Movies at Midway | Are you safe in the reopened Theatre ?

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Movies at Midway

Movies at Midway.

Introduction of Movies at Midway

Movies at Midway is a five star favourite for moviegoers. Movies at Midway run by Atlantic Theatres, a company known for its eclectic blend of theatre, shopping, working across the street from the iconic Raffles Hotel Casino. 

Located in the corner of Midway Shopping Mall, it has an array of high-end theatres (including the Roxy), a handful of independent films and art films, and even a restaurant. 

Movies at Midway is a theater featuring an array of independent cinema theatres and a host of fine dining and snack bars. With its relatively small size, it’s hard to see why the crowds don’t flock.

An excellent choice for food and popcorn

Midway movies also boast a reasonably impressive menu, with both casual fare (sandwiches, burgers, salads) and upscale fare (main course fare) available regularly. The restaurant seating is comfortable, although seating arrangements can become cramped if you’re eating with friends or family. You will find the restaurant seating generally in the middle section of the theatre. 

Movie at Midway also has an area set aside expressly for children, which is a nice change of pace from the more family-friendly seating at the rest of the theatre.

The theatre boasts one of the most impressive sound systems on the east coast, with a sound system so good that you’ll swear you’re watching live theatre! And of course, the food is top-notch, with a range of tasty sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

Movies at Midway offer a bar service; At the same time, most theatres provide food at a kiosk near the front of the theatre. The Taco dinner in the corner of the road is a great choice for lunch and dinner.

Movies at Midway

The pride of Delaware

If you’re looking for a great place to watch a movie in the city, the Palms’ theatre should be your first choice. Movies at Midway can offer a unique experience, and you’ll be glad you tried their unique popcorn bag designs! Suppose you’re looking for a great alternative to a traditional movie theatre. In that case, you may want to check out Movies at Midway.

The Movies at Midway is an independently owned multiplex bringing all the latest upcoming movies right here to Rehoboth Beach, plus a few in 3D! Rainy holiday day? Too hot out? Too cold? Do not let Mother Nature destroy your day; spend it in Midway.

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Under Stage 1 of this nation’s economic recovery in the state of crisis caused by the ongoing World crisis, more companies are allowed to reopen, but at 30 percent capacity.

Movies at Midway will be the first theatre in Delaware to reopen, followed closely by Milton Theatre Wednesday, June 3.

Restaurants and businesses reopened on June 1, on the peak of the list of constraints. The State Fire Marshal’s Office created the necessity to restrict patrons to no longer than 30% of their potential demand social bookmarking prerequisites.

Brooke Lowe, the general director, said the theaters have opted to reduce that amount and open just six of 13 theatres. 

“We would like to feel out everything, and we could always make alterations and fine-tune,” she explained.

Lowe reported all state health and CDC guidelines to follow closely. All employees will submit to fever tests and answer health questions as they come to perform, and they will wear face masks.

Every other row at the theaters will remain shut. Lowe stated the 150-seat theaters would probably be limited to 40 chairs, and the 190-seat theaters will likely be limited to 60 chairs. The Cube will not reopen.

Movies at Midway for families

Families may sit together but have to leave at least two chairs between relatives and other sponsors. All moviegoers 13 years old and older have to wear face coverings except inside their chairs.

Cleaning of high-contact points will occur every 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Start times of films will probably be 30 minutes aside to keep audiences from congregating at the reception area. Patrons have to use one way in and one way out.

Times for upcoming shows will publish soon onto the theater site at

The site also includes a list of limitations and modifications in operation. “We wish to be very clear with our clients, so everybody is aware of what they’re walking right into,” Lowe explained.

All tickets will be $6 for all ages, always for every film. At the concession stand, there will be seasonal discount., and no money will be accepted.

And moviegoers can nevertheless get java, but not the sort that’s brand new popped in a system. Lowe stated gourmet popcorn in many different flavours will be available to purify water, Pepsi goods, and candy.

Lowe stated arcade games, and reception seats are no more.

New Sanitation standards implemented in Movies at Midway.

Moviegoers will probably sit on sanitised new chairs. After the theater shut-in mid-March, a team had started a significant renovation project to eliminate all previous chairs and replace them with almost 1,900 modern rocker chairs.

Lowe explained a mixture of new and old films would feature throughout June and July. Appearing on the displays, June 1 will probably be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Jaws, Grease, and The High Records. Over the next two months, other films will comprise Troll’s World Tour, Mighty Oak, a June 8 anniversary showing of Ghostbusters, and King of Staten Island.

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The management of Midway expects to donate $500,000 in five years.

The Movies at Midway at Rehoboth Beach recently contributed $7,000 to the Beebe Medical Foundation and Beebe Healthcare.

This contribution is part of this”I Think In Beebe” effort. The film theatre proceeds to encourage the construction of Beebe’s new Specialty Surgical Hospital in the Rehoboth Health Campus.

