Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked

Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked

Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked

If you feel like a person is trying to monitor all the phone conversations and activities you are doing, that feeling may not mean anything, but sometimes it turns out to be true. Code tells us if someone is trying to track your activity over the phone. You may find many signs of how to identify a hacked device. However, here are the code details to check if the phone has been hacked. Further, we’ll discuss these codes and how they work. 

These USSD quick codes are built-in features of your smartphone. This feature allows users to access additional security-related information on their smartphones. Users open the Dialer app on their smartphone to access this feature and dial the code below. You can use the code to check if the phone is hacked and enable or disable various settings.


* # * # 19328640 # * # *-Utility Netmonitor code :

This code contains all the information the phone sends and receives and its location. 

* # * # 19328640 # * # * is the number you need to dial to see if your phone has a bug. Dial the code to display the main menu. Select UMTS Cell Environment> UMTS RR Information and note the cell ID number. Tap the back button to return to the main menu. Now select MM Information> Provide PLMN and note the area code displayed on the screen. Open the Net Monitor website and enter the cell ID and area code to see if your phone is missing.

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USSD Code * # 21 #-Redirect Code 

The redirect code * # 21 # is used to detect if the mobile number is redirected. 

Call transfer will appear in your phone bill because it hits your mobile phone before transferring it to your secondary number. 

Call transfer works by abandoning the call before reaching your number. The call is then transferred to the transfer number. Therefore, it will not appear on the invoice. You also won’t know that the call will be forwarded if you don’t know that you need to check the phone using code * # 21 #.

Redirects can be caused by fake cell towers or other types of interference, but call redirects require someone to have access to your phone. 

This can be anyone who has worked with your phone. Therefore, if you ask a stranger to borrow a call, this is a handy code to ensure the transfer is not set up during use.

Utility network monitoring code: * # * # 19328640 # * # * 

This code needs a little more explanation. Network Monitor is a network packet data analyzer. Track everything your phone sends and receives, including phone location data and incoming and outgoing calls. 

You can use this handy code to find the geographic location of someone who may be accessing your phone. This kind of information can be useful as evidence and is very useful if you need to sue someone.

USSD Code * # 62 *-Call Forwarding Code 

Another method hackers use is redirect commands to change redirect settings. This code queries the transfer status of the phone. 

If you don’t receive the call or text, your device may be set to transfer to another number. Checking your phone forwarding settings is easy to determine who may have hacked your phone. 

Unfortunately, call transfer is much more common than most people are aware of and has been used to hijack people’s phone calls and text messages for almost a decade. Ideally, you should not see anything if you enter the code * # 62 *. 

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If the call transfers to another number, enter the code * # 62 * to see that number. 

Displays the 10-digit phone number to which calls and messages are forwarded.  

You can also check the call log for redirects. You can access it from your wireless service provider’s website. Delete the redirect 

If the phone is redirected, you should use code ## 002 # to remove all redirects to other phone numbers. 

Code to undo all redirect numbers ## 002 # 

If you have tried the numbers above and have redirects or automatic transfers, you can use this code to remove them quickly. 

## 002 # Works on Android and iPhone; this is very convenient and works well.


* # 06 # Show IMEI Code – Works on Android and iPhone 

* # 0 * # General trial mode works on Android and iPhone 

* 646 # Check the available minutes-not working 

* 225 # Check balance-doesn’t work 

# 31 # Hide number from caller ID-doesn’t work 

* 43 # Enable Call Waiting-Works on Android 

# 43 # Disable Call Waiting-Works on Android 

* 5005 * 7672 # SMS Message Center-Not Working 

* # * # 232337 # * # Show Bluetooth address-doesn’t work 

* # * # 34971539 # * # * Show camera information-doesn’t work 

* # * # 1472365 # * # * GPS test-doesn’t work

How to keep your phone protected from being hacked?

To make sure that your phone does not get hacked, you should follow some basic security measures regularly to keep your phone protected at all times. 

  • To protect your phone from any unauthorized access, make sure your phone is protected with a password.
  • By rooting the phone, malware may be able to install additional apps including spying apps on your device without your knowledge. So, to make sure your phone doesn’t get hacked, either you install apps after rooting your phone with extreme caution, or you don’t.
  • One great option to protect your phone from being infected with hacking malware is to install a security software into your phone. 
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Hackers can do anything to obtain and misuse your personal information. A hacker will do whatever to get your personal information and use it maliciously. A hacker can access a phone in many different ways. However, a lot of people are unaware of the basic ways, particularly the call forwarding setting on their phone numbers. Even if they are, they are unaware of the ways in which hackers might abuse it to access their device or financial data. A code to determine whether a phone has been hacked or spied on is mentioned here. 

There are many ways a hacker can hack someone’s phone. However, many people are unaware of the general method, especially how to stop the automatic transfer of their numbers. Even so, hackers don’t know how to use it to hack devices or banking information. Here’s the code to check if your phone is hacked or buggy.