Do death row inmates get conjugal visits?

Do death row inmates get conjugal visits?

Do death row inmates get conjugal visits? | Is it allowed in the U.S?

Only conjugal visits are allowed for the limited prisoners. Prisoners whose behavior is good with other fellow inmates and free from any sexual violence can enjoy conjugal visits. The death row inmates do not get an opportunity to enjoy conjugal visits. Some other inmates are deprived of conjugal visits like serious sexual offenses, and criminals who commit capital crimes are deprived of this facility. 

Conjugal visits policies of every country or state are different from others. Some states allow conjugal visits due to their many benefits, while others prohibit them due to many disadvantages. Conjugal visits are not permitted for all prisoners. First of all, the eligibility criteria are set for conjugal visits. The inmates that fit this criterion of eligibility can enjoy the conjugal visits. On the other hand, remaining prisoners can not enjoy conjugal visits due to compulsion. 

What is death row?

Death row is the row of the cells in prison awaiting execution. Death row is also called condemned row. Death row is the location in the prison where all those criminals are placed who commit the capital crime. These criminals are waiting for execution and life imprisonment. 

In some states of the U.S, the judge gives the right to Jury to decide the punishment of the criminal. Now it is totally up to the Jury which decision he made. In the death penalty, The Jury can choose to announce the punishment of life imprisonment or sentence to death.

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Conjugal visits are prohibited for death row inmates

The criminals who commit serious crimes are deprived of conjugal visits. Family visits are also limited in number and time. Serious criminals are categorized into two types.

  • Grade A prisoner
  • Grade B prisoner

Conjugal visits are forbidden for Grade A prisoners.

The most serious criminals who are very dangerous to society are included in this category. The criminals are very offensive, and their escapism is harmful to humankind. They should be kept in strict security to reduce the risk of escapism. The crimes of this category are murder, rape, supplier of drugs and narcotics to youth and in society, possession of illegal weapons, guns, explosions, etc. These offenders are very clever and have a devil’s mind. Conjugal visits are not allowed for this culprit to reduce the danger. 

During conjugal visits, a separate room is provided for making sexual relations of inmates with the spouse and legal partner. The room is private. There is no guarding and security to check what is happening inside the conjugal room. In such situations, these inmates have a chance to make plans with their partners to escape. Moreover, they might be involved in criminal matters such as supplying drugs and making other illegal plans. Conjugal visits are not allowed to serious inmates to avoid risks and dangers.  

Conjugal visits are forbidden for category B prisoners.

The prison in category B is less dangerous than category A. Category B needs less security. They are harmful and destructive for society, but less than category A. Conjugal visits are not allowed for these criminals. The reason is that these inmates are not trustable. They can commit crimes and some other sexual offenses in private rooms. Sometimes, they may be killed their partner during these visitations.

Contact visits for death row criminals

Contact visits are not for death row criminals. The criminals who convict serious crimes can not enjoy the limited contact visit with their families. Contact visits meet the visitor and inmates with little physical contact. The limited physical contact is holding hands during visits in visiting room, kissing, hugging at the time of arrival and departure, etc. Most states do not allow contact visits to severe offenders. California allows contact visits for even death row criminals under strict rules.

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Non-contact visits for death row criminals

Only non-contact visits are allowed for death row criminals. In non-contact visits, there is no facility of touch. You can only see and talk with the visitor through the partition. Most states only allow non-contact visits on death row to avoid the dangerous effect of meeting the visitor with the professional criminal.

The adverse effect of lack of conjugal visits on death row

The punishment of capital crimes like murder or other serious offenses is life imprisonment and execution. Both penalties are detrimental and deadly.

Life imprisonment in which the criminal has to spend his life in prison: many disadvantages and side effects of long-time confinement on the prisoners due to suspension of conjugal visits.

Social isolation and boredom

Suspension for conjugal visits causes social isolation. He is cut off from society. The criminal hates humanity and does not run with society after release from prison. They bore from the life and fed from the life. They want escapism from the hardships and difficulties of life. They have no interest in life.

Suicide and crimes

The long term imprisonment leads to many crimes among criminals. Imprisonment has a very adverse effect on the mind and body of the criminal. He does not seem afraid of committing a crime again. He used to the prison environment—the crime ratio increases day by day. The percentage of suicide is high among these criminals. Sometimes, they commit suicide during imprisonment. The reason for suicide is they want to get rid of bitter and dreadful life of imprisonment. The lack of facilities for conjugal visits also leads to suicide and more crimes.

Stress and depression

Stress and depression are the common symptoms of criminals of life imprisonment. They are lonely in prison. They cannot spend more time with family members like mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, wife, and grandparents. They are only allowed to spend limited hours with their family with limitations and restrictions. Conjugal visits are strictly forbidden. It causes depression and stress among serious criminals.


Mental illness

The diseases of the brain are more common in serious criminal offenses. Some criminals do not in a position to face the life imprisonment shock. They become mad and lose their mental balance. The madness is that they are tense, and no one console and share their tensions and sufferings. Conjugal visits are also prohibited for death row criminals.

Final words

To conclude, Conjugal visits are strictly prohibited on death row crimes. Death row criminals are serious crime offenders. Most states do not even allow contact visits due to many problems; only California allows contact visits for all prisoners. The other states only allow non-contact visits for the severe offender.