Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Number To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped

Mobiles have become an essential part of our lives. As many incredible benefits it provides, it can also be exposed to malware, which can breach your privacy and let hackers access your personal information. If anyone has tapped your phone, they would be able to listen to all your private and confidential conversations you have with anyone.

To protect your privacy, there are codes that you can use to detect if anyone has tapped your phone or not. In this article, we have provided the codes and tips to help you get your phone un-tap and secure your phone.

What is phone tapping?

Phone tapping infects your phone with a tracker, which makes the person who tapped your phone aware of your phone calls, conversation, and other activities with the help of different spyware software and tools. The person whose phone gets tapped doesn’t get notified about it, making it easy for the hackers to operate their tapping virus smoothly.

Phone tapping is done by specialized people of the government or security agency mainly to track and monitor criminal activity from happening. The general public isn’t allowed to tap someone’s phone as it is not legal to tap a phone without the user’s permission.

What code to dial if your phone is tapped?

You can see phone codes below that show whether your calls are tapped and are being redirected to another number. Additionally, it will inform you of messages and data. The information will appear on the phone screen once you’ve hit it on the screen.

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if you are worried about tapping your cell phone, we have a code for you to check. You can see the various types of diversion status happening on your cell phone by dialing  *#21#. By doing this, you will see the details and learn if your calls or texts have been tapped.

How can you identify who tapped your phone?

You can use this code to determine who tapped your phone after confirming if it has been tapped by typing in *#62#.

You can find out who receives your calls, texts, and more by using the code *#62#

How to un-tap your phone?

You can determine whether or not your phone has been tapped after carefully following the instructions above. You only need to dial *#62# to find out where your call is being forwarded. If it was your spouse, the police, your parents, or an unidentified individual tapping your phone, then dial ##002# on your phone to turn all types of redirection away from your cell phone. If the code was unsuccessful, you must talk with your network provider.

How can you know if your phone is tapped?

Although a user doesn’t get notified when their phone gets tapped or spyware gets installed on their phone, keeping an out on some changes can help you detect if your phone has been tapped or not.

Battery drainage

The battery draining constantly is one of the primary indicators of phone tapping. Sometimes it will also become warm. Low power and high temperature are signs of harmful malware. However, it might also occur if you use multiple apps and a lot of data.

Malicious software operating in the background is another cause of a heated battery. If you suspect the phone won’t keep a charge, you should close your eyes. Think about the apps that use the most battery.

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High data usage

If you notice that your mobile device uses more data than usual and runs slowly, there might be a problem. It can occur when current malware secretly uploads large amounts of data. This commonly occurs when you use free public Wi-Fi.

You must identify the real cause behind them if you are unfortunate enough to see one. If you can’t identify the solution, there’s a chance that a third party could collect the messages.

Unwanted applications and ads

Unwanted ads which keep popping up on your phone can be very irritating. But if you frequently see unwanted ads and applications you didn’t download on your cell phone, it could be a sign that someone has tapped your phone. These spyware apps and ads run in the background, collect your personal data information, and keep track of your activities.

The ads may also be annoying and encourage you to tap on them accidentally. The malware increases data usage and generates a lot of ad traffic. This could essentially be done to create money via pay-per-click. Never click on any links that could infect your device with malware.

Strange Texts on your phone

Your phone may be tapped if you receive strange messages. These messages are never to be ignored. It can appear spam or an incorrect number with randomly chosen characters and digits. Even some of them have symbols. It is used by scammers and has the potential to be quite harmful.

Do not let your phone become infected since a hacker will attempt to install malware on it. Always check the text structures and review the media profiles. It is pretty suspicious if you can’t remember sending anything.

Websites Look Weird

Never ignore any URL code that you may come across in an email or text message. When you click the link, your phone can get affected by malware. This kind of message will take advantage of you, and you won’t even need to click on a malicious link. The website will regularly appear on your phone if a malicious app is installed. 

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This is because the malicious app will operate as a proxy and communicate with the website on your behalf. The malicious software will display a false page and log everything you write. Even when you choose private browsing, this can take place.


Any phone can get tapped by hackers, family members, ex-spouses, or the government. However, it would be great if you always stuck to basic security precautions. Getting apps from Google and Apple’s approved app stores is essential. Never download items from unauthorized sources, as doing so will raise your chance of infection. You will need to respond if you notice any of the above signs.