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haste 5e
haste 5e

Remove Curse 5e Lycanthropy

A remove curse 5e spell can rid a distressed lycanthrope of the Curse, but a genetically born lycanthrope frees only with a desire. That could mean that only Remove Curse 5e would work to cure someone who is not born a lycanthrope.

However, most utmost spells that require a curse also assert that magic comparable to, or more potent than, Remove Curse 5e also serve. Any generous DM may allow any spell that can elevate a curse to operate, such a spell being 5e Greater Restoration.

But that is just what the books tell. A DM has a free halter to build their cures if they see fit. That could be the foundation for an entire quest. In earlier editions consuming Belladonna might cure Lycanthropy. It was the easiest way to remove Curse 5e of Lycanthropy. However, it was toxic, so there was a hazard to taking that path. Maybe there is a remedy made from rare components that could heal it. The probabilities depend on the DM’s creativity.

Remove Curse 5e Lycanthropy

The rules

The rules are explicit that it takes the 3rd level Remove Curse 5e spell. However, it is totally up to the DM to adorn the narrative a little. The players may like it too.

Few DMs had a party going on a search to discover a rare artifact from archaism: a mysterious staff from a cleric of any long-forgotten god. It was a staff of healing that was modified to incorporate remove Curse in 5e. It might take all ten of its charges to recover the character of Lycanthropy. You may come across some choices. Cure the character and slay the staff. It is because of the ancient state. It may also be challenging to take getting removed one more time or keep the team and annihilate off that character.

5e Remove Curse Lycanthropy in D&D 

Lycanthropy in 5e is a curse that can afflict somebody, granting them shapeshifting and new features and abilities.  Daily, those afflicted will have to face the Curse and the desires it produces. Most cursed humanoids may invest in and allow themselves to change permanently by the Curse. It enables them to adapt them into predators, always watching for a vulnerable target.

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Lycanthropy 5e in Dungeons and Dragons will grant players Resistance to piercing. It also performs slashing, bludgeoning injury from non-silvered weapons, or non-magical. According to the sect Lycanthrope, the increased ability stats enable players to shapeshift and grant new features.

All Lycanthropes undergo a test on full moon night every month, and the creature inside is at its strongest. That is the time when those who abandon to control it are removed from their humanity and do whatever their creation guides.

Sometimes Lycanthropes are ignorant of their condition. They go out to creep on the night of a full moon who encounter fugue-like indications when they convert human again. They might even try to invent stories to support the gaps in their consciousness.

Lycanthropy 5e

Lycanthropy characteristics

Charge: Suppose the wereboar migrates at least 15 feet straight near a target and then hits it with its tusks on the same turn. That target will take an extra 2d6 slashing damage. Suppose the target is a monster. It must win on a Strength saving throw. The DC determines the 8 + proficiency + Wereboar’s Strength or knocks prone.

Keen Smell: It is an advantage on perception checks depending on smell

Keen Hearing and Smell: It is an advantage on perception checks depending on hearing or smell

Pounce:  Suppose the Weretiger migrates at least 15 feet straight approaching a target. And then it hits a monster with its claws in the same turn. It should succeed on a Strength saving throw (DC arranged by 8 + proficiency + Weretiger’s Power) or knock prone. The Weretiger may then obtain a bite attack as a bonus action. 

Relentless: Suppose the Wereboar gets 14 damage or less. It will reduce it to 0 Hit Points and one hit point instead. It will recharge after a short rest. 

House Rules for Lycanthropy

At Level 1, treat it as an augmentation of their race. The capabilities are similar to the Unearthed Arcana of all the shifters. They may not have Resistance or immunity to damage. You could roleplay this as the Curse is just commencing to take hold of the player.

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Remove curse 5e
Remove curse 5e

At the 3rd level, the Stat raises and Natural Weapons can appear simultaneously as most utmost Martial subclasses. The reason is they are primarily physical buffs. Lycanthropes in 5e can gain their abilities at roughly the same pace as Martial Classes. Monks handling the Natural weapons of a Werebear could influence game balance. Therefore use it for your consideration. They may only gain any one of the two damage dice which the Werebears get on their offense at Level 3, then expand the second at Level 7. 

