it is recommended that you avoid washing your hair for a few days after having the hair transplant. Namely, this can be for up to 72 hours. You do not want the new hair follicles to be exposed to water. What’s more, you might have a bit of swelling and tenderness. So, most people welcome not having to wash their hair during this time.

In fact, you will find that expert surgeons will want to complete the first wash for you. This way, care full be taken, and they will know the best technique. What’s more, they will be able to show you exactly what you need to do next time.

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Advice for Hair Washing After a Hair Transplant

While you should always listen to your surgeon after having a hair transplant and follow their advice, there are some tips we can share with you today that can help you. So, here is some general advice you should pay attention to for washing your hair after a hair transplant.

Can You Wash Your Hair Normally After a Hair Transplant?

Be Gentle

Are you someone that is guilty of scrubbing your scalp when you are washing your hair? This is something you want to avoid when you have had a hair transplant. It can aggravate the hair follicles, which is not what you want to do. Always make sure you are gentle when you are washing.

Avoid Washing Too Much

In the early stages, you want to keep hair washing at a minimum. This gives the hair follicles the opportunity to get used to their new position and grow. When you are washing your hair all the time during the healing process, this can be damaging.

Use a Bowl to Begin With

When your hair transplant is still fresh and new, you want to avoid washing the hair in the shower. The high pressure of the shower could damage the hair follicles. Instead, you can use a bowl of water and wash the hair gently. This way, you can wash manually and avoid using any harsh pressure on your scalp.

Watch the Products

You should be careful about the products you are using on your head to begin with. You can ask your surgeon for advice on the best products to use, and that is going to be gentle on the scalp. Harsh ingredients could cause damage, which is the last thing you want.

Avoid Circular Motions

The technique you use for washing your hair matters too. In particular, you want to avoid using circular motions. Instead, it is best to work vertically during the hair-washing process. You can start at the forehead and move to the back of the head.

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Do Not Scratch

Again, it is all about being gentle on the scalp. Something you want to avoid doing is scratching the skin with your nails. Use your fingertips only and make sure that your nails are short. This will force you to be gentle with the hair. This is something you might do if you have dandruff. But, you will have to avoid this for the first few months.


Following a hair transplant, it is crucial to follow specific guidelines when washing your hair to ensure the best healing and successful procedure completion. It is generally impossible to clean your hair as often following a hair transplant. The initial phase calls for gentle and delicate washing techniques, usually using a particular shampoo provided by your doctor. As healing progresses, you’ll gradually be able to transition to a regular washing routine. It is essential to talk with your surgeon who performed the hair transplant for specific guidelines tailored to your specific situation since they can give you the most precise guidelines for washing your hair following the procedure.