Dating Someone who has had many Partners | Side effects, Pros & Cons

Side effects, Pros and Cons of Dating Someone who has had many Partners

Side effects, Pros and Cons of Dating Someone who has had many Partners

It depends on which part of the world you are asking the question. East and West have an entirely different perspective about it. If you ask An American man or woman if they are comfortable dating someone who has had many Partners, the answer will be “YES”. The answer will be a “NO” if you ask an Indian or Arab national. Instead, there are strict laws and punishments. An average Westerner prefers to be with someone with multiple partners. A number in the low-double digits is ideal. They are familiar with what they want and how to achieve it.

Single digits could also indicate a lack of experience and lack of self-confidence. High double and even triple digits do not necessarily mean a problem. They can demonstrate poor decision making, low self-esteem, and a tendency to make up for it in bed. Mandatory STI testing for both the first and subsequent contacts is compulsory.

Questions to ask when dating someone who has had many Partners?

  1. Are they sexoholic?
  2. Is he/ she a poor decision-maker?
  3. Can the person ever attach emotionally, or the relationship ends in bed only?
  4. Can I trust him/ her?
  5. Can the person be the father/ mother of my children for the long term?

Side effects, Pros and Cons

Sexual relationships and emotional attachments can be two different things. On average, men have more sexual partners than women. An American woman born in 1980 has three partners, while a man on average has six. Many reports conclude that couples who have had fewer sexual partners are more likely to have happier marriages. Suppose you combine the results of millions of people about how many sexual partners they have had with their happiness in marriage. In that case, it becomes clear: Happier marriages are those with fewer partners.

Difference between making love and having sex.

Many people can’t distinguish between the two acts of lovemaking and having sex. Thought Catalog shows that sex is a spontaneous, bio-mechanical act, and anyone can do it. On the other hand, making love is a slow and sensual act. It allows us to experience oneness, which is an art form in and of itself. Happy sex life should include little of each. According to the WHO, sexual well-being is a state that involves one’s mental, physical and social health concerning their sexuality. It requires a positive, respectful attitude to sexuality and having sexual experiences without violence or coercion.

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Making Love vs Sex

Teen HealthSource shows that sexual intercourse can mean different things to different people. However, one thing is certain. It is a healthy, natural activity that most people enjoy. Isadora Alman, Psychology Today, noted that sex could be used for many reasons. She explains that this act can be described as intimacy and sharing because it is a form of sharing pleasure.

Many people use the terms “having sexual intercourse” and “making love” interchangeably. However, these terms do not necessarily refer to the same activity.

When two people fall in love, their vulnerability is high. That can be due to sharing emotions and words they have never done before. Both partners tend to relax and let go of their inhibitions, allowing for risk and reward. One feels a special connection with their partner during lovemaking. It isn’t easy to imagine any other moments without them.

However, vulnerability plays a different role when you have sex with someone else. One might be concerned about the sexual intercourse being unsatisfying or losing the chemistry. As discussed on Your Tango, one may wonder if their sexual needs will be met.

This distinction is well-known to those who know that love requires both partners to be themselves ultimately. It doesn’t matter if there are missionary poses or more adventurous explorations. Mutual love and understanding allow partners to relax and have fun while making love, without any restrictions or pressure regarding sexual desires or needs.

Sex is not always about genuine feelings and emotions. People may let go of the person they are every day. You may be open to trying out different sexual desires and exposing a side of yourself that you may not want to show. You might also be displaying hidden traits by having sex.

Saying goodbye isn’t always a problem. One may be able to move on with no need for commitment from the other. That is not always true if you are in love with someone you feel connected with. The act of lovemaking is more than just getting and giving sexual pleasure. It also involves your feelings, emotions and deepest thoughts. It is difficult to say goodbye, and partners will feel more committed to one another.

Pros and Cons of Dating Someone who has had many Partners

Men or women with multiple partners will likely become more skilled at sex than their peers and offer they’re opposite more than your peers. Extensive practice and high-level excellence are correlated. They can also deliver memorable experiences if you are mature enough not to be selfish. That will allow you to shift what women consider possible.

They have a magnetic, radiating confidence as a result of womanizing. Because of the experience they earn and your awareness about your gifts, you will feel less insecure around women. You will be calm and cool to the point that you may look indifferent to the gorgeous women around you. This phenomenon is caused by realizing that you will somehow score shortly. Instead of appearing desperate, you will be attractively content.

