Connecting Across the Miles: Long Distance Family Relationships

Connecting Across the Miles: Long Distance Family Relationships

Connecting Across the Miles: Long Distance Family Relationships

It often happens that people get a career promotion abroad and are forced to leave their families to stay abroad. In order not to break up and constantly be in touch, the couples can use different software, devices, and Internet services. During the time of social distancing, a lot of people couldn’t be close to their partners and family members. The recommendations given in this article will allow these couples to be close and survive the forced separation comfortably.

Effective communication

First of all, do not use the same messenger to chat with employees, customers, and your family. A certain moment will come, and tension may appear. Imagine: you have hundreds of working chats on your messenger, you are online almost the whole day, responding to important messages. If the replies of your partner remain unanswered for several hours, it may cause troubles. In the eyes of a partner, it looks a bit different. In fact, he spends hours watching you online and ignoring her messages. Even the most patient lady will sooner or later become insulted and lonely. That is why it is also recommended to use separate communication services to call Ethiopia from any place in the world.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you have separate messengers to avoid negativity. When you go online, you say: “I’m here just for you.”  Select the app in which you both have the least active contacts and use it for personal communication.

Video calling

Seeing each other is essential, so do not neglect making scheduled video calls. It is not necessary to sit in front of the screen for many hours every day and have long talks. A Skype or Zoom call creates the illusion that you are spending the evening at home like a normal couple. You can cook dinner and then eat it in front of the camera and chat at the same time, or do your own tasks, periodically exchanging phrases. It will seem that the loved one is really in the next room.

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Connecting Across the Miles: Long Distance Family Relationships

Gifts and surprises

In a long-distance relationship, everything is built on micro-moments. It is critical that both partners constantly show feelings, be active and find ways to surprise each other. Even a sudden sticker or voice message can cheer you up, and to please your loved one with something original, any delivery service and even a transfer through a mobile bank will work.

Common plans

Separation is temporary, so as not to forget about it, discuss a joint future, and share dreams about what it will be like. To make dreams come true — turn them into clear plans. For this purpose, you may create lists and notes in Notion and Evernote, they can be edited and compiled together.

It’s worth adding everything that seems significant and interesting to your notes: countries that you want to visit, furniture that you need to buy, restaurants, or events that you want to visit together. These simple steps will strengthen your relationship and help you get in touch with your partner.