What is Celestial Warlock 5e dnd spell? How does it work?

Celestial Warlock 5e dnd spell

What is celestial Warlock 5e? 

It would help if you bound yourself to an early empyrean, solar, ki-rin, unicorn, or other entity that resides at the planes of everlasting bliss. Welcome to the dnd spell of Celestial Warlock 5e.

How good is The Celestial Warlock 5E spell?

From marginally weak damage alternatives to Cure Wounds 5e, this subclass is oozing with taste to even reviving allies. It’s a very safe option. But why not bring a Cleric instead? Let’s begin with the generic Cleric role charms; Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Revivify, and Greater Restoration. Cure Wounds is a good healing charm, but a prospective course capability limits how useful it is. Have a pass, unless you do not have a main healer in your team. Lesser Restoration and Greater Restoration quickly and effectively remove rather tumultuous standing effects. But, Warlocks probably shouldn’t be the ones to hold on to these. It’s not awful, but when anyone else can cast it, let them. Revivify can turn a lost cause into an easy win. Your Cleric may not have enough time to cast it themselves.

For damage, you have Guiding Bolts, Flaming Sphere, Wall of Fire, and Flame Strike. Guiding Bolts scales quite well prices severe damage, and grants advantage. That is a good pinging spell; worth a catch. Flaming Sphere is a pretty solid use of immersion, usually against swarms and materials. A great choice. Not much of a problem for Warlocks and area of effect spells are uncommon for Warlocks. Pick up Wall of Fire, think about taking Flame Strike.

Celestial Warlock 5e
Celestial Warlock 5e

Other spells

And then, bizarre utility. Daylight is a superb counterspell, clearing darkness and completely nullifying some experiences. The issue is, you only have so many spells understood. So many classes can learn Daylight, and a few races may learn it as an at-will skill. Perhaps leave this from your headspace. Guardian of Faith is a strange anti-invisibility spell that deals okay damage. If you need a way to cope with 60 damage, Flaming Sphere tends to manage it better. If you’d like a good flavor charm, this is not entirely useless. However, there are better spells. Not a dreadful spread of charms, but there is a reason lots of these are about a Cleric spell record. You will get some good uses out of the listing, so go mad! Try to fill in the flaws of your party.

Bonus Cantrips

At 1st level, you find out the Light and Sacred Flame cantrips. They count because warlock cantrips for you personally, but they do not count against your amount of cantrips known. Sacred Flame is pretty impressive. Just if Eldritch Blast isn’t helpful, you have the means to weave round cover and get round the extremely rare Force Immunity. Probably won’t come up frequently, but as a way to get around large AC, it isn’t bad. That is nothing but an upside to the Warlock, so that’s good, even though it might not come up too often.

Healing Light

Back in 3.5, Clerics got the ability to cure targets by spending another pool of d6s. Now, that pool makes a triumphant return! At 1st level, you gain the ability to station celestial energy to heal wounds. You own a pool of d6s, which you spend to fuel this healing. The amount of dice in the pool equals 1 + your warlock degree. As a bonus action, you can cure one creature you can see within 60 feet of you, spending dice out of the pool. Roll the dice you spend, add them together, and reestablish several hit points equal to the total. These refresh on long naps.

The only significant use of this capability is to pick your allies off the ground. Spending a bonus activity to induce someone to succeed three passing saves immediately and be in a position to battle again is well worth it. And doing this without spending a spell slot? That’s extremely efficient.

Burst heal

As a burst heal, you could do better. Together with +5 Charisma, you can expend 5d6 at once, as long as you’re level 4. That is pretty significant. You’re curing 2d8+5 if you learn Cure Wounds by now. Considering that the Warlock class has next to no healing, this is quite strong as only something you can throw away as a Bonus Action. The climbing with this spell highly restricts its usefulness as a burst heal; you receive a max of 21 dice. That’s not bad, but that means that you can only cure that 5d6 on four occasions as the primary healing method. That’s probably not going to be good enough by itself. Use this primarily to select people off the ground. But if you desperately need to bring someone over a particular health threshold, then spend that foliage.