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But there are more cons than pros.

A womanizer’s life does have its merits, and that is something I cannot deny. It will negatively affect you in the long run.


You will lose the thrill and novelty if intimate encounters are too frequent and not done with effort. Even though beautiful women can come in many shapes and sizes, the fundamental anatomy of casual lust-release remains the same. Begin with mild peacocking and build mutual attraction over a superficial but appealing feature. Then, you both make a discrete exit when it is time, and the grown-up person will not need any explanation.

According to some eternal bachelors, they are driven by an insatiable love for womenkind. They are allegedly caused by a curiosity about women’s bodies and a longing to feel something different.

However, the truth is that there are only a few different behaviours, genitalia and nationalities. You’ll soon begin to see patterns, and boredom will quickly follow. Do you know anyone excited by shopping lists and regular trips to the supermarket? I don’t…

People eventually become used to everything. Even though sex is initially a very intense experience, it quickly becomes a routine.

Boredom over one of the most pleasurable aspects of human existence would not be enough to make you unhappy. Casual romance can also affect your attitude towards women. You’ll get more proficient over time, just like any other craft. However, once you see how easy it can be to seduce someone into a bed, you will question the morality and goodness of women.


You’ll doubt the worth of all females and stop believing in the possibility of a decent husband. You will be disappointed, and cynicism is likely. Because what you see is often what you think. When you see promiscuity all the time, it is natural to conclude that all those women who you meet offer themselves to more men. However, the idea of marrying a mattress does not appeal to many people. That can lead to avoidant behaviour in serious relationships or a loss of respect and trust for the women.

Although there are some exceptions, the successful womanizer doesn’t always realize that most women don’t sleep with everyone. They have standards and are pretty picky. He tends to ignore that most women don’t cheat on their partners when they are in a happy and fulfilling relationship. Instead, the womanizer sees almost all women as shameful and gets caught up in a twisted perspective.

Best Ways to Deal before Dating Someone who has had many Partners

They may have taken it out of their system.

You don’t have to be concerned about someone’s promiscuous past. They might have been sowing wild oats, and they’re now all “sown up.” They won’t leave you at 45, but they will take you on a motorcycle tour through the country’s brothels. Depending on your preference, you could seduce the pool boy.

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Incredibly, they tell you about it.

Your partner’s sexual history is theirs, regardless of whether they have STDs. They are likely telling you because they care enough to say to you. Keep that in mind. You have the right to express your feelings. Be aware of when your partner is sharing your feelings and blaming you for their past actions.

Their past has made them who and what they are today.

This sincere confidence? It may be due to their past experiences that confirmed their attractiveness. You may also have experienced healing and getting screwed up. Keep in mind that if you like someone, it’s all the experiences they’ve had that have made them who they are today.

Better sex = more experience

Someone who has had a lot of sex may be more skilled at sex. You are lucky to have been spared the pain of an awkward phase.

It is your issue

Your partner should be sensitive to your insecurities, but he shouldn’t feel guilty. You are responsible for your jealousy. You might need to take a break, go out with friends and have sex. Perhaps you need to talk to a friend. Do something. Do more than just stew.

They can’t do anything about it right now.

What would you suggest your partner do to their sexual history? You can go back in time to erase it. First, altering the past can cause irreparable damage to the space/time continuum. Second, it’s impossible. You can take the time you need to get over it. However, it would be best to not punish someone for something that happened before you met.

They didn’t even know you existed when it happened.

It didn’t matter with whomever they had sex with, no matter how many, it HAD NOTHING to do with you.

It is how they treat you now that matters most.

Right. It doesn’t matter what they do for you if it works for them. If they treat you differently than you deserve, it might be the reason you are upset.

 Be the best you’ve ever been

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the sexiest sex. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with a perfect 10. The best sex is with someone who gets you. It’s the one who is most interested in you. Keep your eyes open and pay attention. Rock that person’s world. It will be amazing how the past doesn’t matter when you have the most fun sex ever.

 Jealousy is your friend.

You don’t have to be jealous to be a psycho. Jealousy is a hot topic. It can be straightforward to feel like you are being taken advantage of by someone. Tell the person you are dating about your feelings. Don’t whine, don’t apologize. Do you want to kill everyone she has ever had sex with? Feel that way. It’s okay to feel it.