How to cash a check without ID for someone in jail

How to cash a check without ID for someone in jail

How to cash a check without ID for someone in jail | Best and safe way to cash out 2022

What is a Stimulus check?

A stimulus check is sent to taxpayers by the U.S government to relieve the masses in days of financial crises, stop employment, and boost the country’s economy. The U.S government has given stimulus checks to the people of their country in the worst days of crises.

The American government gave stimulus checks in 2008 during the Great Recession and the 2019 pandemic of coronavirus to provide relief to people. A Stimulus check is sent by mail or using another method such as a credit card.

Basics requirements for cashing of a stimulus check

There are the basic requirements essential for the cash of a stimulus check. A person must have a bank account and a Government Identity card. But if a person does not have a bank account and Identity card, it is possible to cash a check, but it is not easy and quick. To cash a stimulus check without the basic requirements of the bank, a person should undergo different methods, and it takes much time to complete the process.

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A stimulus check cashes without a Bank account.

Without a bank account, it is difficult to cash a check, but it is not impossible to cash a stimulus check without a bank account. There are different methods to cash a check without any trouble quickly.

  • You can cash a check using retailers such as grocery stores, supermarkets, and retail customers.
  • You can deposit your check into ATM.
  • Cash a check through a cashing store.

A Stimulus check is cashed without an ID if someone is in jail.

The government approves an Identity Card as the essential requirement for the cash of a Stimulus check, but if someone has no ID and is in jail, how does their stimulus check to cash.

There are different method to cash a check if someone is in jail and have no  ID:

Alternatives of an identity card

Use of passport

If a  person is in prison has no id card, then a Stimulus check is cashed by showing the original passport of the prisoned person. 

Driving License

The Driving License also represents the identification of the holder. If a prisoned person has a Driving License approved by the U.S government is also applicable in the absence of ID.

Military Identification Card

This card is helpful for the identification of any person. If a person loses his ID card, this is the alternative to ID.

Utility bill and credit card

The utility bill and the credit card also tell the identification of a person. These are also used instead of ID.

In short, a passport, driving license, military identification, utility bill, and a credit card is the alternative to the ID. It also depends on the bank’s policies, which cashes the stimulus check. Every bank has its policies, which are different from other banks’ policies, rules, and regulations.

Why is the alternative of identification suggested for the imprisoned person or anyone else?

There are many reasons for the identification suggestions in the absence of the ID.

  • Imprisoned person’s ID is expired.
  • It may be original ID is lost.
  • It may be ID is not issued to the prisoner.
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Methods of cashing a Stimulus check of prisoner without ID

There are two methods of cash a check

  1. Electronic method
  2. Manual method

Electronic method:

This method is the most valuable and convenient method to cash a Stimulus check of either incarcerated or others. It performs at home. Different apps  use for this  purpose, such as:

  • Ingo Money App
  • Brink’s money prepaid app
  • Paypal app
  • Western Union NetSpend prepaid

Ingo Money App

This app is easy to use and quick. A Stimulus check cashes within a few minutes by following the given steps below:

  • Simply sign up and click on the “cash button.”
  • Take front and backside pictures of your check. 
  • Select the time and place to deposit your money and click on review. 

Paypal App

Paypal is also a mobile app like other apps to cash a check send and receive money to your friends and family members having a Paypal account.

The requirements of cash a check are:

  • Both sender and receiver must have a Paypal account
  • It is free of cost.
  • It requires the phone number and email of the recipient to send a request.
  • It works without the ID of the recipient.

Western Union Netspend Prepaid

  • To run this app, first of all, you give your user name and email address.
  • After entering this information, your card will arrive in seven to ten working days.
  • Activate your card and verify your identity.
  • When your card is activated, you can cash a check without the ID.
  • This app is relatively slow than other apps.

Brink’s Money Prepaid App

  • This app works for someone like Western Union Netspend Prepaid app
  • This app first orders a card, then activates it, and adds money to the card.

In short, the above four mentioned apps, Ingo Money App and Paypal work fast and cash a stimulus check or any other check within in few minutes. Later, Brink’s Money Prepaid App and Western Union NetSpend Prepaid app worked slowly.

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Manual method

There are three ways to cash a stimulus check without the ID if someone is an inmate.

Deposit your check into your account

Usually, banks require an ID for withdrawal of the money. If someone is an inmate, then deposit their check into their account. This process is time taking. It takes almost seven to ten business days. This process requires the patience of the users. A person can easily withdraw money by using this procedure.

Use ATM 

Automated Teller Machines provide an excellent opportunity for the users. It is available for twenty-four seven. Unlike other banks, ATMs do not require an ID. ATMs give rapid and convenient service to the users. It requires the pin code of the users. 

Singing the check over.

The third way to withdraw money from a Stimulus check without the ID is to deposit the check into another account of a trusted family member and friend and then transfer money into your account; it takes time to complete the process.