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Cooking with Dog

Francis was the poodle and the girl knew only as” Chef” entertained and educated more than a million viewers in their YouTube show” Cooking With Dog.” The Dog is an integral part of a show that has demonstrated how to make an assortment of Japanese dishes and cuisine from various other areas of the world since 2009.

The format of this series is that Chef and Francis narrates. The use of English from the Dog was a conscious decision to enhance one goal of the show–introducing Japan’s cuisine to people elsewhere in the world. 

Cooking with Dog: A big youtube hit

Along with reaching lots of foreigners, the series has a large following in Japan. The Chef had good cooking skills, but there were two reasons the creator/producer decided to include her Mini Poodle as a co-star.

 1) Chef had no background in television, and the creator/producer expected that the presence of her Dog would make her feel more relaxed

2) He hoped that Francis would raise the show’s charm and make it stand out for viewers who have many alternatives for cooking shows to watch.

Cooking with Dog: The Dog is no more.

Francis passed away last week at age 14 years and nine months. He has many lovers who, together with Chef, will miss him terribly.

Francis had no background in film or television before starring in the internet series.

In a meeting with The Japan Times, the show’s producer — who requested to remain anonymous — said the concept of the internet series came after he spent many years working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

“There are several cooking programs on TV, and I only wanted to create our show appear different and distinctive,” he said. “And also I don’t know any celebrities or famous people, and I did not have a large budget.”

But he approached Chef, who he knew was good at cooking, and asked if she and Francis will be interested in doing an internet show.

All started in 2007

In 2007, one of the oldest and most flavorful channels on YouTube began to with a short, lo-fi movie about producing Japanese hot-pot-style soup. “Today, I will explain to you how you can cook sukiyaki,” a male voice narrates, in accented English, more than a shot of lightly simmering beef broth. “Hello, I’m the host of this series,’ Cooking with Dog,’” the male voice–we realize now it’s the puppy’s –continues, as the camera surveys his poofy hairdo and frilly purple collar. “O.K., let us get started.” 

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The Dog was cooking.

When the camera zooms out, the Dog perched beside a stove, and a middle-aged girl in a pink blouse starts after his cooking instructions.

This video, one of the hundreds of episodes of this YouTube series” Cooking with Dog,” continues to be viewed on more than 1.4 million occasions. 

Since the show launched, the Dog (whose name is Francis) and the woman have released a brand new episode each Friday. Their job was to unraveling the intricacies of Japanese dishes like octopus tempura, mochi, and pork soba noodles.

Western favorites also featured like pumpkin muffins, Valentine’s Day chocolates, spaghetti carbonara, and hybrids such as matcha-flavored Swiss-roll cake and adzuki-bean popsicles. Francis delivers his instructions with a patient and straightforward instructor’s air, although the Japanese techniques and ingredients he describes may be unfamiliar to Western cooking principles.

The show goes like this.

 He stands obediently by Chef’s side throughout each lesson, apparently untempted from the delicacies only inches from his nose. He supports after each brewed dashi stock, and the noodle dish is complete. In a couple of episodes, Chef disappeared. Instead, Francis is stationed at the stove pouring and scooping using a pair of strategically placed human hands.

“Cooking with Dog” is just one of the Internet’s gifts that increases many compelling questions. But it’s lovely just because it refuses to answer, pursuing its improbable premise for a long time using a resolutely straight face. On the way, Francis has got a following. It was both in Japan and overseas, spawning a bento box and an apron adorned with a cartoon poodle in his picture. 

The video quality has made modest improvements over the years. A spinoff show, “Go! Francis! After a rainy-day visit to a Japanese bakery, lush Francis sported a tiny orange umbrella.

cooking with dogs
cooking with dogs

Despite all these diversions, the core appeal of” Cooking with Dog” has always been the mesmeric, slightly eerie sight of this stoic chef clipping and seasoning at Francis’s command, and the genuinely delicious-looking results of the sessions in the kitchen. “Fan the rice in the bowl. It will give it a glossy texture.” In terms of dogs who give orders and the people who obey them, I would much rather have a Daughter of Francis than a Son of Sam.

Francis’s gray coat grew lighter; tear stains began to mark the hollows beneath his eyes, and a padded dog mattress frees his perch beside the cooker. At the start of a video titled just” Pressed Sushi using Seared Marinated Mackerel Recipe,” viewers were advised through text which Francis had passed away.

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 “Francis has been the happiest dog we have ever met.” The cooking lesson follows was shot before Francis’s death, so he oversees a single final recipe, peering out sleepily as Chef blowtorches mackerel fillets.

Chef has released only six videos since Francis’s death, and the most recent one was in last month. Beside her in the stove, she keeps a stuffed likeness or a framed portrait of the poodle propped inside his previous puppy bed.

