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What’s the Charlatan background 5e in dnd?

Charlatans are vibrant characters who hide their true selves behind the masks that they assemble. They reflect what people want to view, what they want to believe, and how they view the world. In this article we will discuss false identity 5e and charlatan background

Charlatan background 5e feat

You understand what makes them tick, you can tease out their hearts’ needs after a few minutes of dialogue, and with some leading questions, you’re able to read them as if they had been kids’ books. It’s a practical gift and one which you are perfectly willing to use to your advantage. You know exactly what people want, and also you send, or rather, you guarantee to deliver. Common sense must steer folks away from things that seem too good to be accurate, but common sense seems to be in short supply when you’re around.

The jar of pink-colored liquid will indeed heal that unseemly rash, this ointment — nothing more than a bit of fat with a sprinkle of silver dust may restore youth and vigor. There is a bridge in town which happens to be available. These marvels sound implausible, but you make them sound like the real thing.

  • Equipment: A set of delicate garments, a disguise kit, gear of the con of your selection (ten stoppered bottles filled with colored fluid, a collection of interlocking dice, a deck of marked cards, or a signet ring of an imaginary duke), along with a belt pouch containing 15 gp.
  • Languages: None
  • Source: Player’s Handbook
  • Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Deception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit, Disguise kit
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Favorite Schemes: Each charlatan has an angle that they use in preference to other schemes. Choose a favorite scam or roll on the table beneath.

False Identity

You have produced a second identification that includes documentation, based acquaintances, and disguises that enable you to presume that character. Moreover, you can invent documents, including official papers and personal letters, provided that you have observed an example of the kind of record or the handwriting you’re trying to replicate.

False Identity 5e
False Identity 5e

Suggested Characteristics

Charlatans are colorful characters that hide their true selves behind the masks they construct. They reflect what people want to see, what they want to believe, and how they view the world.

Personality Trait




In D&D, how would you construct and play in a 5e Charlatan background? How would the battle work?

Think about precisely what a charlatan IS, at the origin. He’s a pretender. He is good at faking specific skills, but he does not HAVE them.

Two significant motives come to mind that could result in very different role-playing adventures.

1 – There is money in it. Why bother to invest all the time and attempt to turn into a great, learned wizard or a smart cleric when you’re able to wing it? Fake it more or less successfully, get yourself invited to all the best parties. And make many money charging simps who do not understand any better an arm and a leg to your services?

This guy’s in it for the money. His skill is deception, and he understands it. Whatever he possesses to do to further the illusion that he’s an”X” (whatever X is). He is more than pleased to do it if it puts money in his pocket or provides him access to solid people.

The downside is – this isn’t a sympathetic personality. If this man gets busted, he will get run out of town (best case) or murdered in a particularly gruesome manner (worst case). He travels light and never stays in 1 place too long because when you do not have the skills you are pretending, the more time you stick around, the more probable it is that someone will find you out.

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Hey may have an end game in mind (some supreme purpose he is striving for – retire to a mountain of gold, get near someone who wronged his loved ones and kill them), or even he might just be living for the moment. It is different.

2 – He’s trying to live up to somebody else’s fantasies. Dad was a renowned Wizard of renown. His son isn’t. Yeah, he means well. He’s got a good heart.

Nevertheless, dad’s opinion of him is SUPER important. You know, because it’s DAD. So he’s going to do whatever he can to pretend it and hopefully one day make it. This man TRIES to be the thing he’s pretending to be.

That is a highly sympathetic personality. If/when he is invariably found out, it is almost certainly not going to turn violent. Somewhere along the way, this character will likely experience a profound transformation, realizing his hard work has repaid. No, he is not a clone of dear old dad, but he’s gotten good at what he does and has a pretty fantastic ability set.

Charlatan background 5e
Charlatan background 5e


In fact, in this case, he might be a “charlatan”, but be quite open and upfront about it. He is a bard (or rogue, or whatever). Still, he always WANTED to be a wizard-like his daddy. So he’d probably gravitate to the school of Lore so that he would emulate precisely what his dad wanted him to become. (or if not a bard, then in the very least take Ritual Caster and Magic Initiate to be in a position to somewhat simplifies his father ) and even adopt wizardly trappings to make himself reluctantly appear to be just this. Still, inevitably, his true nature keeps bursting. He can not help it. He’s NOT his dad, and he can not deny his character, even as he tries desperately to meet the image of what his father expects him to be.

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You may get by playing a rogue with a couple of magic feats or even a brief dip into cleric/wizard/bard in the first scenario. Still, in both situations, the bard is, IMO, the optimal pick here because a) they’re fantastic, and b.) They can do a little of everything. So if you’re trying to pretend to be a tremendous wizard, warrior, thief, or cleric, you’ve got the flexibility to provide you with sufficient skills to pull that off probably. So what do you think about Charlatan background 5e?