What did Eren see when he touched/ kissed Historia’s hand? Attack on Titan

What did eren see when he touched/ kissed historia's hand?

What did Eren Look Like When He Kissed/Touched the Hand of Historia?

When Eren was presented with his award by Historia, Eren kisses her hand and starts receiving their father’s memories from the evening that he killed the Reiss family. Let us deepdive to explore on “What did eren see when he touched/ kissed Historia’s hand”?

Alongside his father’s memories of the night, Eren also has memories of himself. He sent to his father in 854 in the year of his Attack Titan, effectively allowing him to see into the future. The information he receives about the plan to save Eldia and her family leaves Eren distressed.

Did Eren Notice anything unusual, when He Touched and kissed the Hand of Historia?

Titan inheritors typically gain memories from the previous shifter, but the memories come in fragments and pieces. It is believed that this happens if specific criteria are fulfilled and usually need an event. For Eren, because he is the founding Titan ability, he can access his memories from the previous life when connected to this bloodline of the Royal bloodline.

It has happened twice in the same series.

The first incident occurs at the moment that Rod, as well as Historia Reiss, meet in the cavern under the chapel of Reiss chapel. The second time, He kissed Historia’s hands at her coronation. The images that Eren experienced the second time weren’t disclosed to viewers or readers; however, his reaction later speaks volumes about the significance of that moment.

What did eren see when he touched/ kissed historia’s hand?

Eren saw everything, the past, along with the future. That is why he looks so traumatized after touching Historia’s hand. That marked the end of the Eren we began to know and the beginning of a cold, assessing Eren, devoid of emotions, only looking to fulfill his duty no matter the cost.From the little made public from the animated (Attack to Titan: 

Season 3 Episode 22 Manga Chapter 90), Eren can see Grisha’s memory of killing the Reiss family in the chapel. Was it his father’s brutality that caused Eren to appear so stunned? It doesn’t seem so.

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What did Eren be able to see as he stroked Historia’s hands?

The next part of this post contains significant spoilers regarding chapters in the Attack on Titan manga chapters. Would you mind reading according to your discretion?

We can see a clear representation of the scene Eren thought when he kissed Historia’s hands within Chapter 121 in Attack on Titan. However, to comprehend the entire story, we need to understand three things.

ATK’s exclusive capability:

In the chapter, Grisha Reminds Frieda Reiss that Attack Titan can see into the future or the memories of its successors.

To be more specific, it means that, like other Titan shifters, they gain memories of their former users at random.

When specific requirements are met when certain criteria are met, it is possible that the Attack Titan can be able to receive memories of its future and past inheritors (in fragments and bits, of course).).

However, it’s not clear whether these memories will alter the future. The Attack on Titan timeline could be a closed-time loop. Thus, when Grisha battled Frieda Reiss’s founding Titan, Grisha could see the memory of the future Eren.

This scene or the memory Grisha observed hasn’t yet occurred on the timeline for Attack on Titan. It’s not feasible to determine the exact location of this scene. However, it is believed that this could be an event from the Rumbling).

According to Grisha, it was an extremely disturbing “scenery” or a memory.

The Timelines

Grisha murders The Reiss family and acquires the title of Founding Titan in 845. As the incident is taking place, He reminisces about the events of a past Eren. Historia Reiss was awarded the title in the year 854. Chapter 121 is set in 854-855 (depending on the amount of time that has gone by).

One of the memories of Eren that Grisha remembers in 845 is Eren in 854, and a different memory is about “scenery “scenery” further ahead of the scene (probably the Rumbling)

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The basis of Attack on Titan chapter 121:

Chapter 121 is where Zeke and Eren are looking through Grisha Yeager’s memories, making use of the powers of the Founding Titan. Then, they find Grisha’s memory of killing her family members, the Reiss family. However, one of the major plot twists in the series unfolds, and we learn that Grisha only killed Frieda Reiss and the relatives because Eren compelled him to do it.

Summary: The moment that Eren kissed Historia’s hand, what exactly did he observe? Yes, he saw Grisha’s memory which are the thoughts of the future Eren, but what was it? Was it simply “The Rumbling “?

He saw the past and his future as the former Holder for his position, the Attack Titan. The future was not in the way we understand it. Still, when he reminisced about all of his “memories” with Zeke, he said to him, “This is what i saw.” We then get to the scene in which Grisha attempted to persuade King To take down all Titans but was rejected and unable to kill the entire Reiss Family and was then encouraged by Eren to kill all of them and take the original Titan. Zeke was shocked and asked if he was the person to inform the father of their children to murder their whole family. Eren stated that he was the one who had to “finish the story he started.”

Contrary to popular opinion, Eren didn’t change after he kissed Historia’s hands. He was already fearful and paranoid following his knowledge of Marley’s past events, and his paranoia and resentment grew when he kissed Historia’s hands. In simple terms, he was the one to convince his father into doing half the things he did so that he could clear the way towards the life he desired. He’s now doing exactly what he believes that he ought to do.

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