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Radiant Soul

This capacity combines some defense and offense to make Mediocrity. Beginning at the 6th level, your link to the Celestial allows you to function as a conduit for luminous energy. You have immunity to luminous damage. When you cast a spell that deals radiant or fire damage, you put in your Charisma modifier to a luminous or Flame damage roll of the spell against one of its targets. If you look at the Xanathar’s Guide, you may think of Resistance to radiant damage.

Resistance to radiant damage is not the worst thing in the world. But, it isn’t exactly the most common damage type. Radiant damage is usually slung by angels and unicorns, which also happen to be your Patrons. If you are an Evil character, this becomes a little more helpful, But that’s unlikely for this Patron. The bonus harm seems juicy, but you don’t have access to many spells that deal radiant or Fire damage. Your cantrip, Sacred Flame, is a fair use of this. However, Eldritch Blast & Agonizing Blast way outclasses it. And since it only applies to a single damage roll, you can not utilize the Flaming Sphere and get the benefit every turn.

It will be combo quite well with your area of effect fire/radiant spells, like Wall of Fire or Flame Strike; For Wall of Fire, you will have to make sure it strikes as many people as possible with the first cast.

Why choose Celestial Warlock 5E among other spells?

Suppose you have another healer in the party already, like a Bard or Druid. That can help them heal a little more while still dealing decent damage. You can do much worse than that, Patron. Therefore, give it a try if you have a character in your mind! You have bound yourself to an ancient empyrean, solar, ki-rin, unicorn, or other entity that resides in the airplanes of everlasting bliss. Your pact with this allowing you to experience the barest bit of the holy light that illuminates the multiverse.

How good is The Celestial Warlock 5E spell?

Celestial Resistance

And now for a much superior defensive capability. At the 10th level, you gain temporary hit points every time you finish a brief or long break. These temporary hit points equal your warlock level + your Charisma modifier. Additionally, pick up to five creatures. It is possible to see after the rest. Those monsters gain temporary hit points that equal to half your warlock level + your Charisma modifier. It is like the Inspiring Leader effort, but worse yet, not shooting up a Feat slot. 

So, as a Warlock, you’re likely going to request your party to finish a short rest pretty frequently. Besides, you provide them between 10 to 15 hit points. That might not seem like a good deal. But it would be best if you had every single opportunity to survive an attack you can get. Fifteen can easily let a Wizard tank an extra strike and find another turn away. Based on party size, you could be giving 70-100 hit points with this capability at 20. That is huge!

And as this ability is really on a short-rest clock and isn’t confined to time every day, you will often commit that HP. That is an advantageous way to conserve resources and could undoubtedly be why your party wins a struggle. Don’t you dare forget you have this? This temp HP is virtually guaranteed to be useful.

Searing Vengeance

Remember how your level 1 ability helped others get off the ground? Well, Wizards of the Coast decided to offer you an excellent way to get off the ground, too. Starting at the 14th level, the radiant energy you channel allows you to resist death. When you need to make a death saving throw at the start of your turn, then you may instead spring back to your toes using a burst of radiant energy. You regain hit points equal to half of your hit point max, after which you stand up if you choose. Sadly, you only get this puppy after a long rest. But boy, does it deserve that limitation!

So, this essentially gives you a complete turn whenever you make a departure saving throw. Even if this place one to 1 health, that alone wouldn’t be too needy. Getting a hybrid healer-damage personality back into action is super important. You also have to use this when you create “a” death saving throw. If you genuinely wish to, you may use this once you fail two death saves to ensure your survival. You probably shouldn’t, but the option is there!

