Digitalization for your business

Digitalization for your business

Digitalization for your business

Today enterprise mobile apps development for iPhone and Android for business is an integral part of digitization, scaling, and growth. This is a tool for communicating with the audience, increasing the number of potential clients, and increasing opportunities.

Why you need to order development from Fintech Software Development Company – doCode

You can order the development of mobile applications at doCode. Here are some reasons why you should choose our company:

  • A large staff of specialists, a team that knows its tasks will be selected for the project;
  • no secret payments, work transparently and openly, provide all reports;
  • The optimal stack of technologies is selected so that the cost of development and the speed of execution is optimal;
  • Perform tasks of any complexity, develop individual tools for your business;
  • Provide warranty support after launch, and train employees to use the application.



Specialists conduct analytics, study the field of business, choose mobile platforms, and study competitors, and target audiences. Based on the results of the collected data, a clear action plan is formed, the development team is determined, and the cost is calculated. Analytics allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a mobile application and make a quality product that targets your audience.


Prototypes allow you to understand how the program will look. Development for ios has its features, for Android the requirements for the interface are different. All this is taken into account and reflected in the prototype. Before starting the development of the mobile interface, it is necessary to clearly understand how it will look as a result. It is prototypes that solve this task and give a complete picture. After approval, the TOR is drawn up and specialists proceed to the development of mobile applications.

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The specialist creates the design of mobile applications based on the features of the platform, the corporate style of the company, the niche of the business, and many other factors. It is important to make the interface user-friendly. If it will be placed in the App Store, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements of the platform for the interface. The designer thinks through every detail. The layout is made according to the finished design, and all elements acquire a structure.


Next, the programming of mobile applications begins. Specialists create modules, and individual tools, and use the appropriate stack of technologies. A large team is involved in the development of mobile applications. This is the longest and most responsible part of the job. If necessary, third-party services, payment systems, and other tools are connected. Our goal is to make applications for mobile devices for specific business tasks.


Several stages of testing are carried out, inaccuracies in the code are searched for, the activity of a potential user is simulated, and the quality of the interface is determined. If there are deficiencies, corrections are made and they are eliminated. If necessary, beta testing is carried out using real customers to test the load and find errors. The security system is being checked.


When the application has passed the test, it is placed in the App Store or Google Play, if it is an Android application. We train your employees to use the interface, work with content, and check that placement on the platform is successful. We provide warranty technical support, you can separately order the service of full technical support of the program. Advantages of mobile business applications


The application is easy to promote and advertise based on the needs of the target audience. The number of customers is growing, the geography of business influence is expanding, and the core of the target audience is expanding.

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It is worth ordering a mobile application to optimize work processes and automate many of them. The work of managers is simplified, the company can work 24/7, and financial reporting, statistics, and document management are created.


Have you decided to add a new product or service? Do it in minutes in the app, advertise, and promote it to potential customers. Business opportunities are expanding significantly.


It is easier for a business to find new partners, add products or services, update prices and information, and implement new tools that allow you to scale the company and acquire new customers.


The development of mobile applications for iPhone and Android has a positive effect on the image of the company. Users see that the company is open, updates information, and is actively developing. The presence of the program increases status and image.


If you order a mobile application, communication with customers will become much easier and faster. Answer questions, make forms for communication, learn about needs, and track customer actions. This will help to clearly understand how the company is developing.