Does Mikasa & Eren die in Attack on Titan? Love and death Season 4

Does Mikasa & Eren die in Attack on Titan?

Does Mikasa die in Attack on Titan?

There is no way Mikasa die in Attack on Titan because she is super strong, just as captain Levi. Both are believed to result from an experiment that created humans with natural titanic strength yet are still human. Therefore, she is not dead due to her highly advanced capabilities and abilities while being battered by his human form and slightly in his titanic form. She is always close to him. She was already granted the power to stop the Rumbling before it began. Mikasa Ackerman is one of the deuteragonists in the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. According to the latest chapter of the manga, Mikasa is alive. Mikasa is a super-strong soldier like captain Levi and is believed to result from an experiment that created humans with titanic strength, but they’re still human.

Does Eren ever love Mikasa?

Eren and Misaka were two former friends. Eren reveals that he genuinely loves Mikasa. And it goes so far as to freak out when Armin suggests that the most vital member of the Scout Regiment will move on from Jaeger when he dies due to their battle.

Will Masaka die before The Series Finishes?

Specific individuals are likely to endure than others. If nothing unexpected happens, the fates of these characters could have been planned. It’s been more than ten long years since Attack On Titan was first launched, and it is nearing the final chapter. In the series, many loved characters have passed away, and only a few are still. Fans are looking forward to seeing what happens to the manga. They anticipate many of their favorite warriors and soldiers to go to the grave. It’s possible that anything could happen, and no one knows what Hajime Isayama’s plan is. However, this doesn’t mean people aren’t speculating on which characters will be alive to the end of time and who will lose their lives in the final fight. Certain people are likely to make it through in the Rumbling more than other characters. Misaka may pass away, or she might transform into the size of a titan, end up being crippled for the rest of her lives or come free of injury. We’ll never know unless we are patient.

If there’s a person Eren would be willing to sacrifice the most, it’s Mikasa. She’s been a good friend and sister throughout the entire series and always looking after Eren. He tried to hide his hatred for her. Those in the Survey Corps realized that this was just a ploy. In addition to the fact that the two do not wish to fight, Mikasa is solid and, unlike her sister, she is well-equipped to take on. It would be a shock to both characters and the readers if she were killed.

Will Mikasa and Eren end up together?

As the series isn’t completed yet, it’s not feasible to be sure. It’s only Isayama who can do that. But, we can speculate using our current knowledge, namely chapter 133.6. I’ll attempt to keep it short because a thorough study of their relationship will probably require thousands and thousands of words.

Updated Version N1 (there is a second version below, but it is more akin to spoiling the game up to 138)

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So, in chapter 136, do you think there is any possibility that this chapter could result in Eren Mikasa and Eren Mikasa becoming couples? The first thing to consider is the moment two people be a couple. They are both in love with one another. Most of the time. Does this mean that they have feelings for each other? Do you have evidence to suggest this? Yes. There are plenty of them. I’ve seen previous responses to the question that claim Eren’s friendship with Mikasa is similar to that of father and son or a brother and sister. But they don’t. They also cite Isayama’s interview but don’t understand the context. Their relationship has seen many changes through the years. And Isayama’s interview was merely looking at their relationship up to the Uprising storyline. It’s not the way Eren thought of Mikasa like his own mother. Nor did the fact that he wanted her to fill the role of his mother for Eren. Her tendencies to be overprotective made him think of his mother, which is why he was angry.

But I digress. I stated that there are a lot of clues, and they are. In the final episode of the series, Mikasa’s character growth is closely tied to her relationships with Eren. There are numerous instances where she is embarrassed by an act he committed. We witness her struggle to take on the accusations of Eren. And his brother said that everything she does design to safeguard Eren stems from her affection for Eren. We can see Mikasa regretting not sharing with Eren her true feelings about him, even though she was given the opportunity. Despite all of the disagreements they’ve experienced during this last arc. We are given a chapter that closes with the same regret. When she finds out that Eren is planning to commit genocide, she’s willing to assist him in carrying the burden of his sins and support Eren. It’s clear as the day Mikasa is in love with him.

As for Eren. Eren’s case is more complex. We’ve been proven that his feelings towards Mikasa are more than just platonic, mainly post chapter 90. However, His Point of View has remained secret until now. It is evident through his interactions with Mikasa that his feelings about her are powerful. He is blushing when he looks at her. He appears extremely sad as he watches the scene in which the scarf is wrapped around her. He asks her what it is that he represents to her. Then, when her answer doesn’t please him, he questions his younger twin brother Zeke about Mikasa’s thoughts towards him, asking whether she loves him because of her genes. But that’s not the situation.

The manga’s characters don’t read like those of two siblings, and Isayama uses every method to demonstrate this. The fake trailers (written by Isayama and word of God claims that they ruin the plot in the main story) indicate the possibility that Eren has fallen in love with Mikasa.

Because Mikasa loves Eren and Eren feels love for her too, isn’t it only natural for them to get married? Couple. But it’s not likely to take place. To be sure, Mikasa’s inclination to develop is causing her to leave Eren. No one in the world can forgive Eren’s actions. Mikasa could accept his apology, but humanity and Eren are now at odds. To allow Eren to be free, which is his ultimate goal for his life, he must eliminate all humankind who is not inside the walls. Mikasa is doing this not only for the sake of humanity but also for Eren’s sake, which will also stop him without murdering him. But the longer the show progresses, the more obvious it becomes that the only method to save the planet is to take Eren’s life away. And I am convinced that Mikasa is the person to achieve this.

