How to Withdraw Money from Credit Card without Fees

How to Withdraw Money from Credit Card without Fees

How to Withdraw Money from Credit Card without Fees | Easy Method 2022

A quick approach to cash might assist you in covering some sudden or emergency. However, the most unappealing credit card cash advance is how costly it could get. And, the rate of interest is typically more than on the usual credit card shopping. You also must pay some fee.

There are different creative methods to have cash from the credit card even without requesting the cash advances. Such ways might also incur costs. However, relying on the amount of cash you want, they might be pretty affordable. 

Also, in case you have a good amount of credit & also qualify for another credit card, then following the necessary steps to use a card along with starting an interest-free offer might assist decrease your cost even more, especially in case you want more time for catching up right after an unexpected crisis.

Withdrawing of Cash without Fee from Your Credit Card 

There’s not any such technique to stay away from the entire fees while you are withdrawing cash using a credit card. However, you might decrease them.

A few credit cards do not incur any cash withdrawal cost or fee. For instance, the Barclaycard’s Rewards card and Halifax Clarity Card do not charge fees. However, both of them would still incur interest from the money that leaves a cash machine. Hence, it still proves costly. 

If you must withdraw money from the credit card, the second option is using the specialist card called a money transfer card. Credit cards let you transfer capital from the credit card directly into the current account. You could withdraw money from the current account by using a debit card. 

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All these cards typically have long interest-free duration on your money transfers. However, there’s generally a fee for transferring the money from 2% to 4%. It’s charged on that money you have transferred from your card into the current account.

Hence, if you’d your credit card has a 4 percent money transferring fee. You just moved 1,000 dollars from your card into the bank account. Then, you will be charged about 40 dollars.  

When borrowing some cash, using the money transfer card can work out relatively cheaper than withdrawing cash on the standard credit card.

Issues of Credit Card Cash Advance

Going to an ATM might seem more straightforward, entering the card PIN and getting some cash advance. However, they’re a few reasons why you’ll need to find other ways. This all incurs fees as well.


Firstly, most credit cards incur a 3 to 5 percent fee to take out the cash advance. So when you need 1,000 dollars advance, it would cost 30 dollars to 50 dollars, even if you need that for one day. Now, it’s the fee of an ATM for withdrawing the cash that ranges from a few dollars to 10 dollars in some regions.

Rate of Interest

Second, there is a high rate of interest. Mostly, credit card enterprises have two rates of interest: one for regular purchases & the second for cash advances. Also, the distinction between the two APRs or annual percentage rates might be 10% points or higher in some situations.

Grace period

Third, there’s no grace period for the interest on top of a high interest rate. Mostly, credit cards will not incur interest fees to the account until right after the due date. It means that you might pay off the whole card statement balance just before the due date paying no interest at all. However, there’s generally no grace period with cash advance annual percentage rates.

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Credit Limit

Lastly, credit cards typically have a relatively lower credit limit for cash advances than the total limit. For instance, a credit card might have a 5,000 dollars credit limit. However, its limit of cash advance might be 750 dollars.

How to Keep away from Cash Advances

Cash advances might be pretty helpful. However, along with their additional interest rates and fees, they must be the last hope. They aren’t only expensive, but these might drag the credit score downwards & lead to the financial crisis.

Along with substitutes like purchasing items on credit for the family and taking all cash payments, purchasing & selling the gift cards, or some retail arbitrage, you’d also convert the credit limit to your cash even without more fees of the cash advance.

This not only does streamline all of the card payments into just one monthly payment, but it also contains a decreased-interest line of your credit, in case you successfully qualify, that you’d easily use to pay off all the higher-interest debts of a credit card.


This article discussed withdrawing money from a credit card without fees and its most optimal solution. However, there isn’t an exact solution, but we can minimize the fees by applying some tricks and getting more of our money.  

We discussed credit card advances and how they can help make your life more worth it and can help in making your income more effective for yourself. We also discussed the issues with credit card advances and how they can affect our lives. I hope you liked this article; make sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated on the latest news and information.