Top 5 Famous Kenjutsu Ultimate Moves from Anime

Top 5 Famous Kenjutsu Ultimate Moves from Anime

Best 5 Famous Kenjutsu Ultimate Moves from Anime

Someone who has closely read about the history and martial arts of Japan finds it quite interesting to watch these in anime. Well, who does not love anime? And martial arts and anime make a perfect combination. The characters of anime have excellent skills when it comes to martial arts. They have Custom Samurai Sword – Katana, which helps them win the combat. There is nothing the importance of weapons and martial arts in Japanese history. Today’s forms are more modernized and developed forms; however. They still catch your attention because of their complicated techniques used in an exciting way seen in anime. These battles display revenge, power, and rivalry that play a significant role in defining the experiences. If you are a hardcore fan of anime, you must have heard about the following famous Kenjutsu ultimate moves from the most popular anime of all time. 

1. Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu – Rurouni Kenshin

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu, also known as Flying Heaven Govern Sword-Style, is a refreshing kenjutsu style of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series. This is the signature fighting style of Himura Kenshin and the Meji Era inheritor and kenjutsu master Hiko Seijuro XIII. This style is an ancient kenjutsu style from the Sengoku Jidai. It allowed the fighter to defeat numerous opponents single-handedly. This was derived from the concept of ichi no tachi or to attack in a single hit. The users of this style use a blend of immense agility and speed, Batto Jutsu, and based on the opponent’s movements. 

Both offensive and defensive tricks are performed with tiny movement to increase a practitioner’s ability to attack and converse dynamism. This style is made with competence and sparseness of exertion in the battles yet with high movements to fell threats in long and undetermined periods easily. It is one of the most robust kenjutsu styles in Japan. The style typically requires the user to keep one hand on the sheath. It emphasizes two-step attacks to ensure that the practitioner is never caught off guard while executing said attacks, as well as allowing the user to use the sheath as a shield to block attacks. Fighters are also trained to sharpen their senses, recognize movement, and react in kind to their opponent’s emotional temperament to fend them off efficiently and accurately. 

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Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is a powerful method and can also be harmful to its practitioners. Looking through the medical eye, it can cause severe physical damage. People who are not equipped can easily cause physical harm to their bodies. According to a physician, the form is essentially a sword art needing a warrior with an exceptionally athletic body to use efficiently over time.

2. Daishinkan Zoro – One Piece

Roronoa Zoro has encountered situations in which his techniques have had to adapt for one reason or another. In his fighting style, he possesses a number of related fighting styles that comprise the majority of his Santoryu fighting abilities. One of them is the Sword Style. The attacks Zoro makes are composed of one sword. Since he is left-handed, his one-sword style has been chiefly initiated with his left hand. In the beginning, he started with Wado Ichimonji for the attacks, but after some time, he perfected the art to use each of his three swords for his famous one-sword method.

The literal meaning of Daishinkan is Great Dragon Shock. It was first used as a finisher move against Monet. It consists of Zoro running towards his opponent with Shusui held outstretched in one arm. It is followed by a two-handed overhead swing that can effortlessly slice people in half, such as Monet’s snow body. This strike results in a strong shockwave that cuts through the floor ahead of him. Different names are given to this; in the Viz manga, this is called Dragon Quake. In Japanese, Tatsu is a term used for the Dragon zodiac sign, which literally means to move. 

3. Getsuga Tensho – Bleach 

This anime named Bleach is widely popular among anime lovers. There is a young boy named Kurosaki Ichigo who is a high school student. Ichigo has the ability to see ghosts and spirits. He has also met the shinigami of Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia bears a severe injury while protecting Ichigo during an attack from Hallow; she realizes that she cannot defeat it. Later, she transfers her shinigami powers to Ichigo to defeat the Hollow. Then, a large Zanpakuto sword is used by Ichigo when he becomes a shinigami. 

