Characteristics of Swimwear Material, you must consider before buying

Characteristics of Swimwear Material

Characteristics of Swimwear Material, you must consider before buying

Selecting swimwear with appropriate and satisfactory fabric is as important as the design and style of swimwear. A swimsuit with the right material is necessary for comfort as well as modesty. Beach babes not only want to look attractive and stylish in their swimsuits but they also want a swimsuit with the right material. Some of the low-quality swimwear or one that is made of poor fabric can cause real embarrassing situations. For example, swimwear with see-through fabric underwater is the real problem and no one wants to be the victim of that show on the beach or poolside. Finding swimwear with the best fabric for beach trips, aquatic activities or competition is as tricky as finding the right design and style. With all the quality and designer swimwear, the market is saturated with a variety of choices and sometimes we get confused about how to find the right material. Here is a list of some features that you have to keep in mind when looking for swimwear.

Fiber Content of a swimwear

Swimwear should be composed of fiber content that is flexible, breathable. Nylon, Spandex, Neoprene, scuba fabric, and polyester are some of the fiber content of which swimwear is created. These fibers’ content is blended with different ratios and proportions to make swimwear with different characteristics. Nylon has a smooth touch and feels like plastic because it is derived from petroleum. A swimwear with nylon feels cool, soft, flexible, and floaty. A swimwear with polyester and elastane will help you to protect yourself from sun rays. Polyester has the characteristics of water-repelling. A swimwear with water absorption will do nothing but just drag you down after a single dip in the water. However, nylon is more stretchable as compared to polyester. Mostly it is combined with spandex to enhance the flexibility of swimwear. Scuba fabric is double-knit with more thickness and elasticity. It is used to create shapes in garments. Though scuba looks and feels the same with neoprene.

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Weight of a swimwear fabric

No one wants swimwear with too heavy swimsuit material. Swimwear with a light fabric look and feel more comfortable. Quality swimwear is mostly made of lightweight synthetic material. However, how much fabric a swimwear needs depends on many factors such as type of swimwear and size. One of the main factors is the type of swimwear. Whether you are making a one-piece, a bikini, skirted, or a tankini? As a general rule of thumb, experts use the following amount of material. One-piece with sufficient coverage approximately requires 11/8-yard fabric. A two-piece bikini set with low-rise bikini bottoms may need 5/8-yard fabric while a two-piece with high-waisted bathing suit bottoms approximately needs: ¾-yard fabric.

Colorfast, stretch, and quick-drying features

Other things you need to check out while choosing swimwear are the color, its drying characteristics, and stretchability. Before diving into the water make sure that your swimwear is made of material that has colorfast features. Another important feature of swimwear material is quick dryness. You need swimwear with quick-drying characteristics because nothing is worse than carrying a damp and moisture fabric around yourself. An ideal regular swimwear is made of synthetic content and has water-resistant quality. Swimwear with loose-fitting has more chance to fall off underwater. For a closer fit, the fabric of swimwear should be flexible and elastic. Always invest in quality swimwear that has the required stretch to hug your body properly. Swimwear with at least 60-70% stretch in any direction is the best option.

Look, comfort, and figure-flattering

A swimsuit should be soft, flexible, and have an eye-catching design and print with a material that helps you look good and feel confident. Avoid radiant or glowing colors in swimwear if you are body-conscious. Swimwear with a combination of 80-90% nylon and 10-20% spandex is the ideal proportion that offers optimum flexibility, comfort, and longevity. Choose swimwear with a fabric that enhances your look and personality, not diminishes it. Similarly, uncomfortable swimwear will ruin all your enjoyment of your beach trip as comfort is the main priority. Swimwear should be flexible enough to provide you freedom of movement and should save you from rubbing and scratching. Every beach babe wants a figure-flattering look. Swimwear should be able to disguise and cover the areas of our body which we don’t want to show off. So opt a swimwear with a material that hugs your figure well. A lot of swimwear boutique online offer a variety of designs and quality swimsuits, check ishine365.

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