Why did Eren turn evil? Attack on titan

Why did Eren turn evil?

Attack on titan: Why did Eren turn evil?

This is not the story that the series tells us. It implies that Eren has “turned evil,” which is a sign of some transformation. Does it mean that Eren was not good? Not at all. Eren has been through many phases since the beginning of the series. His core personality has remained the same. Eren is an individual with flaws and strengths. Eren is neither purely evil nor purely positive. It all depends on how you view him. It all depends on your perspective.

How was Eren before he turned evil?

People who claim that Eren has changed have never seen Eren as the person he was. They had a fantasy of Eren in their heads. Even after being verbally and physically beaten by Eren, Armin still believed in their friendship. He tried to convince everyone (but mostly himself) that Eren was perfect. Mikasa asked Armin why Eren said he hated Mikasa. He then intuited Eren’s true purpose, but he dismissed it by saying Eren wouldn’t do that. Only, he does.

Mikasa, who witnessed Eren’s violence in Liberio, tried to convince herself that Eren was under control. She couldn’t accept the notion that Eren would willingly kill innocent children and people. Mikasa is seen looking at Eren in the first photo I posted. It’s pretty obvious.

Eren wrapped Mikasa in his scarf was the height of his kindness. Mikasa always looked at Eren’s best. That is the best Eren can offer. Mikasa was adamant about this, and she didn’t see Eren’s worst side.

Eren was never truly evil. Eren was never good. Even though he is not good, it is evident that he cares about his friends and those closest to him. Eren isn’t portrayed as a hero who lost his way. Eren’s worst side was revealed by war, but it did not change his character. The worst part of Eren was always there.

Evil and good are only two perspectives. Floch and the Yeagerists see Eren as their God, their savior. Annie, Bertolt, and Reiner were seen as evil by the peoples of Paradis. Yet, they were honored citizens of Marley in their country and were respected by the Marleyan army. The series creator said that he didn’t intend to portray one side as evil or the other as good.

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Good or Evil?

I don’t believe the series can judge what is “right or wrong.” I was aware that society would find Furuya Minoru’s serial killer unforgivable according to social norms. When I considered his background and life, I was still puzzled. We often justify the inability to accomplish something as “a flaw due to lack of effort.” And there’s bitterness within that. For a perpetrator, the mentality of “It’s because I lack effort that it happened” can be a source of comfort. 

It is not difficult to see that victims’ feelings are essential in such situations. However, we must look at the root cause of the problem, not just evaluate “what is suitable to be influenced and illustrate my exact feelings during those moments. I believe that Shingeki no Kyojin will end up looking like this.

Eren believes that his way of life is the only one that will allow his family and friends to survive. Eren thinks that he has no other option.

If Eren truly thinks this way, if Eren believes that he did his best and that that was the only choice left, can we label him evil? He was seen crying as he watched refugees, who reminded him of himself, the night before he abandoned his friends. He was aware that he couldn’t forgive himself for what he was about to do, but he had no other option. He was denied the chance to escape his fate when he tried.

Although Eren’s reasons for Rumbling are understandable, I have to be honest. Historia is an example. The Island’s top authorities were incompetent and failed to find a solution that didn’t involve great sacrifices by its citizens. They didn’t use Hizuru to find allies, and they also failed to do so by themselves. He was running out of time, he knew he would do the Rumbling anyway, and he believed that the woman he loved didn’t love him the same way. He was depressed and had nothing to live for.

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Did harted of the world turned Eren into Evil?

There was another reason. Eren has a deep hatred of the world. Eren imagined a world different from the one he was raised in. He was deeply disappointed by the fact that humans existed other than on the Island. That is his childish nature.

Eren claims he was born that way, which is against all freedoms. He would have no choice if he were truly born this way. It is likely what he believes. He claims that all that has happened is his free will. His choice was indeed global genocide over castration, but he tried to flee. After failing to live his life the way he desired, his nature forced him to do the Rumbling.

Both Eren’s actions in Liberio and the Rumbling are genuinely evil. By the end of the series, Eren had killed 80% of humanity. That is the most horrific crime anyone could have committed. It is impossible to see any objective reason for killing so many people, especially when looking at Eren’s actions. Eren is well aware of this. He had enough humanity left to admit the horrors of his crime before his death and that he didn’t deserve to die.

Was Eren able to choose not to be an evil person?

It is all about perspective, and Eren had no choice. For the first twelve years, Eren lived a happy but unhappy life within the walls. Some titans broke through the wall to kill Eren’s parents and demolish his city. These titans are evil. He would like to eliminate them all.

He later discovers that the titans were poor Eldians from Marley. The latter was given a serum to transform themselves into titans. Marley sent the Titans to break through the walls on a mission. Marleyans would commit such horrible acts are evil.

The Marleyans sent warriors to find out what Eldian King on Paradis was doing. The King is a colossal titan with millions of followers and has threatened to use them to destroy the world. They must figure out the truth. It is impossible to predict when the King will swallow his words and strike at the world. It is evil to be able to yield such power.

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It turned out that the King was true to his word. He had surrendered violence to pay for the sins of his ancestors’ crimes against humanity. What kind of King would wipe out a nation’s collective memory? He kept his people in the walls, wiped their memories, and then let them live. Then he killed their brethren as mindless titans. That is evil.

The Marleyans, however, used Eldians against the Eldians. The poor island devils didn’t know this. Worse, the Marleyans brainwashed the Eldians on the continent into believing that their island kin were true devils and confined them to internment areas. It is truly evil.

It turns out that thousands of years ago, the Eldians ruled the world. They used the power of the titans to cause the suffering of all humanity. All Eldians have a dark side.

The King’s will is bound again by the power of the titans. He instead of using the titans to benefit mankind, unleashed them upon the world. The King is evil.

If you examine the history of mankind, then everyone is corrupt. Everybody is evil.

Eren has seen all of this.

After going through so many things and learning so much, Eren seems to be doing precisely what he believed the titans would do the first time they breached the wall.

But, Eren can look into the future, unlike everyone else.

Eren saw the future. Mikasa, Armin, and the others are saved in the future.

Whatever Eren does, the end where the world is saved is the one that he is leading. That solution is better than King Fritz’s pledge to end the war and hide within the walls. It is also better than Zeke’s solution of slow, painless genocide. Save the world!

Is it by destroying the entire world, Or at the very least, by displaying a credible threat? Eren can or will destroy the world if not stopped. Mikasa, Armin, and other mainland titans and survey corps will work together to stop Eren’s plans to destroy the world. The end of the world will be destroyed by humanity coming together.

That is Eren’s true intent. He has not taken away the powers of the other nine titans. Eren asks them to unite and defeat him. The world will then see the titans as true heroes. They will cease to hate Eldians and accept the technology as an opportunity for good.

Eren isn’t evil. He must save the world. He cannot choose.