Changeling 5e Eberron | Male & female names for your character

Changeling 5e Eberron

Male & female names for Changeling 5e Eberron

Changeling in dnd 5e names are monosyllabic and often used as nicknames for other races. Many Changelings have multiple names, which they can adapt to suit their social circle and specific needs. Because changelings don’t categorize themselves as male or female, it is safer to give them gender-neutral names. While most Dungeons and Dragons name changelings have no meaning, they will give you an idea about the character they inspire by their appearance and sound.

Your character’s name will determine how everyone views your game. To make it easy for you to relate, we have included a list of names that will fit your male/female character. We also include a list of famous neutral names so you can choose from a wide range of names.

Eberron: Where are the changelings coming from?

The homeland of the Changelings is Khorvaire. They live among Khorvaire’s humans, becoming part of their shadow and blending in with them. The Changelings anchor the criminal underworld of Khorvaire’s big cities. They can be entertainers, government agents, or curious (investigators or mystery solvers in Eberron’s world).

Changeling 5E Lore

The Changelings are a cursed, unfortunate race. The Traveler is the one who gave birth to the Changelings. They are either accepted in Changeling communities or shunned by most people. They aren’t quick to tell their children the cruel world is.

Some Changelings make use of their natural gifts to create art. Good-hearted changeling actors are highly sought after for their extraordinary ability to transform into other forms. They can perfectly reproduce the events they see or hear about. It allows for amazing satirizations and glorious replicas of past events or flawless representations of legendary works.

Some Changelings, however, use their extraordinary ability to cheat, steal, and lie their ways to wealth and happiness. Most races are suspicious of Changelings, and towns that know there is one become paranoid. A village will be disorganized if a Changeling is present, even if it is an adventuring one. The Changeling must decide if they want to make new friends, accept their true identity, or feel isolated and exiled as others judge them.

It is easy to spot changelings in their natural state. They are pale and have silver-white hair and colorless eyes. They are the ultimate albino! Changelings can change their appearances, hair, and height because they are natural shapeshifters at will. Most Changelings have a “mask,” which they use to look casual when around others. One Changeling may have many masks or just one. The way Changeling uses and switches their masks is an integral part of their personality and daily adventuring habits. The fascinating masks are those that have been passed down from generation to generation or within a community. For example, a father might have an old Nurse mask that he insists on his children using.

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The changelings live among humans and goblinoids and blend in with them, living in their shadows. They can often be found in large cities to entertain and act as government agents or adventurers. However, their abilities can also be used for criminal purposes. [2] Some of these changelings live in stable communities, where they can be open about their true nature. Others live in nomadic communities and hide their ability shapeshifting from outsiders.

Many changelings believe in one of the following philosophical beliefs. These beliefs guide many aspects of their day-to-day lives.

Passers are changelings that want to conform to society. They either live in one form of life or suppress their ability to shapeshift to align with others. Passers are often mocked by other changelings who will view them with contempt and use slang terms like “pretender,” “actor,” and “actor” in their mockery.

A becomer believes that being a changeling means to have many identities and live different lives. A becomer takes the concept of a dual existence to a new level, who can live multiple “different lives” for many years.

Realists, or seekers of truth, believe that there is a greater truth than the passing population. They suppress their shapechanging abilities more than others and prefer to socialize or live with other changelings.

Changeling Attributes

There are no subclasses for Changelings at the moment. You can only ride in one direction if you wish to become a changeling. However, this doesn’t mean that Changelings can’t be versatile. They are fine as is!

+2 Charisma,+1 Any Other Stat. It was +2 Charisma and +1 Any Other Stat. Changelings were able to get +3 Charisma back then. It was crazy! They now get +2 to Charisma. Charisma is a rare stat. Charisma saves can be good but are very rare. Charisma skills can be helpful, but only one party member will need them. The Changeling is in an unfortunate position. It must be in a Charisma-based class or have slightly lower stats than other races. It is more than okay. That is because the Changeling can choose from various options, and the +1 stat to any other stat solves this problem. Depending on which class you are looking for, you will usually need Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. It is compelling to be able to choose the best one!

Medium Size, 30 ft Move Speed. These standards apply to all races. There are no real advantages or disadvantages.


It is the mainstay of the Changeling. It’s fun to be able to change into other races. You can’t buy a new set, but you can get clothes to disguise yourself. Without DM permission, you can’t be a member of a small race. That can be restrictive in some situations. You can kill a Bandit guard and take his identity. Then, report back to the group. That will allow you to get the combat drop or even make friends with them. The strength of this ability is almost entirely dependent on how creative you can be with it. It’s a fun way to alter your appearance, but it doesn’t have the same combat power as other races. Have fun, and you will discover a new way to solve problems.

