How to calculate DC for Stunning Strike 5e of a Monk in dnd?

Stunning Strike 5e

How do you calculate DC for stunning strike 5e Monk?

The bottom-left corner of page 78 says that Monk Ki abilities all use the save dc equation 8 + proficiency + Wisdom modifier. Suppose you hit another creature with a melee weapon attack. You can spend one ki point to attempt a Stunning Strike 5e for a monk. The target must receive a Constitution saving throw or be Stunned until the end of your next turn. Some of your ki features require your target to make a saving throw to resist the feature’s effects.

The saving throw DC is calculated as follows for Stunning Strike:

 Ki save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier.

Stunning Strike 5e d&d features for a Monk

Stunning Strike in 5e dnd is the Monk’s trademark ability in 5e. It allows you to spend a ki point to probably stun the target of one of your melee weapon attacks. It’s especially significant because suppose a creature fails the save and is stunned. And then they are stunned until the end of your next turn. in dnd 5e, Stunning Strike states, “When you hit another creature with a melee weapon attack.” You apply a melee weapon attack to make unarmed strikes, so it still applies. The same applies to Divine Smite – you may use that with an unarmed strike.

Can a monk use the Stunning Strike 5e feature on an opportunity attack?

An opportunity attack in dnd 5e allows you to use your reaction to gain one melee attack against the disturbing creature. So an opportunity attack initiated with a melee weapon allows a monk to use Stunning Strike if the attack hits. 

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The only requirements for using Stunning Strike are:

  • you hit
  • You use a melee weapon attack to hit
  • You spend one ki point

Suppose you make an opportunity attack and hit with a melee weapon attack. In that case, you can spend one ki point to use stunning Strike. Perceive that it doesn’t have to be a melee weapon. Unarmed strikes are melee weapon attacks, notwithstanding not using weapons so that a Stunning Strike can be helpful against unarmed strikes. 


Stunning Strike 5e damage dnd

Stunning Strike for a 5e Monk is in addition to any damage caused by the attack. There is nothing in the expression of the effect that indicates that the application of stunning Strike changes the other effects of the melee attack:

When you hit a different creature with a melee weapon attack, you can spend one ki point to attempt a stunning strike. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of your next turn.

(PHB, p. 79, emphasis mine). It says stunning Strike isn’t itself a melee attack. Instead, it’s an effect that can be applied when a melee attack hits. Juxtapose this to the language used to describe the Disarm combat option (DMG p. 271, emphasis mine):

The attacker creates an attack roll contested by the target’s Strength (Athletics) check or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. Suppose the attacker gains the contest. The attack causes no damage or other ill effect, but the defender drops the item. The rules for stunning Strike don’t have any such language to indicate that the attack’s chronic effects don’t occur.

 In dnd 5e, can you stunning Strike twice?

Without taking other feats, only one Stunning Strike 5e effort can be used per round. According to the 3.5 Player’s Handbook, a creature with the feat of dnd Stunning Strike may attempt a stunning attack once per day for every four levels attained. It cant be taken more than once per round. (PH 101).Emphasis mine. Being a monk modifies this to once per day per monk level. Still, it doesn’t change the regularity per round of Stunning Fist attempts. The 3.0 Player’s Handbook reads, “The dnd 5e monk can use this ability [stunning attack] 5e once per round, but no more than once per level per day” (PH 39). Emphasis mine.

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Is The D&D Monk’s Stunning Strike Overpowered? Is it broken?

Starting with Monk’s most notorious ability, “Stunning Strike” is generally observed as the most overpowered Monk class feature. The technique unlocks after the Monk hits the fifth level. It enables them to exchange one “ki” (the Monk’s resource system to use special abilities) point to strive to stun an enemy until the end of the Monk’s next turn.

Being stunned in D&D is one of the most critical status conditions a character can endure and means that (barring a successful CON save) they can not do anything at all. On top of that, the situation lasts until the end of the Monk’s next turn. The Monk may hit an enemy with “Stunning Strike” until it works. It happens incredibly quickly at higher levels due to having more “ki.” And then that attacker can do pretty much nothing for an entire round of combat. Every attack on the stunned enemy holds the advantage. So, the Monk and every other party member get to essentially double their odds to hit the opponent for an entire round. It is pretty clear why the ability is considered broken. 

The dilemma with this feature is that the Monk can use it after every attack that hits. The Monk unhitches “Extra Attack” at the fifth level and previously has “Flurry of Blows.” It indicates a level five Monk can attack four times each turn. So as long as there is “ki” points possible, the Monk can keep striving “5e Stunning Strike d&d” more and more as they level.