Which States Allow Conjugal Visits?

Which States Allow Conjugal Visits?

Which States Allow Conjugal Visits? | How much time is allowed?

In the past, almost seventeen states allowed conjugal visits. Its number has gradually decreased, and only five states allow conjugal visits. Only Washington, California, New York, Mexico, and Connecticut recently allowed conjugal visits. The question is, why do the rest of the states suspend conjugal programs? The answer is that these states stop conjugal programs due to many unfavorable incidents. 

The five states that allow the conjugal program has many advantages. California is very advanced and provides facilities to inmates and visitors for conjugal visits. California and Washington both provide trailers and mobile homes to facilitate them. New York also allows extended family visits due to its positive effect on inmates.

What about conjugal visits?

Conjugal visits are the visitor’s visits in prison to meet the inmate. These visits meet between the inmates and the spouse, the registered domestic partner, girlfriend, etc. The meeting of the spouse with the inmate involves sexual activity. They spend some hours in a private room for sex.

Conjugal visits are also called family visits and extended family visits. The range of conjugal visits is not narrow. These visits are the meeting of the spouse, father, mother, sister, siblings, grandparents with the inmate for spending some time. Sometimes, the spouse’s meeting with the inmate does not mean sexual purposes. 

Why do states allow conjugal visits?

The states like Washington, California, Connecticut, New Mexico, and New York allow conjugal visits due to many positive effects on inmates. There is an environment of tension, sadness, gloom, and melancholy in prison. Inmates are depressed and tense due to the gloomy atmosphere of the prison. Conjugal visits play an important role in normalizing the prison’s sad atmosphere. These programs give pleasure and calmness to inmates. The inmates become happy due to these visitations. Due to these visits, the percentage of suicide and depression ratio is negligible.

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Conjugal visits help to build up the family relationship strong. Conjugal visits are also called family visits and extended family visits. When parents, siblings, and other relatives come to meet with the inmate, it builds up a strong tie among them. After release from prison, they can easily adjust within society and family without trouble. Family visits motivate the inmates and bring them toward new motives and life.

Imprisonment causes many problems like suicide, mental illness, and sexual violence. Many prisoners try to attempt suicide due to the boredom life of jail. Some falls of mental illness and madness. Conjugal visits give relief from these tensions. The most positive impact of these visits is reduced rape and other sexual abuses. The result of these programs is a clean and violence-free atmosphere.

The inmates become happy due to these visitations. It reduces the percentage of commitment of the same crimes again. They move toward life and do not dare to commit crimes again. They are very well known for the significance of the family.

Why do some states suspend conjugal visits?

Many states suspend these visits due to the many negative impacts of these programs on society. The first side effect is the increasing number of pregnant women during these visits. No one stands and takes responsibility for looking after these babies. In this way, many prisons had claimed that they provided contraception inside conjugal rooms to reduce this risk. Sexually transmitted diseases like aids and some other diseases increase day by day. 

The probability of the risk of escapism of the inmates is high due to conjugal visits. The most dreadful incident happened in the prison of Germany, where the German inmate killed his old girlfriend during this time. These cases are sporadic but are not ignorable. Moreover, these programs are very cost-effective. A large number budget is used to organize and manage them.  

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Conjugal visits in California

California is very advanced concerning conjugal visits. Many facilities are provided in prison inside conjugal visits to facilitate the partners. Mobile homes or trailers are provided for conjugal visits. Homosexual relationships are also allowed in California, and they can also enjoy the same rights as heterosexual relations.

The time of conjugal visits of different states 

The time duration of conjugal visits varies from state to state. It also depends upon the situation of the prison. Mostly weekend day is fixed for these visits. In some states, Saturday and Sunday are for these visits. Some other states allow Wednesday and Sunday for these programs. Generally, You can spend 30 to 40 hours with inmates in prison. Sometimes, due to overcrowding, only 7 to 8 hours is given to inmates and the visitors to spend with each other. The short time duration has a disadvantage because a short time is not sufficient for a romantic mood. 

In Washington, you can spend almost 48 hours with the inmates for conjugal visits. It is a very long time and very helpful in building strong bonding between the prisoners and the visitors. While in Mississippi, only 1 hour is given for these visits. One hour is a maximum duration for conjugal visits for inmates and the visitors because it is insufficient to enjoy this time successfully.

Eligibility criteria of conjugal visits

Every criminal is not eligible for conjugal visits. These visits are only allowed for limited inmates. The inmates whose crimes are not capital and have a good sense of manners during the jail are eligible for these visits. Some jailbirds, like criminals of sexual crimes, murder, and involved in the distribution of drugs in the state, are deprived of conjugal visits.

The criminals of capital crimes are hazardous, and excessive security is necessary to make a safe prison environment. The chances of escapism and destruction are probability high in these criminals. They can make plans with visitors to run from prison, and sometimes, they may be involved in illegal tasks with the visitors. Conjugal visits are not allowed for the criminals of capital crimes to avoid any danger.

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Final words

To sum up, in the past, the number of states that allow conjugal visits are high. With time, its number gradually decreases due to reasonable reasons such as the high cost of these programs, elevated ratio of sexually transmitted diseases, and increased ratio of pregnant women. Some other states like California, Connecticut, Washington, and Mississippi allow conjugal visits for unlimited advantages of conjugal visits.