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Create Bonfire 5e

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Wildfire Druid Spells of light: Create Bonfire 5e  or Produce Flame?

Do you stoke on the possibility of getting to play a wildfire druid shortly? He will most likely be a lizardfolk and not darkvision). Create Bonfire 5e is a good control spell that is also great for igniting something. It does not specify that it emits light, but it would be unreasonable for a DM to interpret otherwise. As a concentration spell, it may even burn underwater. Produce Flame 5e works for both convenience and offense. It states that it emits light and can throw if needed. It lasts for ten minutes and does not require concentration. Possible level 1 spell list:

Create Bonfire 5e


  1. Thorn Whip/ 5e Control Flames
  2. Shillelagh
  3. Produce Flame 5e/Create Bonfire
  4. Firebolt

Level 1

  1. Scorching Ray (Level 3)
  2. 5e Locate Plants and Animals (Level 3)
  3. Entangle
  4. Thunderwave
  5. 5e Healing Word
  6. Absorb Elements
Spells Create Bonfire 5e Produce Flame 5e
LEVEL Cantrip Cantrip
CASTING TIME 1 Action 1 Action
RANGE/AREA 60 ft (5 ft ) Self
DURATION Concentration 1 Minute 10 Minutes
SCHOOL Conjuration Conjuration


How much illumination may Create Bonfire 5e provide?

(XGtE p152) Create Bonfire : You will create a bonfire on the ground that you can observe within range. Until the spell finishes, the bonfire fills a 5-feet die. Any monster in the bonfire’s area when you cast the spell should succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d8 fire harm. At the same time, the creature must make the saving throw whenever it is entering the bonfire’s area for the initial time on a turn or finishes its turn there.

Fire makes light

It states in the basic rules section on light and vision. Bright light lets most creatures see usually. Even darker days might provide bright light. It is also done by fires, torches, lanterns, and other mediums of illumination within a particular radius. All fires produce light. Create Bonfire 5e dnd creates a magical bonfire. In Dungeon and Dragons,5e spells perform what they say they act. So this spell will create a bonfire. You may cook on the bonfire. The fire will be burning you. You can observe by its light. The fire ignites flammable things. This fire keeps you hot in winter. There is no mention that this fire would be, for example, a room temperature fire that gives off no light. Some may argue this is a fake bonfire or an illusion. However, the cantrip is among the Conjuration spells:

Produce Flame 5e

Conjuration spells in 5e involve the transportation of things and creatures from one place to another. Some other spells summon monsters or objects towards the caster’s side. Whereas others let the caster to easily teleport to another place. Some conjurations create things or effects out of nothing. Magic creates the real object is real.

There is no rule stating for how much light it should give off. An usual torch may give off bright light in a 20 feet radius, so you can conclude it to be a minimum of this much. 20 feet bright light is a reasonable point to start. Illumination by “Create Bonfire 5e” depends on the DM.