Nevertheless, Francis’s narration continues from beyond the grave, creating a feeling that Chef, not unlike Hamlet, takes out a ghost’s orders. Her grin seems smaller, her lined face. However, her hands are as steady as ever, as Francis’s beatific picture watches over her every movement.

History of “Cooking with Dog”

It came released on YouTube on September 9, 2007. Do you know the girl’s name? She prepares the featured dish of the episode while her toy poodle Francis (through voiceover) narrates the process. 

While Chef speaks in Japanese, Francis narrates in English. It was a decision to expand the show’s audience from Japan to the USA. 

The concept changes over time.

Though initially focusing on Japanese cuisine, the show later enlarged to include cuisine from other regions. Every Friday, they uploaded new episodes, before shifting into a different release arrangement in 2017. 

Despite the show’s popularity and public appearances by Chef, Chef’s identities and the show’s producer are blatantly undisclosed from privacy concerns. Probably, it was the producer’s decision.

1.4 million YouTube subscribers 

Over time, the Cooking with Dog show has grown in popularity, going from a low budget, low production value station to gaining a cult following, and having over 1.4 million channel subscribers. Reviews have attributed the show’s popularity to its ease, granular step-by-step cooking method. As of February 2014, the show had over 100 episodes.

 Francis and Chef’s acceptable, anxiety-free strategy worked well. 

The series is among YouTube’s ten most subscribed cooking channels and has garnered positive attention, public appearances, and awards.

In 2015, the show’s popularity resulted in a spinoff net series called Go! Francis! The web series hosted on the same YouTube station as Cooking with Dog. 

Francis died in late 2016, prompting an eventual statement that the series will no longer continue to create regular content, but would instead release occasional fresh episodes.

Now let us reveal the name of the girl in the Cooking With Dog show.

The name of the Japanese Chef was Chiaki Kato. She was the technical cooking expert. Chiaki demonstrates the right method to use a pot and other cooking utensils, like a skillet and numerous buds for roasting fish. She also shows the right way to use components, such as onions, ginger, and garlic. She teaches you how to combine and pour ingredients to make delectable dishes that are guaranteed to please your loved ones.

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Moreover, Chiaki Kato also shows you how you can cut vegetables using scissors by hand. She also provides you suggestions on the best way to prepare the main ingredients of your favorite recipes. But later on, the Dog became the main attraction of the cooking show.

What can you learn from the “Cooking with Dog” episodes?

Cooking With Dog gives you practical tips that you can readily use to make your meal. You can create easy and delicious foods that are great for entertaining. People with food allergies may especially find relaxation in this system. If you have difficulty getting over a cold or flu or digestive problems, this program is the most suitable one for you. You can still find the show on Youtube. 

Leave the pristine sushi into the restaurants. Cooking with Dog teaches you recipes light on components, great for you, and amazingly fast to create. To put it differently, the holy grail of all weeknight meals. Bring something different to the table with those six classic recipes from “Cooking with Dog.”

Every civilization has a heritage of one-pot meals. Japan’s done only happens to be the tastiest and most tasteful one on Earth. The term describes both warming mixtures of simmered-together ingredients and cooked in the gorgeous earthenware pot. 


Dashi is the backbone of Japanese food. Smoky and sultry, it is the umami-loaded foundation layer in countless meals. Professional tip: Dashis, more like creating a delicate tea compared to stock. You are searching to extract the taste of kombu through tender heating, then the bonito through steeping. The most amazing part of the “Cooking with Dog” show is the Dog cooked Dashi like a Japanese Masterchef.


Create miso soup using it. Only thinly slice whatever vegetables you have obtained. Simmer it into certain Dashi (déjà vu) until tender. Split a spoonful or two flavor-rich miso paste into it. Dinner: resolved. Professional tip from Cooking with Dog: Do not add the miso paste into a soup till the add-ins have finished cooking, and the kettle is off the warmth. Miso is living (like yogurt), and boiling will destroy these good-for-you organisms.


When there’s just one Japanese dish which Americans can agree on, it is Teriyaki. Why? Since when the salt-sugar-umami stars align, the outcome is a taste sensation that no mortal may withstand. Even Teriyaki is very popular in the USA.


In Japanese, the term for food is just like the one for rice. Without it, a meal isn’t a meal. The Japanese rice cooking is still available on Youtube in one of the cooking with dog channel.


When we think of steamed food, we think about a dull, joyless cuisine. But it is not true. It is a way of cooking food softly. Do it without manipulation (and no extra fat), so that tastes excel in all their colorful ease. Yes. Easy? Yep. Steamed vegetables and dumplings are another great lesson you can learn from the ” Cooking with Dog” show.