Is It True That Black Zetsu Kills Madara?

Is It True That Black Zetsu Kills Madara?

Is It True That Black Zetsu Kills Madara?

By impaling Madara through the chest with Obito’s left hand, he was able to render him utterly helpless to fend off his influence as the Ten-Tails’ jinchriki. Over time, Black Zetsu has employed this skill to conceal himself while controlling numerous Asura and Indra reincarnations, even Indra himself.

Obito’s Sharingan

The Mangekyo Sharingan is the strongest of the three. It is highly OP and is one of the best weapons that Obito ever possessed. However, because it is a bloodline technique, it can only be used by members of the Uchiha clan. It also seems that Obito is not affected by the mangekyo, but other characters may. Let’s look at the details of this Sharingan.

After rescuing Obito from Madara, White Zetsu healed him and replaced his missing body parts with Hashirama Senju limbs. Unfortunately, Obito’s Sharingan is also still alive, and he feels obligated to help Madara by saving his life. This is where the long rehabilitation process began, and his desire to return to Konoha began. This fight was a huge turning point in his life, but he had one more goal in mind.

The end of the war is a turning point for Obito. At the war’s end, he changed his mind and opted to save the world. He hid the Sharingan in his body for months before the final battle, and the Spiral Zetsu offered him armor and new powers. Madara promises he’ll return to help him, but he isn’t sure when.

Once he realized that his thoughts and actions had been wrong, Obito became an ally of Naruto. He had been hiding his true feelings and hiding them deep inside. His persona was a mask to avoid the painful truths of reality. Naruto and his allies eventually defeated Obito. He later felt regret and declared himself unworthy of seeing Rin again. Although his life ended tragically, he never forgot his friends.

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Later, he is trapped in limbo between the living world and the afterlife, where he finds Rin. He apologizes for not joining her sooner, but she assures him that she is there watching over him. While Obito is eager to spend time with Rin, he fears Kakashi. This fear is realized when Kamui returns to the living plane to inhabit Kakashi and imbue him with the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Black Zetsu’s loyalties to its “mother”

Although it betrayed its “mother” and betrayed its master, Black Zetsu remained unchanging for nearly a thousand years. It also could phase through and travel through its surroundings. As such, Black Zetsu can manipulate people’s thoughts and bodies according to their own will. This was evident when Black Zetsu was born after Obito defeated Madara. The reincarnation of the deceased Obito was a small price to pay for this trait.

Although Black Zetsu’s loyalties were to its “mother,” the two were not the same in every respect. While White Zetsu was more playful and humorous, Black Zetsu was serious. It used only katakana for okurigana and furigana and possessed a deeper voice. Although the two had conflicting opinions at times, they continued to function as one entity.

The two shinobi have different personalities. Despite their similarities, Zetsu is the only member of the Akatsuki to act regularly without a partner. It often moved between the locations of the other Akatsuki members, including Pain and Obito. In the process, Zetsu reports directly to Pain and Obito. It also reports to the other members of the Akatsuki.

Despite its personality, Black Zetsu is harsh to people. It refers to itself as its creator’s son and shows deep respect for Kaguya. Unfortunately, it also seeks to manipulate the shinobi world to make the shinobi community poop in the Black Zetsu’s favor. Naruto compares Black Zetsu to a bratty child who does not understand history.

The first time Black Zetsu encountered Yunlong/Ghost, he had to seal its four tails into Gedo Mazo, where the Akatsuki could see the three tails of the “mother.” The resulting fusion was a successful one. This was a momentous event for the Black Zetsu, but the surviving Zetsu had a hard time keeping the two apart.

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Its ability to influence bodies

The Black Zetsu is a powerful supernatural agent. One of its most potent abilities is its ability to manipulate the minds of other creatures. Though they appear humanoid, they are not, as they are composed of a semi-fluid tissue mass. Their bodies are flexible and can stretch and contort themselves into any shape, including humanoid shapes. They also possess an in-built toxin that saps the enemy’s life energy. Their personalities are serious, and they view other creatures as tools.

While the ability to influence other people’s bodies was well-known in the manga, its true power remained unknown until the second episode. This remained a mystery until the manga was reprinted several years later. Black Zetsu was not only mysterious and anonymous but also possessed an arsenal of weapons, which he used to defeat opponents. As a result, he remains a popular plot device in anime.

During the Akatsuki’s ritual to seal tailed beasts, Zetsu could control his body to observe it. He also acted as a lookout for the Akatsuki, using the seal’s powers to keep secrets. He also stole their rings to protect them. As a spy, Zetsu operated without a partner and kept the leader of the Akatsuki in the loop.

In addition to being able to control bodies, Black Zetsu has the ability to alter the minds of others. In the anime, the Black Zetsu’s ability to control the minds of others is a crucial element in the series. It is important to note that Black Zetsu is not the only one to possess this ability. The other two, White and Yellow, are the only two other clones of the latter.

The names of the characters in the series are also significant. For example, in the manga series, Black Zetsu is the “Wicked Tongue” in the manga. The other half is the “Chatterbox” (Rao She, Jozetsu, and Dokuzetsu).

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Its relationship with Madara

The relationship between Black Zetsu and Madara is complex and ambiguous. The character regarded Madara as ineffective but kept many details from his life. He was also critical of Obito, calling him an ineffective servant, and ridiculing his abilities. He also manipulated several events that further revived the Kaguya clan. He even manipulated the Stone tablet to make Madara appear weaker.

In the end, the two developed a rocky relationship. Madara and Black Zetsu’s relationship deteriorated further when they teleported using the original Sharingan. Madara then reclaimed Obito’s Rinnegan and implanted it back in his body. However, Black Zetsu’s relationship with Madara is still unclear, as Madara continues to use his powers and refuses to acknowledge Obito’s existence.

The two began a relationship as rivals but eventually became secret partners. In the manga series, Black Zetsu is the hero of the first series, and Madara is the main antagonist in the second series. In the third season, the two fought in a tournament, where Black Zetsu and his allies strove to defeat Madara. This relationship grew over time as the series progressed, and the two became close.

In the manga series, Zetsu is often featured as the right hand of Obito and the main protagonist, Sasuke Uchiha. The anime series also features him serving various duties, such as devouring corpses. However, his most memorable line is “Unyielding Independence,” which can be translated as “counting only on yourself.”

In the third season, Black Zetsu became a physical manifestation of Kaguya’s will and was created before Hamura and Hagoromo sealed Kaguya. In the anime, Black Zetsu planned to use the Rinnegan to assimilate Madara. However, in a battle with the Ten Tail Jinchuriki, Black Zetsu is stabbed in the back from behind. Afterward, Madara retreats to his home, waiting for the next opportunity to revive his partner.

While White Zetsu is resurrecting the corpse of Deidara, Black is in charge of bringing it to his body. The dead shinobi’s body was found in a graveyard. Moreover, Black Zetsu can revive Kabuto and use his skills in the coming conflict. This is why he often travels with Tobi.