Werebear 5e table

Werebear Table Str. Boost Dex Boost Natural Weapons New Traits Adds 1 to AC shifted
Werebear Up to 19 N/A Bite (2D10+Str) Claw (2D8+Str) Keen Smell Yes
Wereboar Up to 17 N/A Tusks (2D6+Str) Charge, Relentless Yes
Wererat N/A Up to 15 Bite (1D4 + Str or Dex) Keen Smell No
Weretiger Up to 17 N/A Bite (1D10+Str)Claw(1D8+Str) Keen Hearing and Smell, Pounce No
Werewolf Up to 15 N/A Bite (1D8+Str)Claw (2D4+Str) Keen Hearing and Smell Yes

At the 5th level, they will gain Resistance. However, they may not have Immunity to Piercing, Bludgeoning, and Slashing. Level 5 is a breakthrough where the players can start challenging creatures much larger and more dangerous than them. Suppose you have a Barbarian 5e in your party who is not a Lycanthrope. And another party member is a Lycanthrope. You may see the difference between a Barbarian’s Rage and the Lycanthrope feature in an expeditious combat encounter. Magical and silver weapons cut through a 5e Lycanthrope’s Resistance, but not a Barbarian’s. 

They reached the playline at the 10th level, where they are general heroes and a reckoned force. There is a much wider diversity of creatures that operate magic weapons at Level 10 to close the power and devising gap on the DMs role. 

Lycanthropy does not oppose other abilities. It means your Wizard may shift into a Werebear and continue casting Fireball. It may be enough to send a Bandit Chief going for the hills!

Tips to Remember when using Lycanthropy and 5e Remove Curse

That is a curse, quickly removed, not a disease. 

That means a Paladin’s Health does not protect it from Lycanthropy. Lesser Restoration 5e can not adjust this. For infected, a Bestow Curse spell can heal it. If they are born to it, it is genuinely part of their race. Only the 5e Wish spell or similar being may take Lycanthropy away. 

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Each Lycanthrope has its character influences on change.

Not every Lycanthrope is a bloodthirsty madman. Not every Lycanthrope is a Smokey, the Bear. There is diversity within Lycanthropy. Of Lycanthropes race, three types are evil, one of them is Neutral, and one is Great. Those instincts should have a stance on the game of Lycanthrope. It can either for or against those impulses. Fighting or embracing the nature of the beast is critical. 

Half-Orc Wereboars in 5e is challenging to kill.

 Orc and Wereboars often work together. It makes sense for any half-orc wereboars. Such a monster would be confused to kill because of its combined traits, “Relentless” as well as “Relentless Endurance.” When a half-orc reduces to zero hit points, the “Relentless” feature brings them back to one hit point. Similarly, when a Wereboar reduces to zero hit points by damage of 14 points or less, the “Relentless Endurance” trait returns it to one hit point. That means a half-orc wereboar will have two chances at life ere going down. It can be a problem for DMs and Players too.

Lycanthropy originates from the Greek word “Lykos,” meaning wolf, and “Anthropos,” indicating man. Suppose you have an English major at your table who is a stickler about words. You may consider either Amalgamorph (from John Carpenter’s “The Thing”) or the Halfling Original word Polythrope. 

They are humanoids.

Lycanthropes are shapechangers but still qualify as humanoids. That is particularly important for spells. Hold Person 5e, a spell that freezes a humanoid in the area, would still work on a Lycanthrope. Are you considering regular spells that ward against evils like Fiends and Undead, such as Protection from Evil 5e and Goodwill? It will not protect you from a Lycanthrope’s wrath. 

Conclusion: Remove Curse 5e Lycanthropy  

Lycanthropy may alter the dynamics of your game dramatically. It is one of those metaphors that, when executed right, it’s so enthralling to watch play out. Watching players cope with their NPC friends and foes’ moral choices and associations is a high steeple drama. Playing a powerhouse of destruction made of fur and fury is fun too. It is fair to require a touch attack roll since the spell needs physical contact. Finally, in 5e, you remove Curse of Lycanthropy, the target could even be born a lycanthrope (which only gets removed on death)