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Getsuga Tensho, literally means Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer is a Zanpakuto method of Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zangetsu and Isshin Kurosaki’s Engetsu. The Getsuga Tensho is a powerful technique that causes widespread damage and destruction. Ichigo has utilized this method in various manners including striking the ground to create an omnidirectional blast to deflect incoming attacks and slashing at the ground to upturn it and crush everything in its path. 

The warrior Isshin used Getsuga Tensho while battling Aizen in his Second Fusion form to demolish a significant portion of the Fake Karakura Town. The strokes were powerful enough to create a big gash in the head of Aizen. He later named it a “splendid strike.” 

The Getsuga Tensho is evidently large and significantly powerful in its Shikai form when Ichigo gets his Shinigami powers back for the second time. The significance of his power is that it can quickly disperse the entire rainstorm and slice the top of the mansion in one decisive strike. Once the proper form of his Zengetsu is obtained, Getsuga Tensho can be fired with a sword by pointing it at his opponent and swiping it a little. The black Getsuga Tensho can also be fired with the larger sword. This form dominates enough to make a hole in the palace and knock even a compelling person several meters back. 

4. Meido Zangetsuha – Inuyasha 

The literally meaning of Meido Zangetsuha is Dark Path of the Dawn Moon’s Wave. It is a powerful yet offensive method that, upon hitting, creates a path and sends the person directly to the Netherworld, killing them without harming them. Isn’t it interesting? Initially, this technique was created by the oni daiyokai Shishinki. Toga fought Shishinki and defeated him with the Tessaiga, which he used to steal the style. Because of the dark nature of the technique, it was cast off Tessaiga, and Tenseiga was formed to contain it. 

When the Meido was with Shishinki, it resembled a black circle. However, Sesshomaru’s version of Meido began with a crescent shape, gradually becoming an oval shape as Sesshomaru learned power and experience. But he could not recreate the Meido in its original form because of Tensiga’s nature as an unfinished sword. Later, the sword resounded with Tessaiga during his meeting with Shishinki, slowing Sesshamaru to finally complete the technique while making the Meido even stronger and more potent than Shinshinki’s form. 

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During the final battle, Inuyasha proved himself worthy as the true wielder of Tessaiga and Meido Zangetsuha in Sesshomar’s eyes. Sesshomaru consciously turns down the finished method to Inuyasha by breaking Tenseia over Tessaiga.  

5. Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu – Samurai Deeper Kyo 

When one achieves the focus of the mind, body, and soul, they gain entrance to an extraordinary ability that the opponent can never replicate. This ability gives them the power to control their opponent’s frequently used methods in battle. This is called “The Realm of Nothingness.” It is about mastering the arts of swords. Kyo achieved this. Another great thing about Realm of Nothingness is that it completely erases all the traces of the warrior and has no offensive aura called kenki, fighting spirit, or killing aura.  When a person is in the state of Realm of Nothingness, he can control his aura as per desire and become a kensai. He may appear as a human but, at that moment, does not feel anything. The person becomes unbelievingly calm, his expressionless face gets oddly abnormal, and there is a coldness in his eyes.  

The Toudai Crimson King developed Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu. The fundamental teaching of the technique involves the adversary or destruction and a focused mind that leaves no space for mistakes. The Mumyo is a kind of technique that is based upon the basis of sword skill. When the heart, technique, and body combine at a point, which is when the method is succeeded. To be a practitioner, one must master these techniques efficiently. There are many techniques involved in the Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu. 

  • Mizuchi 

In this technique, while holding the blade, the warrior releases a powerful stroke that looks like ripples of the wind at a higher speed; this stroke allows the fighter to hit the target out of range of the sword. 


The list mentioned above has some fantastic Kenjutsu-related anime that are widely popular among anime fans. The stories of these anime travel in the world where Kenjutsu style techniques are followed since they are majestic. It is the weapons and characters that make the stories of anime unimaginably engaging for anime lovers. Watch these series if you have not already.