What Episode Does Madara Die?

What Episode Does Madara Die?

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What Episode Does Madara Die?

“Naruto Shippuden” episode 474 featured the demise of Madara Uchiha. That’s ok because we’ll go over her character’s death. So you’ll be able to get an idea of how she died, what happened to her, and other important information about the episode.

Naruto Shippuden episode 474

In episode 474 of Naruto Shippuden, Madara Uchiha meets his end. He had been fighting with the Naruto ninja and joined the Fourth Ninja War. Madara is killed when he is cut in half and his ten tails extracted to create a Kaguya. He also dies because his black Zetsu betrayed him. In this episode, Madara is replaced by Kaguya, who plans to eliminate all humans.

Fans are still in mourning, however. This episode of Naruto Shippuden is expected to feature a grand battle, a marriage between Naruto and Hinata, and the election of Rin as the seventh Hokage. It is also said to feature the reunion of Rin and Obito in the afterlife. However, Obito stays behind to help Kakashi.

During the battle with the Ninja, Madara’s shadow is destroyed by Sasuke and Sakura. Madara then steals Kakashi’s Sharingan, but Sasuke cuts him in half. Madara subsequently warps into Kamui’s dimension. Sakura later attacks Obito, requesting to destroy the Rinnegan.

Meanwhile, the Hokage is approached by Team 8 and Team 10, and they try to rescue Naruto. They find him, and Naruto has to pick him up. But Sakura has no idea that Naruto is his friend, so he decides to kill him. However, the Ninja is captured by Team 7 and is captured. The team fights the ninjas with the help of Team 7. Eventually, the ninjas are captured, and Kaguya and Hidan manage to escape the castle.

After the mission, Itachi meets his father again. He tells him about his mission and the relocation of the Uchiha clan. He is proud of his new companion, Fugaku. After the battle, he goes out to buy dumplings. But the store sells out, and he runs into Izumi. She apologizes for not giving it to him but insists on sharing the dumplings with him. Shinsuke then arrives with news of Madara’s death.

When Naruto confronts Madara, he tries to prevent him from getting the power to create a weapon. He learns that it is not possible for him to use the chakra of an animal to defeat a human. However, he learns that his brother has the ability to use a tailed beast, which will help him defeat his brother and save the world.


Madara dies in Hashirama’s palace, settling for a peaceful death. The reason for his death is unknown, but he seems to be upset that Hashirama killed Izuna. He feels he betrayed Izuna’s memory and therefore chose to die for revenge. This decision separates Madara from the politics of the village. Hashirama’s death has a lasting effect on both characters.

The funeral for Madara Uchiha is a tragic event for Hashirama. Madara is blind, and black receivers immobilize his body. He absorbs the senjutsu chakra that his body cannot see. As a result, he has heightened sensory skills, allowing him to see and feel enemies even when he cannot see them. Sasuke later kills him, and both are left with severe injuries and grief.

Another notable character who died in Hashirama was Madara Uchiha, the Ninja who was closest to Hashirama but failed in his bid to become a First Hokage. This Ninja failed because he did not have the power to kill Hashirama. In addition to Madara, there were many other powerful ninjas in the region. However, only one of them was strong enough to kill Hashirama.

Madara also had a backup plan to train Obito, even though he was about to die. After all, he wanted to make the best of his final moments to train his son. He had been thinking about it for a long time, and it was vital for him to train Obito. He could have lived longer to train him if he had died in Hashirama’s castle.

The death of Madara is a mysterious one. It’s not entirely clear how he was killed or brought back to life again. The Ninja had no idea that he had lost the ability to regenerate himself. This made him unable to survive his friend’s death, which resulted in a traumatic death for him. Despite his regenerative ability, he ultimately dies in Hashirama’s house.

Black Zetsu

In the fourth installment of the Naruto series, the powerful villain Black Zetsu destroys the world and kills off the entire Uchiha Clan. The black Zetsu is a monster created by the evil Kaguya to cause war between his descendants. Madara Uchiha was one of the strongest characters in the series, and he was a gifted shinobi. After defeating Kaguya, he could use the Eye of the Moon Plan to dissect Obito and regain his eyes.

The final act of the Black Zetsu was to stab the king of the God Tree and kill Madara. He then released the tailed beasts from his body and returned to the Land of the Ancestors. He married Ashura, but she died while giving birth to Ashura. This left him powerless, and the Black Zetsu sat by her side, preparing to spread the Ninshu worldwide.

The scene also reminisces the final battle between Sasuke and the Ninja. The Ninja also finds a way to disarm the Infinite Tsukuyomi. He also reveals to Itachi that his nemesis, Guy, is a dead ringer. Madara is also the first villain to die in the series.

In the fourth season of Naruto, the villains battle Madara using the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Using the Sharingan, Madara became almost immortal. However, the tailed beasts manipulated him into believing that Madara would eventually die, and they used him. In the end, Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha managed to defeat Kaguya and seal the tailed beast away.

After defeating Orochimaru and the White Zetsu in the fifth season, Naruto and his team attempt to protect the castle. They manage to do so by defeating Team Minato and freeing Kakashi and the other team members. However, after defeating the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Minato finds the remaining member of the Gedo Clan, who was supposedly the one who had retrieved the scroll. While a team of Ninja surrounds them, they are left alone to defend the castle.


If you are wondering, “What episode does Madara die?” then keep reading! You will learn how Madara dies in this anime episode. In the episode, Madara appears, shrinks, and Kaguya replaces her. Madara then dies for the last time. You will learn how Madara dies and what happens to her clone. Whether you like it or not, Madara’s character will remain a part of the anime for as long as it’s airing.

In Shinobi War III, Obito is injured and is taken under the wing of Madara. Madara placed a Forbidden Individual Curse Tag into Obito’s heart as a fail-safe. In the episode, Madara tried to corrupt Obito, but he failed. Obito refused, but he offered to train him. Madara then dies but has already left behind the Demonic Statue and Black Zetsu. He eventually dies at the age of 120.

After Hashirama defeated Madara, he was able to revive himself. He used his scheduled Izanagi to exchange for vision in his right eye. In addition to that, he ate a small piece of Hashiharama’s flesh and fused it with his DNA. Madara then summoned the Gedo statue in order to gain power over the Statue.

In the anime series, Madara died three times. The first time he died was in the 370th episode, and the second time was in the third season, when he manipulated Obito and gave him the Infinite Tsukuyomi strategy. After his last conversation with the Hokage, Madara’s body was separated from his sculpture. After his death, Kabuto used a reanimation Jutsu on it. He used this Jutsu to resurrect Madara and defeat the Five Kage.

Although it may be disappointing, the episode’s background reveals that the Senju had a good reason for killing Madara. Buruma and Hashirama’s father, Bustuma, said that Madara was a gifted shinobi. They even defeated several members of the Senju clan. This is a scene that fans will never forget throughout the series fondly. Buruma is also the father of Naruto.