Can Control Flames 5e damage in dnd useful on torch to burn off barn?

Control Flames 5e

Can Control Flames 5e in dnd useful on a lit torch to burn off a barn down?

Because we have been overwhelmed with the enemy (at a barn), we decided to try setting the barn on fire Control Flames 5e. Control Flames specifically states to select nonmagical fire. You choose a nonmagical Flame that it is possible to see within a range which fits within a 5-foot block. Is the torch previously naturally lit, snuffed, then lit using Prestidigitation /Druidcraft a qualified flame resource for Control Flames? Dnd Control Flames in 5e will work on typical fires started by Magic. Not one of these spells produces a magical fire. They use Magic to start a fire.

  • Druidcraft: You may instantly light or snuff out one candle, a torch, or any small campfire.
  • Prestidigitation: You immediately burn or snuff a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.
  • Firebolt: A flammable object hit by this spell ignites whether it isn’t being worn or carried.

You will notice that every one of the things that these cantrips may light have standard fuel (petroleum, timber, etc.). They aren’t fueled by Magic (unlike Produce Bonfire). Magic helps to create the initial spark. The cantrips above occur instantly and are not sustained by the magical or caster.

Other spells

Other Magic that begins regular fires through instantaneous ignition:

  • Flaming Sphere (2nd level) – to the things it arouses
  • Fireball (Level 3)
  • Lightning Bolt (Level 3)
  • Delayed Blast Fireball (Level 7) – regardless of the immersion, the explosion is instantaneous.
  • Fire Storm (Level 7)
  • Magic which sustains a magical flame for an amount of time:
  • Create Bonfire (cantrip)
  • Continual Flame (Level 2)
  • Flaming Sphere (Level 2) – the world
  • Heat Metal (Level 2) – within the metal itself
  • Flame Blade (Level 2)
  • Fire Shield (Level 4)
  • Wall of Fire (Level 4)
  • Incendiary Cloud (Level 8)
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Additionally, other fire spells do not start fires, such as Chromatic Orb (Flame) and Flame Strike. You can extend the fire into an adjoining 5′ cube (containing fuel) each time you cast this cantrip.

Firebolt spell

If you spend one action to enlarge the fire into every ground level cube of the barn, the Flame will do the rest. That may even be overkill, but you might too keep expanding it since you’re already standing there watching it (from inside 60′). Control Flames lets you maintain three non-instantaneous effects on the fire at once. You don’t need any of these.) Also, notice that you could only use the Firebolt cantrip (120′) itself to begin the barn on fire without getting so close. Control Flames in 5e (60′) could also be used but might not be necessary. That could be safer than having to walk up to the barn with a torch to cause it to spread.

Control Flames 5e dnd stats

You select nonmagical fire that it is possible to see within range and fits within a 5-foot block. You change it in a few of the following manners: You instantaneously enlarge the fire 5 feet in 1 direction, as long as timber or other fuel is within the new location. You immediately extinguish the flames within the block. You double or halve the region of bright light and dim light cast by the fire, change its color or both. The change lasts for 1 hour. You cause simple shapes–like the vague kind of a creature, an inanimate object, or even a location–to look within the flames and animate as you like. Should you cast this spell multiple times. You’ll have up to three of its non-instantaneous effects busy at one time. And you’re able to dismiss such an impact within an action.

Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

LEVEL Cantrip
RANGE/AREA 60 ft (5 ft  *)
DURATION Instantaneous
SCHOOL Transmutation
Spells Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard
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Control Flames 5e damage

Control Flames 5e damage

Control flames do not specify the damage. And it also doesn’t state that the Flame fills the target area. You may treat it as only increasing the fire “reach” If you use it on a flashlight and attempt to specify a monster’s clothing on fire. Then it works just as if you were attacking a creature with the flashlight: Melee attack for one fire damage. If there’s something highly flammable in the area, such as paper or oil, then it works as if you had chucked a flashlight into that space.

Is Control Flames 5e good for sneaking cantrip?

Pick a nonmagical flame that you see and matches in a 5-foot block. You change it in one of the following manners: You extinguish the fires within the block. Prestidigitation can also snuff out a small fire, but just 10 ft range, and has a verbal component. Control Flames, however, only needs a somatic part (1 hand spell movements). Therefore, a sneaky rogue or Gloom Stalker ranger at a room with no windows or a dungeon silently extinguishing fires and slipping up for the perfect ambush. Torches have bright light within 20 ft, and dim light goes out to 40 so that you can out-range a flashlight.

How to get it?

  • High Elves begin with one magician cantrip.
  • Multiclassing
  • Bard Magical Secrets
  • Warlock Pact of the Tome

Shadow Monk multi-classed into Druid daily. At level 1, you receive 5e Control Flames to extinguish mild or make diversions. Mold Earth also has tons of use for infiltration. Gust and Druidcraft may also be useful for recreation. You also get some superior level 1 spell Absorb Element, Fog Cloud, Longstrider, Jump. At level 2, you get Wildshape, the most excellent tool for inconspicuous infiltration. If your DM allows UA, the Symbiotic Entity out of Circle of Spores is crazy powerful on a monk. Else it is possible to go Moon to your excess animal forms and cease in level 2 or Land for more charms and move up to 3. At level 3, you get even more great spells such as Darkvision (if you don’t already have it) or Heat Metal. Hold Person is excellent also if you’ve got the WIS to use it.

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