How to Check History of Any Motorbike

How to Check History of Any Motorbike

How to Check History of Any Motorbike

The demand for pre-owned motorbikes is strong. Buyers should be cautious as shady owners misrepresent their vehicles’ histories. Fortunately, it is easy to catch them in a lie. With one quick check, you will dispel doubts or spot fraud. Here is what a motorcycle VIN can tell you. Every vehicle produced in the US since 1981 has been given a unique identifier that works like a social security number for humans. This sequence of 17 digits and letters can be found on different parts of a motorbike, depending on the manufacturer and model. Typically, it is stamped on the neck tube.

What a VIN Report Contains

All sellers want to present their motorbikes in the best possible light. To check their claims, use the motorcycle VIN lookup online. It will provide a wealth of information. In just a few clicks, you will see:

  • The title history (number of previous owners)
  • Odometer readings (how many miles the motorbike has traveled)
  • If the bike has been stolen
  • If it is a salvaged vehicle
  • If it has been recalled
  • If it has been involved in traffic accidents
  • Full information on repair history, including deconstruction of the frame
  • Details of any loans and liens (if a previous owner had any problem debts)

This data is accumulated from multiple sources: auto insurers, manufacturers, and authorities. VIN databases are invaluable for buyers, dealers, lenders, insurance agents, and auction houses. You will also see the full specs including:

  • Assembly plant
  • Model year
  • Model
  • Weight
  • Size and type of engine, etc.

Note that free services for VIN deciphering will only provide the specs. To look into the history of a motorbike, order a full report. 

How to Read VIN

A VIN on any motorcycle includes three parts. The first three letters and/or digits represent the manufacturer. They are referred to as the world manufacturer identifiers. The subsequent six characters are the vehicle descriptor. The remainder is the vehicle identifier. Every vehicle identification number is unique. It is impossible for two motorbikes to share the same VIN unless one of them has been tampered with. The number on the bike must match the one in all accompanying documents. Note that for the sake of clarity, VINs never include letters i, o, and q, as they may be confused with numerals. 

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To Conclude

Running a VIN check is a must for every potential buyer of a used motorcycle. The results can provide grounds for bargaining or alert you of a criminal past. One quick check can prevent expensive mistakes. Make sure the bike of your dreams has not been stolen or salvaged. If its frame has been seriously damaged, a VIN check can save your life!