Dragon Ball Z Characters – Obito Black Zetsu

Dragon Ball Z Characters - Obito Black Zetsu

Dragon Ball Z Characters – Obito Black Zetsu

Obito’s body is taken over by Black Zetsu. After the tailed creatures were removed from Obito, he was vulnerable, so Madara played his hand. Black Zetsu then abruptly surfaced from underground and bound him.


The series introduces the absurdist character Black Zetsu. The character brags about being the ultimate mastermind and manipulating everyone. For example, he did 99% of the work to revive Kaguya. He also led the Akatsuki to reform the Ten-Tails. His influence and scheming led to the weakening of Team 7.

The term ‘absurd’ is derived from the Latin word ‘absurdum,’ which means ‘inharmonic’ or “contrary to reason.” This fiction genre has many roots in 20th-century philosophy, especially in the writings of Soren Kierkegaard, who is known as the father of existentialism. He challenged conventional boundaries of literature, philosophy, psychology, and theology.

The absurdist Origami’s first incarnation, called Black Zetsu, was born from the will of the Sage of the Six Paths, Kaguya Otsutsuki. However, it grew enraged at Naruto and declared that Kaguya was useless. It is unclear whether the character is based on the ‘Absurdist Obito’ concept.

The proper form of Black Zetsu is entirely black, with no holes or hair. It is a black mass with two eyes that can be reshaped. The two halves of the Black Zetsu can communicate with each other by extending their underground roots. They also can travel great distances. However, their proper form is challenging to describe. This makes it impossible to detect their presence in the real world.

Black Zetsu is one of the most well-known members of the Japanese manga series. However, it is a bit difficult to understand how the reincarnated version of Obito was created. The character was given one job but forced to operate in the shadows to complete his task. As a result, he instigated many major events, including the destruction of the Uchiha Stone Tablet. The Absurdist Obito possessed, however, commanded Kakashi to destroy the Rinnegan before Black Zetsu could take it away.

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After Hidan defeated Yugito Nii, Zetsu appeared and asked Hidan if he had finished the shambolic ritual. Hidan replied that he was in disbelief, but Zetsu said, “people only know themselves when they are miserable.” Kakuzu and White Zetsu disagreed with him, but they eventually agreed on the matter.

As the leader of the Akatsuki, Zetsu played a spy role. He possessed the ability to seal tailed beasts and influence bodies. He even helped seal a death scene where he removed bodies to guard secrets, stole rings, and destroyed the scene of Akatsuki’s execution. He also kept his leader up to date with his activities. In the anime series, Black Zetsu also used Kamui’s death as a cover for stealing secrets.

Black Zetsu can sense individuals many miles away, detect distinct chakra signatures, and even merge with others. Furthermore, it can record events and show them to others through a portal, enabling it to manipulate many reincarnations. In addition, the Black Zetsu can survive being bisected. In this way, he can manipulate the lives of anyone in his way.

Master troll

Obito Black Zetsu is the ultimate troll. He is far superior to Kis***roll Sensei. He can hold off even KCM Naruto, Hachibi, and WA masters. He can even survive against KCM Naruto by using Kamui, and his attack on him is unstoppable. Even the strongest trolls cannot stand against him.

Black Zetsu controls Obito, and he is the reason why Obito survived. Other names for Black Zetsu include Tykronos, Ryltex, and The Glass Wraith Of Gamefaqs. The game’s main antagonist, though, is always a troll. Although Black Zetsu has numerous names, his appearance is unique and recognizable.

While in human form, Obito is a troll that was once a member of Kakashi’s team. Unfortunately, he was perpetually late and untalented. However, he was able to save Kakashi, and he had Rin remove his left Sharingan to give it to him. Sadly, he later lost his eye protecting him. As a result, Black Zetsu possesses him.

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Kishimoto created the character as a parody of otaku culture. He acts childishly and has a twisted sense of fairness. This is the perfect combination of cynicism and sarcasm. Unfortunately, Kishimoto has a history of failing to create a decent female character. But even if Kishimoto’s attempt to create a character that resembles Kaguya is a complete failure, she is an unlikeable antagonist with no personality.

While the fight was not over, the final battle between Obito and Kaguya lacked story logic and left the player confused about what was happening. This battle felt like a glorified filler scene. Kaguya had no real impact on the story and had little effect on the outcome. Perhaps the issue will be explored in later episodes of the series, but for now, it was a disappointing episode.

The main character of Naruto’s series, Tobi, was an underling of Zetsu and was used as a replacement partner for Sasori after her death. He possessed intangibility and wore an orange spiral-patterned mask. Eventually, he was resurrected under the name of Madara Uchiha. Sasuke used him to reveal his true motives to Itachi. He then enlisted Taka as his associate, declaring war on the Ninja World.

Master of disguise

Master of Disguise Obito Black Zetsu was introduced in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. In the series, he plays an important role in the anime, influencing many historical figures and manipulating many others. Many events were orchestrated by Black Zetsu, including the revival of the Kaguya Clan and the rivalry between the Senju and Uchiha clans. However, his greatest influence on history was his manipulation of the mystical stone tablet known as the Madara’s Stone.

Black Zetsu has malleable physiology and can form humanoid shapes. His ability to stretch and morph into a humanoid shape has been exploited throughout history. Black Zetsu was also known to record events and communicate them to other shinobi by merging his shinobi and the objects in the environment.

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In the series’ second season, Black Zetsu returns Rinnegan to Madara and takes Obito’s original left eye. The Kamui in this eye allows it to travel to alternate dimensions and bring another person with it. However, this ability is only available to him for the first three episodes. Black Zetsu also teaches Obito to summon a Gedo Statue. He gives the statue his will and makes it appear in his life.

After being defeated by Kaguya, Black Zetsu and Sasuke attempt to revive Madara through the Outer Path, using the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. During the battle, Black Zetsu manages to steal a portion of Obito’s Rinnegan. However, they fail to kill Madara, and the two clones manage to escape.

Obito is an excellent example of a character with the capacity for goodness. This character exemplifies the idea of putting friends before self. His machinations in organizing Rin’s death were understandable. Still, his refusal to give up his eye made the situation much more difficult for the Allied Shinobi Forces. This is why Obito’s relationship with Rin is reminiscent of Naruto and Sakura. However, there is less physical violence and more empathy to synthesize between a Konoha shinobi and their beloved companion.

While the Moon Eye Plan was a key component of the plot, Black Zetsu kept many details in his memory. Obito was heavily bandaged and a servant of Madara. Moreover, Black Zetsu also manipulated the Fourth Shinobi World War events. Black Zetsu claimed that the whole thing had worked out as planned and as a result of his plans.

The anime series’ second series follows a similar pattern to the first series. The main characters of the series, Kisame and Itachi, only appear in the first series, while Zetsu is an occasional guest in the second series. This time, Zetsu has an active role in the plot. He intends to capture the Tailed Beasts. However, the storyline is similar to the manga, but the plot is different.