Cheap, Classy & Simple Wedding Reception Unique Ideas Under budget

Cheap, Classy & Simple Wedding Reception Unique Ideas Under budget

Cheap but Classy and Simple Wedding Reception Unique Ideas, which can be done under a budget.

The wedding day is very important in your personal life. It must be enjoyable and memorable; however, proper planning and preparation can only be achieved. This article will provide some suggestions for a perfect wedding. It will aid you in enjoying this joyful occasion with your loved ones.

It’s a great idea to present to the groom a small cake. The cake designer should make it look like his favorite activities, such as football or carpentry. It’s even more meaningful for the person receiving it if it’s a surprise! Make sure the cake is delicious. A wedding cake that looks beautiful but doesn’t taste good will not create a lasting impression.

Suppose you’re struggling to develop an idea for a present for those attending your wedding to consider something useful. My parents used to have matchbooks engraved with their wedding date, and it was a great idea to have when they got married since there was no awareness of smoking as dangerous at the time. In the future, I may be using a candle that has tags engraved by the date of my wedding because it’s much healthier for them to light that!

 Under budget Cheap, Classy & Simple Wedding Reception Unique Ideas

A backyard can be cheap, but if you live in a climate that rains often or inclement weather is forecast, you may need to rent a reception tent or canopy. Canopies, if the weather isn’t expected to be too severe, can save you significantly over a full tent. Also, consider logistics such as electrical hook-ups, guest restrooms, and food safety before choosing to host the reception in a backyard.

Club Hall

A club reception hall is an inexpensive venue for a wedding reception. Local AMVETS organizations, 4-H clubs, firefighters’ associations, and recreation centres often have small banquet halls with kitchens or kitchenettes. These halls are generally well-kept, but they may not have enough tables and chairs to suit all of your guests. Additionally, there may be alcohol restrictions or other rules you need to check on before you book.

Save on Reception Food

Next to the actual location, the food and drinks end up costing most couples the biggest bucks for their wedding reception. Even if the place you choose offers a full menu, you usually have plenty of room for creating a cheap wedding reception menu.

Low-Cost Drinks

Remember that serving non-alcoholic drinks is the cheapest option at all receptions. However, you can always limit the drinks to one type of beer, one brand of champagne, or one mixed cocktail to keep costs down if you want to offer alcohol. Otherwise, have non-alcoholic party punch and water available for everyone.

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Main Dish and Sides

While carved prime rib is delicious, it is also expensive. Instead, provide some lower-cost options that are still filling. Start with a salad made by chopping iceberg lettuce heads and topping with sliced tomatoes and onions, plus a couple of dressings. Then move to your main dish, which might include:

Pasta: Pasta dishes are inexpensive and can fill a crowd. Fettucine alfredo or tortellini with red sauce are quick and hearty, especially in cooler months.

Sandwich bar: Have cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and other condiments for guests when they top their ham, turkey, or roast beef sandwich.

Finger foods: Serve a multitude of finger foods that are small bites. That allows you to have plenty of options to suit various tastes.

Mix up food: Include inexpensive and easy side dishes you can make ahead or purchase cheaply from local grocery stores or delis. These might include pasta salad, scalloped potatoes, and a fruit medley. Serve guests a delicious but deceptively cheap grocery store wedding cake for dessert.

Dessert Bar: If your wedding is held mid-afternoon, few people expect a full meal. Instead, put out a dessert bar filled with yummy cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, bars, pies and wedding cupcakes. Add a small table with some cheese, meat and cracker trays and vegetables with dip.

Decorate on a Dime

Decorating a cheap venue may be a little more involved than decorating an already elegant venue. You may need to cover unsightly wallpaper or scratched tables.

Party decorations

Tulles, candles, balloons, silk florals and garlands are versatile and cheap reception decorations that can be useful throughout the reception venue. For example:

  1. Hang tulle behind the head table and down the centre of your guest tables.
  2. Use pillar candles with a silk floral ring for centrepieces.
  3. Hang silk garlands across the guest book table and the cake table.
  4. Swag the floral garland across the head table.
  5. Add balloons to the corners of the venue and around the ceiling.

If you know people who recently wed, ask them what reception decorations they kept after the festivities were over. Newlyweds are often hesitant to throw out their décor but don’t want to store it for years. Ask if you can borrow things like marbles, fish bowls, candles, or mirrors. Before you alter any borrowed items, be sure to okay it with the couple first. That is a great way to decorate on a budget.

Plan Low-Cost Entertainment

Entertainment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Dance Options

Hiring a live band is the most expensive option. However, hiring a wedding DJ can be expensive, too. Instead, set up a playlist with your iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora account and hook it up to the venue’s sound system.

