Do you have to be married for a conjugal visit?

Do you have to be married for a conjugal visit?

Do you have to be married for a conjugal visit? | What does the law say?

Different policies of conjugal visits of the various states. Every country that allows these visits has its rules. Previously, seventeen states permitted these visits; now, only four states allow them.

The question is, do you have to be married for a conjugal visit? The answer is complicated because the rules of every country about conjugal visits vary from one country to another country. Some countries allow conjugal visits even for unmarried couples, girlfriends, and prostitutes. Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have very liberal policies about conjugal visits. These countries allow conjugal visits for all prisoners to enjoy conjugal visits even if they are unmarried.

On the other hand, other counties and states only permit legal spouses, registered domestic partners, etc. The most prominent example of a registered and legal partner is California. They do not allow unmarried or illegal persons for conjugal visits. In 2017 California permitted homosexual conjugal visits and has given the same rights to homosexual visits as heterosexual visits. But the condition is they must be married or legally registered. 

Brazil also allow conjugal visits for unmarried persons 

The policies of Conjugal visits in Brazil are very liberal. The rules and regulations vary from state to state. The inmates meet with spouses, girlfriends, illegal partners, unregistered domestic partners, and even prostitutes. The facilities of Conjugal visits are not only available for married persons, but an unmarried person can also avail this opportunity. There is no restriction for unmarried persons for conjugal visits.

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How many conjugal visits are allowed in Brazil

There are two conjugal visits per week in Brazil. The spouses and visitors can spend some hours with the inmates in prison. They can visit two days a week. Some states permit conjugal visit on Wednesday and Sunday, and some has fixed Saturday and Sunday for these visits. , the visitors meet the inmates for sexual purposes two days a week and spend some hours and entire days with them. 

How many times do they spend in prison for conjugal visits?

Some states of Brazil allow half-day to spend with the inmate in the private room. The other Brazilian states allow the whole day to spend with them. The rules and regulations of spending hours for conjugal visits also various with the type of lockup. The rules of the prison lockup are different from the national prison law. Prison lockup has strict rules, and they are very keen about the visitor type, whether it is legal or registered or not. 

Rules for conjugal visits in Brazil

  • Some instructions and rules are necessary to follow for conjugal visits.
  • Visitors must wear an appropriate dress, and the dress should be different from the prisoner’s dress.
  • Visitors have no permission to wear short dresses, vulgar dresses, and pants.  
  • They are not allowed to take some illegal things along with them like alcohol, drugs, narcotics, pointed instruments, guns, weapons, tools, drills,s, and other prohibited materials.
  • Cooked food is not allowed; only packing food and cookies are permitted in prison.

Conjugal visits in Nicaragua for unmarried couples

Nicaragua is a country in Central America, and it also allows conjugal visits for unmarried couples. There are different types of jail sections in Nicaragua. Some jail sections have facilities for the same sex, some have conjugal visits, and a few are specific for women. There is no restriction for unmarried persons for conjugal visits in Nicaragua. The unmarried partner outside the prison comes to prison for sexual relations with the inmate. Some countries allow conjugal visits for unmarried and married persons.

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Venezuela, Colombia, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are very liberal about conjugal visits

They allow conjugal visits to unmarried couples. The partner outside the jail is eligible to have sexual relations with the inmate in jail. Prisons like Venezuela and Colombia are very overcrowded. Even in these critical conditions, they allow conjugal visits. They provide beds and cells for conjugal visits. The prisoners do not get proper cells and beds for living in jail. But they take care of the space for conjugal visits. Some countries take cell on rent to spend time with their spouse. The prisoners who can not bring cell on rent are called pirates. 

In Colombia, many women come in Sunday to meet inmates in prison for conjugal visits. The Colombian prison is very overcrowded. There is no proper space for prisoners. Despite lack of space, it offers conjugal visits for married or registered partners, unmarried persons, girlfriends, and prostitutes. A general estimation reveals that approximately 3500 women visit on Sunday for conjugal visits. 

Conjugal visits in California

California and many other countries and states do not allow conjugal visits for unmarried persons. The rules and regulations for conjugal visits of these countries are stringent. They do not allow homosexual and heterosexual available or unregistered partners for conjugal visits. An only married, registered, and domestic legal partner is eligible for conjugal visits. 

California allows homosexual conjugal visits if they are registered. 

Why do countries allow and suspend conjugal visits?

Many countries allow conjugal visits due to its advantages. The purpose of conjugal visits is to build family relationships and remove family distance. According to the research, these visits have many positive effects on the behavior of the inmates. It is helpful to reduce sexual violence and many other sexual cases of abuse. These visits develop positive thinking among the inmates and reduce the crime ratio.

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Some states are strictly against these visits. They consider the persons in jail are due to the committed of some serious crimes. They do not have any right to relaxation and luxuries. They should be punished and stop crimes from society.

Final words

To sum up, different rules and regulations of different states for the conjugal visits. Some states allow only married, registered, and domestic legal partners for these visits. On the other hand, some countries like Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua have very liberal rules for conjugal visits. They permit the unmarried person for conjugal visits.