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Mikasa’s development as a character is centered around her ability to become an independent, self-sufficient person. She can be her person without clinging to Eren. She must conquer her anxieties and stop defining herself through relationships with Eren. We’ve seen glimpses of Mikasa’s real persona. Mikasa is a lover of life and is proud of living a healthy life in such a hostile world. The world has stolen so many things from her, and yet she continues to fight it.

Although Mikasa has favored Eren over her fellow human beings at times and allowed her emotions to overtake her frequently during the story, Mikasa’s progress makes her a soldier of integrity who sets her personal feelings aside to serve the mission. She had managed to do this in the Female Titan arc. When she injured Levi, she did it during the Uprising. She became a good leader and stayed her commitment to the plan even after Eren was captured. Also, she did it during the Battle of Shiganshina, although she did it a little recently, during the famous Serumbowl. Mikasa can be described as the most mature among her peers. And she has repeatedly proved that when the time comes at her, she will give up her dreams and feelings to serve the betterment of the world. The previous examples were the warm-up. Now she must demonstrate her skills against Eren.

Eren, who is contrary to Mikasa in terms of development, gets worse instead of taking lessons through his failures and past failings. He doesn’t follow the orders of others. He withdraws from his colleagues. Even though Eren once desired to see the world positively, Eren is now determined to destroy it since it isn’t in line with the depictions in the book by Armin. At one time, he was portrayed as the world’s hero. Eren has become humanity’s death. The catastrophe is designed to end all things. You can see that an individual is without a future.

I’m sure Mikasa is Eren’s saving grace at the final. However, not in the form of a romantic relationship. They’ll be able to conclude in the end. This scene is likely to include the two of them expressing their emotions, as that was a significant plot in the finale. The ending will not be just a tragedy, but it will not be happy either. Their story is bittersweet and ideal for hurting readers in the same way as Isayama is attempting to do.

Updated Version N2 (CHAPTER 138)

Eren and Mikasa were able to share the moment. And what a memorable moment it was—experimenting with the same dream they had, living in peace as a couple, and kissing in a dark romantic style. Mikasa was Eren’s salvation, and they both shared their love for one another. They were in love.

Does Eren die because of Misaka?

The bittersweet end to Eren’s character didn’t sit well with many of his fans. Even though we knew Mikasa was the sole person capable of stopping Eren, no one thought it would happen through his death. But, some fans knew what was going to happen. Eren’s character could not discover any reason to be happy in the tale, especially following his involvement in the worldwide genocide. Eren was not the same frightened yet determined young man we had come to know. He was mourning the passing of his mother and home for quite a while. Still, the end of the series saw Eren transform into a well-organized strategy-maker.

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What will happen to Attack on Titan if Mikasa Ackerman dies?

Eren would find it difficult. He truly cares about her and would be depressed and struggle to fight. If Titan killed her, his hatred for Titans would increase dramatically. If it were one of Marley and he was dead, he would do everything within his power to ensure that all of them died.

  • Armin was also known to take very hard. He was his best friend, and it wasn’t only Eren. However, I doubt that Eren would break up like Eren.
  • I believe that Levi is likely to be extremely angry, as all relatives are relatives in the end. I’d say he won’t be able to use his signature spin maneuver without thinking about her. The two had rough beginnings, but I can tell they’re both very concerned about one another.
  • Jean will never have a chance of being laid (I’m not implying that it ever happened), and he doesn’t ever want to.
  • Everyone in Squad Levi would find it challenging because she’s been around them for an extended period.
  • It will have an impact on Historia in many ways that no one would imagine. Mikasa was able to save her life several times as well. The two of them were seen to be quite close in season 3. I don’t believe Historia would have punched Levi If anyone else had been asking her to.
  • Squad Levi is at a significant disadvantage.
  • Asians are likely to die out (I’m not counting Mikasa’s family members within Marley).
  • Squad Levi would not be fighting the same way and could have a difficult time, but let’s face it this, in all the significant battles, it was all about the Ackermans.
  • Eren might have difficulty managing his own needs because Mikasa is always there for Eren.
  • Mikasa, Sasha, Ymir’s ghosts watched how the war ended while sipping tea and eating chocolate.

What did happen to Mikasa during Attack of the Titans season 4?

Mikasa Ackerman suffers heartbreak when she delivers the fatal strike on Eren Jaeger in The Founding Titan form. After the fight, Mikasa keeps Eren’s severed head and eventually puts it beneath the tree that she, Eren, together with Armin, was known to race around to as children. Mikasa puts down her swords and spends her days resting in peace near Eren’s grave. The sequence ends with the symbolic seagull snatching Mikasa’s scarves and thanking Eren for donating this to her.


For Mikasa, the coming season will be a rollercoaster of emotions. She’s stood beside Eren throughout the years because he was her hero and because she believed that Eren had a significant contribution to make in the world. She was also very concerned because, according to her own words, “Eren had the shadow of death hovering over his head.” The situation made her very angry, but she always did her best to help Eren. In season 4, however, Mikasa is forced to confront Eren’s behavior, and she is confused. In the end, she’s left all alone and neglected by Eren. Eren was not alone and had other motives for doing this; however, she was not sure what to do or what to believe for the first time. That makes her see the actions of Eren from a different perspective. She is in love with Eren and would like to save Eren. Still, she is unable to justify the steps he took justifiably. It puts her into a complicated situation, as it forces her to make a choice. Either Eren dies, or the entire world dies.