How to stop a dog in heat from bleeding? Calming a dog in heat

How to stop a dog in heat from bleeding? Calming a dog in heat

How to calm your dog in heat and stop the bleeding?

You are getting stressed about how to calm your dog while in heat? Don’t worry. We have got some of the best working solutions for you, as it can be stressful to handle your dog while it’s in heat. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best tips and methods to calm your dog while it is in heat.

How do you know if your dog is on heat?

A female dog can be in heat between 6 to 24 months old when going through her first heat cycle. Of course, smaller dogs like midgets can get into heat earlier. Usually, every breed comes into heat within two years. And most female dogs enter a heat period every six months or two times a year. Moreover, the heat cycle can last about one month.

Ways to help the dog to stop bleeding

Now, we will discuss the best tips on how you can help your female dog stop bleeding. 

Use Diaper

This tip might sound confusing, but it helps a lot. First, it helps in preventing the scent and discharge around your house. Use the most suitable size for your dog as all kinds of sizes are available. 


Make sure to take your dog out for a walk and good exercise, as it helps keep the dog healthy and keeps her calm. In addition, occupying the dog in easy exercise and keeping it playful will keep the body in shape and improve blood circulation. 

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Avoid heavy exercises as they can cause fatigue for your dog, which is no good at all. Also, consider taking her out when there are few people around. Most people prefer to go for a walk in the morning or evening. This way, your dog will be out from male dogs and enjoy the walk by itself.

Sleeping more

Another method for calming a dog is to put them to sleep. The most straightforward approach to induce a dog to sleep more is to exercise them more than usual, or if you can’t, make the activity more strenuous than usual. For example, you can add an extra session to your daily walks if you have a dog treadmill at home or raise the intensity of your usual walks.


Try to give your dog more frequent baths and reduce her scent by using odor control shampoo. Many dog owners think that using liquid chlorophyll will also help in reducing the scent. Moreover, it gives your dog a fresh breath and keeps your dog’s gums and teeth healthy. 

Try to scrub some Vicks vaporub at the base of your dog’s tail as it makes the scent and prevents it from spreading. Keep your dog distracted during this application so that she won’t lick it off, and do not rub it too close to the genitals as it can be very irritating and painful for your dog.

Use Menthol Spray

For calming your male dog, menthol sprays can help in many ways. First, these sprays help overpower your female’s scent and calm your male considerably. Moreover, you’re supposed to spray these on female dogs so that the male won’t be able to smell your female if he smells like menthol too. 

You can use it multiple times on your dog, but make sure to follow the instructions and make sure your dogs are not allergic to it. 

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Good Diet

Make sure your dog is on a good diet and is eating well. A good diet will help her pass through this phase and improve her metabolism. Also, make sure to give her plenty of water to keep her hydrated. 

Separate them

Separating your dog can help in avoiding unintended pregnancy. Unless you want puppies, an adult male should never be around a female in heat. To keep the dogs apart, something substantial should be placed between them. Even if your dog generally stays behind it, a baby gate will usually not work in this situation.

 It is recommended to keep your dogs in different rooms until the female’s cycle is over. It’s possible that switching them between places will work. This, however, increases the chances of them interacting with each other. The female’s scent will also be dispersed over a larger region, driving the male insane.

Give more love and support.

Your dog may enjoy your extra attention, so spend more time cuddling, hugging, and playing with her. She will appreciate it if you chat to her and brush her more frequently because it will help her feel calmer and more comfortable. Allow her uninterrupted sleep time if she appears tired.

There are treats available intended to calm anxious or stressed dogs without causing drowsiness. You can make her environment quieter by turning down the TV noise and instructing the youngsters to speak quietly. 

Consider utilizing a dog speaker that plays stress-relieving music or a spray intended to soothe anxious pets.

Keep an eye on them.

It is recommended to never leave your dog alone outside and make sure your yard is safe with no means for a male dog to get in. Male dogs can be highly cunning when finding a female dog in heat, so stay with her at all times. 

You should also make sure her microchip and dog tags are up to date if she tries to run away.

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Your dog might be more distracted in terms of behavior. For example, she may show interest in male dogs by “flagging” or moving her tail to reveal her genitals. Blood begins bright red during an estrus cycle and gradually fades to pink.

During the active phase of estrus, an intact male dog may detect her pheromones for kilometers. A male dog will do anything to get close to your female dog, so keep them apart unless you genuinely want puppies.


In this article, we will discuss stopping your dog from bleeding and helping your dog stay calm. In addition, we discussed the best tips that can help you stop the bleeding.

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