Double Top & Double Bottom Patterns – How to Profit From it?

Double Top & Double Bottom Patterns - How to Profit From These Double Bottom Patterns

Double Top & Double Bottom Patterns – How to Profit From These Double Bottom Patterns

Trading Double Top & Bottom Patterns is a great indicator for the continuation of a price movement or trend. The trend reversals are known to occur at approximately the same time every day, which makes it very easy to identify. Double Top patterns typically show a trend reversal with the highs hitting a resistance level and then quickly reversed.

Trend reversals are very simple to identify, all you have to do is look at the candlestick patterns. Double Top patterns are said to be the most reliable indicator of price action that is applicable to the Forex market since they reveal sellers and buyers. In technical terms, the resistance indicator on the chart is called the support, while the support is called the resistance, while the downtrend is named the support. You can easily use the candlestick charts to determine the intensity of the price action.

Double Top is a great Pattern which gives clues about a Bearish Reversal

What happens when this trend reversal occurs? The selling will begin and the buyers will start pushing the price higher. When this trend reversal is encountered, the buyers will have to close out of their position before the sellers can push the price higher. The process will repeat itself a number of times until the price is pushed up to a new high. This is the beginning of a bull market in the Forex market.

The Double Top pattern is said to be one of the most reliable indicators for the reversal of trends, but there are other indicators that can also be used to identify the price action. Trend reversals are normally identified using the Stochastic, CCI, and ADX Charts. These technical charting tools are available for free on the web. If you want to try your hand with the Forex market, you can start by practicing with the free technical indicators. Once you have mastered the Double Top pattern, you can try the other more advanced trend reversal patterns.

The Double Top patterns is characterized by a candle stick pattern that has a closed and open position. The open position is termed as the high, while the high is positioned near the opening. When this type of pattern is encountered, the price will usually head towards the high in anticipation of the sellers, and will eventually reverse back to the lower.

Now let’s get more specific with our Double Top candlestick patterns. When the pattern is encountered, it is advised to get into a buy position. The price action will most likely head towards the pattern’s continuation. It is considered to be a buy-sell situation. So if you follow this pattern correctly, you should get in on the ground floor. Of course, this isn’t absolutely foolproof.

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Your stop-loss is also important when you encounter Double Top Candlesticks. You have to set your stop-loss figure in such a way that it will prevent the price from heading even further up. This is where your knowledge of the candlestick pattern will come in handy. You must understand that the price may continue to move up to the open once the pattern is completed.

If this happens, then you can easily profit from the reversal, and this is the beauty of trading in such pattern. If you spot the continuation pattern, it is best to close out your position before the price starts to reverse. You need to determine your entry point so that you can avoid taking risks. Of course, in this scenario, you stand a better chance of making a bigger profit.

Now that we are clear about what Double Top & Bottom Patterns are, it is time to discuss about how you can profit from them. The strategy that you use is based on the technique of candlestick pattern analysis. You should learn to identify bullish and bearish signals and then take proper trading actions. Once you know when to enter a trade and when to exit, you can double your profits.

To identify such patterns, you have to master the art of interpreting the open and the closing prices of the particular chart. There are many books that provide you with excellent Double Top & Bottom Patterns, which help you to analyze the patterns easily. You just have to identify the bullish and the bearish conditions on any particular chart. Once you master this art, you can start using candlestick charts on any particular market or currency and this will definitely increase your chances of success. Most of the profitable traders make use of the double top pattern, which is considered to be the best pattern in Double Bottom Patterns.

Apart from Double Bottom & Bottom patterns, you also need to remember other important trading psychological factors like trading psychology, which is one of the most important aspects of successful trading. It is very easy to confuse investors by taking their emotions into account while trading. So, make sure that you do not make such mistakes and use your trading psychology to your advantage. Keep your emotions under control and only think of profit. Once you have mastered this trading psychology, you can easily double your investments and earn more profits.

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Double Top & Bottom Patterns – Learn How to Identify These Chart Patterns Before You Trade

The double top is among the simplest but most profitable trading patterns in technical analysis. It is a reliable reversal pattern which is used to get into a long-term trend after a recent bearish trend. It generally consists of 2 tops at about the same level with a small gap in between, that makes the lower collar. This pattern can take many forms but can be best described as being a narrow band of support or resistance. The support can be lower, average or high. The resistance can also be higher or lower, depending on the strength of the trend and market condition.

Double tops are considered as reversal patterns by many traders. These patterns are ideal for traders who are new to the markets and have an inclination towards day trading or short term profit maximization. In short term trading the advantage that these patterns bring is very valuable. The patterns help traders look into the future at a particular point in time and place their bets accordingly. Traders make use of the double top in order to identify the onset of reversal in the market.

When a price breaks out of this lower support zone (the upper resistance) in a rising market, traders tend to panic and start selling. The upper resistance is strengthened by the selling pressure created by this action and the uptrend continues. In a downtrend, a price break out of this lower support zone (the lower neckline) triggers a reversal pattern. The uptrend continues but the sellers become more powerful. In a downtrend, the buying pressure created by breaking out of a lower support zone tends to be weak or non-existent.

Trend reversal patterns are formed on a two-dimensional price chart and are most common during the uptrend phases. They occur most prominently during the Springtime and are therefore called Spring Breakouts. Most traders think that trend reversal is caused by a fundamental change in the economy. While it may very well be the case, there are other equally valid reasons that could lead to trend reversal like a sudden pullback in stock prices, a change in exchange rates and even unanticipated news events. If you think that you are entering a downtrend and see a trend reversal, your first task is to cut your losses before the price reaches a critical level.

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Double Top and Bottom Patterns are formed on a horizontal double line chart patterns which are highly reliable indicators of market changes. These patterns are also useful for identifying breakouts and trend reversals. Technical analysts who study the Double Top and Bottom Patterns will know what signals to watch out for and when to enter and exit the market. It is important to remember that these patterns are considered as expert advisors in the trading markets and not as substitutes for the market-specific technical analysis. Trends are changes in the direction of the market and price movement is considered to be continuous.

The general indicators used to identify a double top pattern is that it breaks down below the lower support level of a candle or it breaks above a resistance level. A candle will usually be colored green, red or blue depending on whether it has broken below or above the lower support level. Another popular technical indicator which can help identify a trend reversal is the green arrow on the chart. The color of the arrow points to the higher resistance level on a breakout while the color of the arrow points to the lower support level on a breakdown. These chart patterns identify market trends.

Double Bottom is a great Pattern which helps traders find the of downtrend

Trend reversal patterns are a valuable asset to any trader who is trying to predict market direction. These chart patterns provide traders with the relative strength of the market which helps them identify where to enter and exit the market. Traders who use indicators to identify these reversal signals should always use stop-loss and take-profit triggers to reduce their exposure to risk. However, these two powerful tools are not enough to let you know when to exit a trading position because a lot of time and money can be lost through guesswork or emotions.

Double top & bottom charts are formed by a particular time frame, a certain price range or by a combination of both. Traders who know how to recognize these patterns know that they are about to make a substantial move. This makes it essential for traders to trade very quickly and to exit the position as quickly as possible to limit their risk. Understanding what these chart patterns are meant to convey to the reader is a great way to learn more about trading before executing successful trades.