How To Check If Your Phone Is Monitored?

How To Check If Your Phone Is Monitored?

How To Check If Your Phone Is Monitored?

A crucial thing you need to know about technology is that it’s constantly being followed. Of course, not directly from real living people, but from the devices you use regularly. Whether it’s a GPS app that tells you where your nearest restaurant is or a social media app that tells you where you last posted your live check-in, we’re always sharing information with third parties.

No one wants to use your personal information without permission. Phone tracking used to be expensive and challenging to perform, but now it’s much cheaper, and basically, anyone can do it., but obviously, it has to have its consequences.

This makes it easier for mischievous people to track your phone for inappropriate reasons. You can see your personal information, including when you last went online, on any social media app. 

So if you have even the weakest suspicion that someone is watching your phone against your will, you need to find a way to confirm your suspicion right away.


Tracking apps are technically sophisticated, but in most cases, they will have unintended side effects when installed on the target device. 

This way, you look for obvious signs that may indicate that someone is tracking your phone. Just because your phone shows only one of these signs doesn’t mean it’s being tracked or monitored, but if you have more than one, you probably need to worry. 


If you notice that your device’s battery level is dropping faster than usual, it could mean two things. Either there is a hidden spy app with an old battery and needs service or running in the background to steal device information. 

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Installing the tracking app on your phone can drain your phone’s battery. Finally, the spy app should always scan the data, take screenshots and send alerts and notifications to third parties monitoring the device. These applications need to run in the background 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and constantly drain your battery. This drains the battery much faster than usual. 

However, knowing the difference between an overused device and a bad battery is essential. If your device has a battery that can be removed, you can easily test how quickly your full charge drains by transferring it to another device of the same model. However, if you can’t remove the device’s battery, you’ll need to use another method. 


On the phone (not all), this is much easier thanks to the Battery Health app. You can access it by accessing Battery Health. 

Go to the Settings option and scroll down to find the battery 

For example, a spy app may be installed if your phone has 95-100% battery power and drains in a few hours. However, if the battery is below 80%, it’s not surprising that it’s completely discharged in the middle of the day.


Hidden tracking apps need to send information to the server using the device’s WiFi or mobile data. Data requirements are expected to be very high as all device activity is recorded and tracked. This is true if you tend to make many phone calls and video messages. 

If you think your mobile phone is being tracked, there is a way to check. Just turn off Wi-Fi and turn on your cell phone’s cellular data. Next, be aware of the unusual spike in mobile phone data usage. 

By excluding high-data-heavy apps such as online games, you can see if the hidden spy apps are causing an increase in data usage.

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Have you ever had a cell phone suddenly get hot without doing anything? Mobile devices tend to get hot when using high-demand apps such as Mobile games or video streaming apps. 

However, if it happens randomly without advanced apps, you may have spy software installed on your phone. Tracking apps put more strain on your device’s processing power and cause your device to generate more heat. 

However, keep in mind that bad batteries can also lead to overheating. To rule out this cause, check the battery status, or some spy apps require you to restart your smartphone to install updates or change settings. If your smartphone restarts randomly without prompting, it could strongly sign that your app is triggering a command in the background. 


Mobile devices will naturally slow down over time, especially if you don’t uninstall unused apps regularly, clean up your cache, or maintain good internal storage. However, if you do all this regularly and still experience sudden delays, slowdowns in the touch screen, and extended startup and shutdown times, then spy software is running in the background. Maybe it is the cause. 

As mentioned earlier, spy software can take up much of the device’s processing power. The battery will overheat and drain quickly, and it will also reduce the processing power available for other normal operations and can reduce performance.


If your smartphone does something without clicking or adjusting, it’s a powerful sign that the app is running in the background. 

These can be unilateral phone restarts, strange noises, or messages during a call or text conversation that light up even when not in use. You may also see location and microphone notifications.

If you turn on the screen and find no reason for it to light up, some spying may have triggered the reaction. If you notice any difference in a call or conversation, it’s a good sign that the phone is being tapped. 

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This could be strange noise during a call, extra words or letters in a text message, or a contact that appears blocked when you’re not doing anything. Some spy software can also generate and send messages and chats remotely from your mobile phone, so you may notice that the message is being sent without your knowledge. 


Today, anyone with sufficient time, money, and opportunity can track your device. But hope is not lost. If you don’t know how to check if a phone is being tracked, you can look for physical signs, root access and use the USSD code. Even better, you can take the initiative to get rid of spyware.