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That doesn’t just put you in 1, nevertheless. Healing half your wellbeing is a pretty significant deal. Let us say a degree 20 Warlock has 180 well beings. This ability lets you heal 90 health after per long break; That is an 8th degree Heal spell. That is probably enough that you could theoretically begin healing people. Besides, you get to stand at no cost. That’s useful! It means one additional move action in your pocket, allowing you to escape to secure Eldritch Blast distance (preferably within 60 ft of your party members). That is an excellent repositioning tool.

But that’s not all! Get to level 14 today, and you obtain a Blind impact. For free! No conserves allowed! If you got stung by a melee combatant or only a spell with a selection of 30 ft, those creatures no longer get to see you. It’s possible to escape chance attacks, further beams from the enemy Wizard and prevent them from being a real threat to the remainder of your party for a small while. The damage is a nice cherry on top; a mean of 14 damage isn’t significant by this point in the match, but you get it at no cost. And at a 30 ft radius. This capacity just does so much, all for not an act. It alone is reason enough to take Celestial Warlock 5e.

Expanded Celestial Warlock 5e Spell List

The following spells are added to the warlock 5e spell list.

Pact Boon Synergies

Each of the Warlocks gains access to some pact at par 3, which alters their gameplan and provides some new Invocations to allow them to pick. As with most Warlocks, a Celestial should probably consider Eldritch Blast as their primary damage source. But, there are reasons to pick all them.

Pact of the Blade

The Pact of this Blade is hard to justify. You’ll be more always in scope for Healing Light, and you’re going to make slightly better usage out of your temp HP. But that’s sort of it. Kind of a bummer alone.

Pact of this Chain
Pact of this Chain

Pact of this Chain

If you’re searching for a scout, then Pact of this Chain gets you a perfect one. You’ll find an easy method to maneuver Cure Wounds. Simultaneously, in the backline, get access to something that could undoubtedly turn invisible to creep around for you and possibly rock the frontline from the extremely ancient game. Your choices are somewhat odd, flavorwise. Imp is your most acceptable, but why would a Celestial possess an imp? Consider either speaking to a GM to flavor your options or maybe say the imp is repenting for a crime.

Pact of the Tome

Perhaps the most obvious choice, the Pact of the Tome, offers slightly more out-of-class usefulness and some interesting invocations. For this, you move from having 6 to 9 complete cantrips simultaneously. Five of which can be from out-of-class. You could use this to add spells like Firebolt or H of Radiance to your list. However, you should probably only stick to slinging Blasts.

Is celestial warlock 5E the best Race for Your Celestial Warlocks?

If you can find a race using +1 Charisma, then you are going to be set. While some race could result in a potent pact-mate together with the Divine, there’s a couple of choices that tend to be more significant.


Humans are the stars of this show in every version of Dungeons & Dragons. 5E is no different. If you’d like a simple choice, this is the way to go. If your GM allows it, then go Variant Human. Not only do you get to increase your Charisma and either Dexterity or Constitution by 1. However, but you can also put a feat on top of it. You can go Alert so you can go. Defensive Duelist isn’t a bad idea for a Blade Pact Warlock. Durable provides you with additional health and permits you to cure more during your crucial short rests. There’s a massive list of feats, and therefore that a considerable number of feasible assembles to find.

5e Celestial Warlock
5e Celestial Warlock


Okay, so this might be the most apparent option since our Fiend race chooses, but allow me to clarify. This Volo’s Guide to Monsters race is not only flavorfully fantastic; it is mechanically so, too! The huge bonus to Charisma will not be significant. You receive a few damage resistances to make magic duels less painful. And should you pick Scourge, you’ll be a tanky beast with some extra options to light the stadium!

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The only reason that this may rank a little lower than the person is that you have a lot of class/race overlap. Celestial Resistance loses half of its power, as you are soon going to resist glowing damage. And you also lose the benefits of Light Bearer completely. Even still, Aasimar is just too good of a choice to overlook.

Where does one celestial Warlock 5e sit regarding a celebration healer in D&D 5E?