As a part of the multiyear effort, the management of Midway expects to donate $500,000 in five years.

History of Delaware

Several centuries ago, sea levels came down, and the Atlantic Coast lay around 30 miles (48 kilometres) further east than it does now. At the moment, the region would have resembled arctic parts of southern Delaware today. From the time the initial Europeans came in the 17th century, the shore was in its current place. 

Many Native American Indian tribes lived in the area, such as Lenape (or Delaware), the Sikkonese, the Assateague, and the Nanticoke. The site might have become the most important Native American fishing village around the Middle Atlantic shore. Stress from British and Dutch settlers radiating out from Cape Henlopen near Lewes, Delaware, entry into Delaware Bay. 

It compelled the Lenape to migrate into upper New York country, Asian Canada, and finally to the west at the Indian Territory. The Sikkonese and Assateagues extirpated; the Nanticoke, nonetheless, still exist in the overall region now. 

From the mid-19th century, the descendants of those landholders were farmers trying to earn a living off the comparatively low sandy infertile land. It is the rich history of Delaware where Movies at Midway is located today. 

Back in 1893, Rehoboth Beach.

The title might have had a particular attraction for the town’s spiritual leaders. It was even though the adjoining bay. It had borne the title Rehoboth to get at least a century before the city came to existence.

The initial boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach was built in 1873. It has witnessed changes in arrangement from storms and weather through recent years. The introduction of the railroad let people come in from northern Delaware and Pennsylvania and its towns and cities, resulting in the start of Rehoboth Beach as a tourist destination. Following the railroad, arrived at Rehoboth Beach, the middle of camp meetings and town life, transferred to neighbouring Baltimore Avenue. So if you visit Delaware, it is not only the Movies at Midway, but also other attractions to enjoy.

Rehoboth Beach is a town in the Atlantic Ocean across the Delaware Beaches in southern Sussex County. It is a well-visited place in Delaware, United States of America. At this 2010 United States Census, the inhabitants were 1,327, representing a decrease of 161 (11.2percent ) in the 1,488 counted in the 2000 Census. Together with Lewes’ neighbouring coastal town, Rehoboth Beach is among the main cities of Delaware’s rapidly growing Cape Region. Rehoboth Beach is in the Salisbury metropolitan region. It is the home of Movies at Midway.

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Delaware emerging as a holiday destination

A favourite regional holiday destination, Rehoboth Beach’s seasonal population grows to over 25,000 over the city limits and thousands more in the surrounding region in the summertime.

In 2011, the NRDC awarded Rehoboth Beach using a 5-Star score in water quality. This award was granted only to 12 different places, one being neighbouring Dewey Beach. [7] from those 30 states with the shoreline, the Delaware Beaches rated number one for water quality in 2011. But other than the beaches and history, you must pay a visit to Movies at Midway.

Sanitisation standards and announcements for visitors.

Precautions must be taken by people visiting Movies at Midway.

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Protect yourself while visiting indoor theatres
  • You are safer in the home and should appraise your own risk of using a theatre
  • Avoid contact and stay over 6 feet apart from others.
  • You Must wear a mask while still at the establishment, except while actively ingesting or drinking.
  • Masks Shouldn’t Be placed on children less than two years of age.
  • Wash your hands often, especially after leaving the theater, with water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Throw the tissue in the trash. There are extra thrash bins provided inside Movies at Midway.
  • Utilise touchless payment procedures.
  • If you must manage money, a card, or use a keypad, use hand sanitiser immediately afterwards.
  • In case you are at greater risk for severe illness, you should avoid visiting movies at Midway.



Sanitisation standards and announcements for management.

  •  Enforce physical distancing of more than 6 feet between customers who do not live in the same household.
  • Implement occupancy constraints as needed based on the community transmission class within the County your establishment operates.
  • Limit seating to alternate rows.
  • Mark chairs that aren’t being used in Movies at Midway.
  • Intimate communal spaces and common areas where people are most likely to congregate and interact.
  • Enforce similar physiological distancing requirements in employee-only spaces, such as dining or break rooms; consider closing or restricting access to these spaces.
  • Provide access to water and soap for handwashing or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • Employees working at Movies at Midway must wash their hands for 20 or more seconds.
  • Provide adequate supplies to support hygiene behaviours, such as soap, hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Schedule staggered showtimes to prevent congregating in moving areas.
  • Consider requiring online reservations for shows and limit the number of guests at the theater to Permit for appropriate physical distancing.
  •  Do not run back-to-back shows.
  • To allow for full sanitisation and to prevent crowding from participants entering/exiting the region.
  • Schedule sufficient time to sanitise in between showtimes in Movies at Midway
  • Sanitise chairs, armrests, beverage holders, handrails, and also any other items that a customer may touch between each use.
  • Make sure that ventilation methods of indoor spaces operate correctly.
  • Increase the circulation of outside air as much as you can by opening doors and windows, using fans, or other procedures.