Other Reception Activities

As bride and groom trivia, wedding reception games are always fun and are extremely low-cost. Be sure you ask someone to lead the games if you don’t want to do so yourselves. Set up a craft or colouring corner with crayons and colouring sheets for receptions with kids.

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Inexpensive Reception Favors

Reception favours don’t have to cost you a bundle. It’s the thought that counts when you want to express your thanks. Make favours do double-duty as both the place setting assignment and favour by using cheap frames from dollar stores. Small bags with wedding coloured candies tied inside are also cheap and easy. Packets of flower seeds are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, while single-serve coffee or hot cocoa is great for a fall or winter wedding favour.

Cheap Wedding Reception Budgets

Even small budget weddings can be stunning with the right planning. Nobody has to know you did things “on the cheap” if you take your time planning out the reception. After all, it’s all about the fellowship and the fun at the reception, not the party’s funding.

If you’re having an event in a place that doesn’t provide the decorations, you’ll need to take the napkins and tablecloths on your own. I would not recommend using plastic. Instead, you can purchase a cheap fabric and trim the edges to look like a finished product. Make the same thing happen for napkins that are a similar color.

If you’re working on the tightest spending plan for your wedding, inquire with your family members to assist in supplying the flatware and plates to the tables in the reception. It is possible to match only the items on one table since most guests will not be paying attention to what’s on the tables that surround them. Most people won’t even notice! The greatest part is that you can take your dirty dishes back home to be cleaned, saving you the cost to spend the longest time you spend at your event.

Pick the venue for your reception with your guests in your mind. If most of your family members are older, it’s unlikely to pick a venue with numerous stairs or a huge dance floor. Suppose there is someone within your family who’s disabled. In this scenario, you must ensure that the facility is aware that they are coming and make all facilities accessible to the disabled.

Classy & Simple Cheap Wedding Reception Unique Ideas Under budget

If you’re shooting an event, try changing your look a couple of times. Consider angles you may not have taken before to give your wedding album something distinctive and distinctive to stand out from other wedding albums. Shoot from a higher or lower load, take wide angles, and get tight.

Ask a variety of talented and experienced photographers before selecting the photographer you prefer. You don’t want to take unsatisfactory wedding photographs. If you’re looking for helpful tips for finding the most reliable local photographers, read the entire reviews on the internet and seek suggestions from your family and friends.

Why not offer a visit to the location for the wedding guests you are planning to invite? You could also join in and enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable day with your family and friends. Everyone will take advantage of the day and learn about the place you’re visiting a little more.

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You can sit down for a meal if you want. But a buffet-style meal is less costly. The cost of labor associated with an a la carte dinner could be quite expensive because the staff must meet guests’ needs if you offer buffet-style meals, which allows your guests to have more flexibility and save money.

Suppose you’re a fan of beautiful flower girls scattering petals on the aisle before your grand entrance. You can get this look by choosing fake rose petals and silk flowers. Fresh flowers are likely to cost hundreds of dollars. However, fake roses appear similar and, in the end, will soon be trampled by foot.

Shopping locally can help you save a significant amount of money and boost your local economy. You won’t pay for the extra distance they journey by choosing local vendors, which is important when catering. A local florist ensures that you receive fresh flowers on your wedding day.

It is possible that you need permits for an outdoor event, especially when you plan to hold it in an official park or on the beach. Contact your local authorities to inquire regarding the kind of permit you’ll need. You may need to clean the area following the event or be allowed to burn candles.

Invite your guests to travel together to enjoy a low-cost destination wedding. You could even share the accommodation during their stay. Make a list of activities to plan and make reservations for an entire group. It is important to ensure that you can have privacy with your spouse to enjoy your honeymoon fully.


Weddings are all about planning. You must ensure that you are prepared months ahead of time, or you could be able to discover you’ve overlooked something like flowers and cannot locate someone to supply them with until the very last moment. It is crucial to ensure that the wedding is planned and planned well in advance so that you can handle unexpected issues in time.

It’s a good idea to offer wedding favors to everyone, based on the scale of your wedding and the budget. There are a few budget-friendly options that are available. It is often more affordable to purchase an expensive gift rather than a bunch of small items to fill bags for favours. The best illustration of this is gift certificates, stationery sets of teacups and saucers, mugs, and a box filled with chocolates. That ensures you give everyone an item and save some cash.

Weddings should be planned carefully since they’re significant events in people’s lives. By following the guidelines in the article, you will prepare a wonderful wedding efficiently and quickly and reduce the stress of deciding how to proceed or not do. Weddings are an enjoyable celebration, so make use of the suggestions from this article to enjoy the time! Hope you like the idea of Cheap, Classy & Simple Wedding Reception Unique Ideas Under budget.