Life Cleric: This should come as no surprise, except for just how much better this is. Primary Reason: Channel Divinity: 100 hit points one of the multiple characters with a good selection, three times per short break.

Divine Soul Sorcerer: by using all Sorcerer points to get more healing spells, and more specifically, Twinning touch heals (usually after combat), and in battle, touch spells using a 30′ array, and access to all Cleric healing spell s(such as Raise Dead, Resurrection, Mass Healing, etc. )

Lore Bard: Also because of spell accessibility, plus the assumption of incentive recovery for Song of Rush, and utilizing Cutting words to reduce incoming harm, and of course, more buffing with different spells.

Levels in Celestial Warlock 5e

Good healing dice bonus at a historical level, more real spell slots at higher degrees (assuming two brief rests per day), and together with Pact of the Chain and Gift of the Living Ones (for self-healing), and one use of Searing Vengeance (more self-healing). Additionally, I included healing to incorporate the temporary hit points Celestial Resilience. Significant minus factors for an absence of Resurrections and Raise Dead and Mass Heal (700 points of recovery using nine spell slot amounts is enormous!). With no minuses, the Celestial Warlock jumps to #2.

  • General Cleric 
  • Druid
  • Paladin
  • Ranger

At 20th level, the Celestial Warlock can jump beyond the Lore Bard, as it gets an additional four 5th level slots. If you have another character that will use Catnap on you, you raise even more (and again, then pass the Bard by 13th degree, when you’ve got three 5th level spells. The Warlock also has something that the others don’t. An invisible recognizable that allows throwing touch fixes at 100′ range. That does put your recognizable in combat range because it ought to be next to the individual being healed.

However, that score assumes you spend all of your spell slots for recovery. It changes if you do not do that. Suppose you restricted the number of spells used to allow you to do things aside from healing (which is reasonable). In that case, I believe the Celestial Warlock belongs to #2 (significantly if we eliminate Mass Heal). That is very important.

But it’s propped up with all the Paladin’s healing, spells, and Inspiring Leader feat. I get those spells quicker than the Paladin. The healing adds to the Warlock role. Nevertheless, it can not take the position of a dedicated healer, especially in a larger group.

How useful is celestial warlock 5e?

Celestial Warlock 5e is a useful Patron. It is a somewhat short rest-based Paladin-as-full caster. It is a fantastic subclass for a blaster or knife (though the blade probably wants a small martial dip). Even though Hexblade, rightfully, gets crap for Warlock power creeps at level 1. Celestial does it also, just to a lesser degree. Healing light is a more substantial level 1 skill than anybody else’s save hexblade.

The expanded list gives you some of the essential Cleric healing spells in revivification and the restoration charms. (Plenty of courses can cure, few could bring back the recently dead at level 5)The level 6 feature is not all that great. Sacred Flame still is not that good compared to eldritch blast, and it doesn’t work as well with the Flaming Sphere as you would like because it’s only on-cast and only one target. The higher-level features are excellent, adequate THP, and, possibly, the top “choose not to die” ability in the sport.

 Summary of Celestial Warlock 5e

Being connected to these power may lead to changes in your behavior and beliefs. You may find yourself driven to eradicate the undead, to conquer fiends, and also to protect the innocent. Do you need to get to the celestial realm of your Patron? A desire to wander that paradise for the remainder of your days. However, you know your mission is one of the mortals for now, and your pact binds one to bring light into the dark areas of the earth.

Bonus Cantrips: At 1st level, you learn the Light and Sacred Flame cantrips. They count as warlock cantrips for you, but they don’t count from the number of cantrips known. Healing Light: At 1st level, you acquire the ability to channel celestial energy to heal wounds. You have a pool of d6s, which you spend to fuel that this recovery. The number of dice at the pool equals 1 + your warlock level. As a bonus, you can heal one monster you can see within 60 feet of you, spending dice out of the pool. The maximum number of dice you can spend at once equals your Charisma modifier (minimum of one die). Your pool regains all expended dice when you complete a long rest.