Conjugal visit Florida Georgia and Washington?How many visits are allowed?

Conjugal visit Florida Georgia and Washington?How many visits are allowed?

Conjugal visit Florida Georgia and Washington? How many visits are allowed? | Facts you should know

Florida, Georgia, and Washington are the U.S states. Conjugal visits are not allowed in Florida and Georgia. These visits are only permitted in Washington, the state of America. Florida, and Georgia, both states of the U.S, forbid conjugal visits. In the past, almost seventeen states permit conjugal visits. Currently, only four states allow conjugal visits like California, Washington, Newyork, and Connecticut. 

Mainly, the number of conjugal visits varies from state to state. It also depends on the state’s resources that are provided during conjugal visits to the inmate and partner. The average permission rate for conjugal visits in Washington and other permitted states is once and twice a year.

What are conjugal visits?

Conjugal visits are when inmates are allowed to meet with the legal spouse, registered domestic partner, and immediate family members. The purpose of conjugal visits is inmates are allowed to spend some hours with spouses and make a sexual relationship. The states that permit these visits even provide many facilities for conjugal visits.

Why Florida and Georgia do not allow conjugal visits?

Approximately seventeen states allow conjugal visits, but now there are only four states that permit conjugal visits. Some reasons are the discontinuation of these visits. 

Public opinion

Public opinion is the first and most prevalent cause of suspending conjugal visits. According to the people’s point of view, criminals in prisons are due to some crimes. They are not noble and good people. People look down upon inmates due to their guilty. The government punishes them and sends them to prison. 

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Prison is the punishment place for them. In prison, they should be tortured and punished due to their crimes. The purpose of sending prison is to teach them about their guilt and realize the crimes’ severity. The government wants to stop crimes from the state by punishing the criminals.

People think that the prisoners should not give all facilities like home. They should not get an opportunity to spend much time with family. Suppose the criminal get all luxuries like home. He can not realize his guilty. In this way, the crime ratio is not stopped by the state.

Some people have objections to providence the health care facility to the prisoners. They consider that they are criminals and should be treated like convicts. No facility and relaxation are requisite for them. Even the public is against health care facilities. Generally, this objection of the people is baseless. 

People are also against family visits and conjugal visits for the inmates. But they are unaware of the administration policies of the prison and the state. The government does not allow family visits or conjugal visits of severe criminals like persons involves in the distribution of narcotics, a sinner of sexual offenses and committing murder, etc.

Pregnancy during these visits

The second major cause of suspending conjugal visits in many states like Florida and Georgia is the increasing number of pregnancies during these visits. The number of pregnant women increases day by day due to conjugal visits. The primary problem is that there is no backup of this.

Some states claim that they even provide contraception to stop the pregnancy ratio during these visits. Inside the conjugal rooms, condoms are also available for the inmates and the partners. Despite all these precautionary measures,  there is no decline in the pregnancy ratio in states. Due to this reason, many states forbid these visits to avoid these issues.

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The budget problem of states

The third and the biggest reason is the financial problem of the state. According to a general budget evaluation, conjugal visits are very costly. A lot of the state budget is utilized to manage and organize these visits. The government can not handle these programs due to expensive financial issues. The average estimation of the cost of conjugal visits annually is almost $120,000. The visitors who come for these purposes also pay the fixed amount from the state. Even after spending the visitors for conjugal visits, much budgets are essential for continuing these programs. 

Why does Washington allow conjugal visits?

Washington is one of the four states that permit conjugal visits. Washington provides many facilities for conjugal visits. It offers many amenities in separate rooms for these visits.

Some reasons that allow conjugal visits in Washington 

Reduce recidivism

Recidivism means the criminal again commits the same crime after release from prison. Conjugal visits are helpful to reduce recidivism. According to the research, the ratio of recidivism is reduced due to the conjugal visits. The percentage of recidivism is high in other states that do not allow conjugal visits. Due to the positive impact of the conjugal visit on criminals, Washington and some other states allow them.

Lessen sexual violence

Conjugal visits are lessening the sexual violence among inmates. Sexual violence is the increasing number of rape, illegal sexual contact, sexual attack, and many other sexual cases of abuse. Sexual violence destroys the reputation of any state. Conjugal visits are helpful to reduce sexual violence in society. 

Develop positive behavior

Conjugal visits develop positive behavior among the inmates. In prison, they are mentally disturbed and apprehensive. Due to mental stress, they become very violent. Their behavior with their fellow inmates is ruthless. Conjugal visits are helpful to develop positive behavior among them. They become happy by meeting with their spouse and other registered domestic partners. Sexual intercourse relaxes them mentally. This is shown by their good behavior with fellow inmates and other administration.

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How many conjugal visits are allowed?

Many facilities are required for conjugal visits, such as separate rooms, bed and bed linens, and toiletries. Due to these accommodations, it is difficult to allow one inmate more visits due to less space and fewer rooms. Therefore, these visits are allowed only once and twice a year.

Final words

Conjugal visits are allowed in Washington, but they are prohibited in Florida and Georgia like many other states. Washington and some other states allow conjugal visits due to its benefits. But Florida, Georgia, and many other states prohibited these visits because prisoners do not give many luxuries.