What episode & how does Luffy get his scar on his eye and chest?

What episode & how does Luffy get his scar on his eye and chest?

What episode, and what caused Luffy to get the scar on the chest and eye?

It’s episode 223. Everyone, except Luffy and Robin, is unaware that they are pirates. Zoro becomes hypnotized by a memory thief and fights Luffy. In the battle, Zoro uses his Katana and makes an X-mark upon Luffy’s chest. Luffy received the injury on his chest following the conclusion in the war of Marineford. He was incapable of functioning after witnessing that Ace had died. Adopted brother Ace. Akainu struck Ace, and instead of using the intangibility the logia devil fruit gives him, he decided to take the punch and then protect Luffy. Following the attack, Luffy couldn’t move, so Jimbe took Luffy away from the battlefield. As Jimbe was transporting Luffy, Akainu struck again. This time, he drilled an open wound through the chest of Luffy. Now let us see what episode does Luffy gets his scar on his eye? In Episode 487, Luffy stabbed himself under the eye in the first portions of the special episode. But in the manga, this was presented in Chapter 1 when Luffy was established as a kid. As for the scar that he perceived in the Marineford Arc, it was in Episode 487.

Scar Episode
Luffy get his scar on his eye 487
Luffy get his scar on his chest 223


What caused him to get the marks?

Luffy has two cuts. There’s a tiny cut just under his eye, as well as an enormous gnarly ‘X’ in his chest. Luffy did get the first of two in the beginning in One Piece. When he was just a child, Luffy wanted to prove to his friend Shanks and his crew that he was sturdy enough to become a pirate. So, he cut his face by using an axe.

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The second was presented to Jinbe from Admiral Akainu (real name Sakazuki) at the Battle of Marineford, specifically after he killed Luffy’s brother Ace. Jinbe attempts to transport the catatonic Luffy to safety. Still, Akainu utilizes its Magu Magu Fruit powers to hit Jinbe to take out Luffy, however, despite Jinbe failing to strike the death punch (to either). Still, he does manage to sever a significant portion of Luffy’s chest.

Luffy vs Zoro 

Episode 223 explained how Luffy was left with marks on his chest (not on the eyes)

Zoro Sharpens His Fangs! “A Battle With a Wild Beast!” is the 223rd episode in the One Piece anime. It is the same episode that saw Luffy is wounded.

The Straw Hats journey through the forest to discover The Palace of the Sea God. Usopp, along with Chopper, is pursued by the snake. After they escape, They are isolated from the other characters. They also encounter Zoro, who sneers at the trio. But Luffy appears to be a target. Zoro finally meets Luffy and Luffy. He slashes Luffy with his swords. They believe Luffy attracted Zoro.

Luffy advises the other characters to follow him towards the temple, but Luffy stays behind to fight Zoro. Zoro defeated Luffy by using his Oni Giri attack. On the journey towards the Palace, Nami tells the Straw Hats that Luffy and Robin lie and return home. But, the Straw Hats decide to remain with Robin and abandon Nami at home. Nami, however, decides to join the Straw Hats to retrieve her gold. In the forests, Zoro and Luffy continue to battle.

On arrival to when they arrive at the Palace, Robin explains that there was a mythical monster who ate the memories of others to survive and live on the island. Nami and Usopp attempt to capture the Straw Hats but are confronted by a cloaked boy. Sanji jumps up in the air and then kicks him, making the seahorse’s Horn let the memories of the Straw Hats and make the sound. Since the boy was unconscious after the kick, his memory was lost. A boy who was confused about where he was, fled.

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Robin clarifies that the actual culprit was the seahorse’s Horn. The seahorse informs Chopper that it is still at its first resort. It attempts to escape but is snatched by Sanji. Sanji can beat the seahorse until it coughs out its Straw Hats’ memories. After regaining their memories, they are wondering whether Zoro has recovered his memories. Zoro is seen approaching them with a sly smile, and Sanji is ready to take on Zoro.

Why do people believe that Luffy suffered the scars of the Marineford War? Is it on Vol. 59, Chapter 578, and Episode 487?

That is the reason for the confusion is created. Following the death of his younger brother Ace, Jinbe carried him and attempted to escape via Akainu. Jinbe dives into the sea; however, he finds the sea below frozen. Akainu manages to hit Jinbe and hurt Luffy simultaneously. Jinbe apologizes to Luffy for allowing him to be injured.

After the Timeskip

In the two years since, there are a few things that have changed. Luffy has an open-necked, long-sleeved, red cardigan with four buttons (which displays the X-shaped scar that covers his chest, which he was given from the then-Admiral Akainu) and an orange sash that is wrapped around his waist, similar to Gol Dol. Roger’s dress. Luffy has become a little larger in height and is considerably more muscular because of his training. It can be seen in his neck, which is slightly more pronounced, as well as more prominent deltoids and a more defined chest.


But, it’s in episode 223; everyone but Luffy and Robin has no idea about becoming pirates. Zoro is hypnotized by a memory thief and can attack Luffy. In the battle, Zoro uses his Katana and makes an X upon Luffy’s chest. That is the way Luffy received his wound. In episode 223, Zoro and Luffy are fighting, and Zoro leaves him with the scar.

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