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Changeling Instincts. Although two skill proficiency is quite a few, your options are limited. You have the option of choosing from the primary Charisma skills (or “face”) or Insight. All of these are great options! You can disguise yourself better and improvise if you are caught. You can be a frightening force by intimidation.

In most cases, however, Persuasion is more effective. It all depends on the DM. If you don’t need two faces skills, Insight is solid. However, it tends to work best on your Cleric and Wisdom caster. These are all great options. It just depends on which Changeling you are.

Languages. Languages. The languages you choose will fill in the gaps in your party. You might grab Draconic, Celestial, and Infernal depending on who you are facing. Other common good languages include Sylvan and Undercommon, Giant, Goblin, Sylvan, and Undercommon.

Optional Classes

It is essential to choose your class by using the +2 Charisma of the Changeling. It can also be pushed towards a specific destination by its bonus skill proficiency. These are not the only options available to your Changeling.

Good Classes for Changeling 5e

A Changeling is a great Bard, Paladin Warlock, Warlock, Sorcerer. They are. They excel in all four classes.

Bard Changelings greatly benefit from the +2 Charisma. That boosts their spellcasting, bardic inspiration, and speaking skills. You can use the +1 floating stat boost in many places: Dexterity to increase AC, Constitution for your health, Strength for a Strength-based Valor build, and so on. Bards have a lot to choose from, but they can get two more skills. Those are the skills that Bards want! Bards can shape change, but it is less potent for them than Bards. It’s not useless and can assist actors.

Although Paladin Changelings may be too focused on Charisma to be of any use, the +1 Strength is still a good thing. The two bonus skills of the Changeling are more helpful to Paladins than they are for Bards. Paladins also don’t have the same disguising magic as Bards. That allows the Changeling Paladin to be more useful in social situations where Paladins often struggle. You won’t need to have low-light or darkvision to be applicable with Paladin.

Warlock is the most helpful spellcaster of all. You are a race that is quickly beaten down by society, flavor-wise. The Warlock is not interested in learning a Disguise skill with one of its few spell slots. That allows the Shapeshifter feature to work exceptionally well for you. Warlocks can also take advantage of Face skill proficiency. It’s perfect!

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The Changeling’s abilities may not be the best for Sorcerers, but they are very effective. Sorcerers only need a considerable charisma boost, and the additional skills are a great benefit.

Realistically, Paladin or Warlock may be the best option, followed closely by Sorcerer or Bard.

Honorable mention goes to Rogues, provided they are willing to use Charisma skills at most a small degree. Rogues made of Changelings are excellent, and Shapeshifter abilities can be very entertaining.

Bad Classes for Changeling

Theoretically, Changelings could be from any class. There are, however, a few classes from which the Changeling does not benefit. The free face skills are not required for Wizard and Artificer. Barbarians, Fighters, and Ranger do not need the +2 to Charisma. They get the +1 to Strength or Dexterity, which is a good start. Cleric and Druid don’t get the Charisma bonus. Druid or Cleric does not need Charisma.

The problem with Changeling 5e is their limited Shapeshifter abilities. The limitations of Shapeshifter don’t make them more adept at acting like the person they have replicated. Also, the inability to change their clothing can make last-minute changes less efficient. To maximize your chances of using your racial abilities to the fullest, you need a medium to high Charisma. Not everyone can afford to have “alright” Charisma. Perhaps the Banneret Fighter.

The problem is the Changeling is so adept at Charisma classes that other options are less appealing. You can also play the Banneret Fighter. Why not be a Paladin? Paladin can be a support team member, and you are more suited to the build path.

Monk seems a little far-fetched, as there are no Charisma monks. Monk is also far too dependent on Wisdom and Dexterity to waste time on Charisma.

The floating +1 to any Attribute allows the Changeling to attempt any role they’d like. The Charisma boost is too powerful not to include Charisma as a secondary statistic.

Conclusion – Changeling 5E names

Names of Changelings are usually one-syllable words that can be spoken quickly. However, most Changelings alter their names with their masks. They also tend to be descriptive; two Changelings with the name Tek might be Tek-with-golden-eyes and Tek-with-purple-nails. Also, Changelings don’t understand gender restrictions (or even sex). Because they can easily change their bodies, this is why they are so versatile.

Male Changeling names

Rirt Tax Noug Buz Nogs
Wog Baigs Burs Jig Laks
Yurx Wiex Siegs Viex Om
Aix Az Foon Wieks Us
Paegs Mirt Maic Deez Ookt


Female Changeling names

Jakt Noc Yirt Feerx Mosk
Naits Oox Looc Ik Fosk
Uks Tarx Yikt Hag Wuc
Laerx Puz Vort Urs Sarx
Eakt Yusk Ooks Murt Dom