Why does my cat paw at my face?

Why does my cat paw at my face?

Why does my cat paw at my face? | Find out now!

Wondering why your cat is pawing at your face every time? Let’s check out some of the most interesting signs why does your cat paws at you.

Your cat is hungry

A hungry cat should not be ignored. If your pet is hungry and it’s early in the morning, she’ll purr and paw you to get you out of bed. If those approaches fail, she may turn to paw your face.  

Make sure she always has enough food in her bowl. You could also wish to invest in an automatic timed feeder to get some more time to sleep in the morning.

Your cat is bored and wants to play.

If your cat reaches out to touch you and then runs away, your cat may want to play games with you. According to Pet experts, this is especially true if your cat is bored and doesn’t have any toys to play with.

It is better to Invest in some entertaining cat toys loaded with catnip, which has a delicious scent that cats can’t get enough of. Spread toys around the house and let your cat play with them.

You may also use a laser pointer to attract your cat’s interest, or you can hang cat toys from a string to give your cat something to chase.

Love of Trust

If you’re a new cat owner or have adopted a kitten, their soft paw on your face could be a way for them to test the waters or show that they trust and love you. Cats explore the world around them and observe everything.

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If your cat, on the other hand, softly places his paw on your face while you’re cuddling, they’re demonstrating that they’re comfortable being thus near to you.

Other signs of love

Here we have listed some other ways that can be signs of love and affection for your cat.

Slow Blink

When your cat is quite comfortable, you may notice that she blinks her eyes very slowly. This is because cats, as bizarre as it sounds, say “I love you” by steadily blinking at you. According to cat behavior experts, these slow blinks are equivalent to a kiss from your cat.

You can show your cat that you love him by slowly blinking back. This is a wonderful method to express your affection for your cat.


If you’ve ever had your cat or kitten on your lap and she starts kneading, it’s probably because she understands how much you love her and is reciprocating.

Cats knead on their mothers when they are kittens. Therefore, this activity is similar to that of a kitten and mother. However, SPCA, your cat tells you how safe and comfortable she feels with you, just like she did with her mama.

 If your kitten farts a lot while kneading on you, it’s probably because she’s comfortable and feels protected, but if she’s having a lot of gas, it’s time to take him/her to the vet.

Transferring scent

Cats’ paws include smell glands. When your cat rubs their paw on your face or kneads your face, they are transferring part of its fragrance onto you. When other cats contact you, they will realize you are theirs. It is extremely similar to when a cat scratches at something.


Certain cats may appear cold, yet they can also show affection to their favorite humans. For example, your cat may be scratching or placing his paw on your face to express his intention to play and cuddle with you, to wake you up, or to mark his territory.

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Whatever the reason for your cat’s desire to touch your face with their paw, one thing is certain that they trust you. 

However, in true cat spirit, it might mean various things. It could be for many reasons, such as boredom or hunger, or it could be for no cause at all. Enjoy these moments with your cat, regardless of their motives. All of these can be excellent ways to bond with your animal family member.