Best Free Case Management Software for Lawyers

Best Free Case Management Software for Lawyers

Best Free Case Management software for Lawyers | FREE TO USE IN 2022

What is Case Management?

Case management is how law firms and courts manage cases using all technologies and techniques. It is the ability to manage and organize client cases. Case management is vital because any mistake in this document can lead to drastic results. This document contains all details of the defendants and prosecutors. It also tells courts all necessary information relevant to the case.

Functions of Case Management Software

  1. Case Management Software helps lawyers and other staff members who manage the cases.
  2. Case Management Software organizes and manages individual cases.
  3. It also records the services of the firms.

Case Management Software

Many Case Management software provides benefits to law firms, courts, and the management of the cases. It is present in both free and paid versions.

Best Free Case Management Software

The top free Case Management software is below:

  1. Clio                                                            
  2. Lolly Law                                                    
  3. MyCase                                                       
  4. Tabs3 Software                                          
  5. FastVisa    
  6. Amicus Attorney   
  7. Zola Suite  
  8. PracticePanther 
  9.   CaseMap®  
  10.   Actionstep


MyCase is legal case management software and superior to other law managing software. It increases the efficiency of the organization and scales your law firms. It manages the case details – documents, contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, invoices.

Top-rated features

  1. Cloud
  2. Calendar integration
  3. Dashboard. 

It is available in both free trial versions and paid versions. It has only one package is, MyCase pricing.

Clio Software


This software helps to manage cases from home. You can check all the details of the cases from a single dashboard. You can handle the issues at home by downloading the mobile app. Internet connection is necessary for this app to work. It helps control cases from any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile. You can add claims information from the previous existing software. You can manage all contacts, bills, issues, calendars, and many other tasks in one place. The reviews are good about this software. 

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This software is present in a free version. It works best in the free trial version, but some packages are also available with advanced features such as Starter, Boutique, Elite, Clio suite. 

Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney Case management software is available and easy to use on computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. It is present in free and paid form. There are two packages of this software: cloud and on-premise. But it is an excellent opportunity for the users because it is also available in a free trial version.


  • It is legal software that enhances the lawyer’s practice. 
  • It is unique and convenient.
  • It is a multi-tasking software.
  • It automatically captures client and case information.
  • It is very beneficial to organize and assemble documents.
  • It automatically creates invoices for the users.

Lolly Law

Lolly Law, free case management software, is the most advance and up-to-date app.

This software was made in 2014, and the founder of this app updates it every month. It contains new features, and it helps users more effectively.

It is the best software as compared to the other case management software.

It is the most efficient tool to create, track and organize cases.

Lolly Law works from anywhere in the world, from any computer. This app provides an extensive service to customers. It is available in a free trial version. Starter, Standard, and Enterprise are paid packages of this software and have different prices.

Zola Suite 

Zola Suite is a free legal case management software that is very helpful for lawyers. It connects the front-office and back-office tool to deliver quality results. It eliminates all errors of the data and makes the efficiency high.

The top-rated features are related to legal case management are:

  • Cloud
  • Time tracking
  • Payments

Its features are extraordinary, built-in accounting and billing, advance reporting, legal calendaring, task and document management automation.

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Besides the free trial version, core, enterprise, and enterprise plus are paid.


PracticePanther is a leading law practice management software. Almost ten thousand people use this app to enhance law practice and strengthen law firms and courts. This software is prevalent and user-friendly.

It is used in nearly one seventy countries to handle case details, organize documents, and improve efficiency. The top-rated features are cloud, dashboard, and mobility. It has a free trial version as well as paid. There are three packages: Solo, Essential, and Business, having different prices.

Tabs3 Software

Tabs3 Software is the old software, and users have been trusting this software for forty years. It helps lawyers manage cases and eliminate all errors of the client detail. It enhances client satisfaction. It allows users to make many accounts and open various windows. It has a feature that uses the keyboard to move a tab without a mouse, and it saves the time of the users and makes it friendly.

Sign up to avail free trial version and enjoy it. There is only one package,


CaseMap is legal software that provides lawyers and other users a broad dashboard to manage all claims and cases. By using this software, you can easily share your file with your team members to enhance the progress of law firms. The structure of CaseMap is designed beautifully. Lawyers and other staff members can quickly locate and search files from the database.

This software efficiently manages witness lists, case chronology, and document indices. It is reliable and convenient. It is available in a free trial version. You can enjoy more advanced features by subscribing to the monthly package of the CaseMap software.


FastVisa is legal case management software. It provides users with a single portal dashboard to handle and manage all their details. The most important feature of this app is customization. It enables the users to change your case management according to its will. It helps manage tasks, cases, client information, and case notes. It provides lawyers and other users a facility to use its free trial version.

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In the modern era, case management software is beneficial for lawyers to manage cases from home and improve their efficiency in a short duration of time. Above all mentioned software are available in a free trial version and subscription.