Dragon Ball Z Power Level of Zeno

Dragon Ball Z Power Level of Zeno

Dragon Ball Z Power Level of Zeno

If you are looking to play as a god, you should understand the power level of Zeno. Zeno is the supreme ruler of all reality, but he is rarely seen running things, so he’s more of a massive wildcard than a god.

The other gods must conspire to appease him in order to keep them from destroying each other’s universes. While he isn’t involved in the day-to-day events of the universe, Zeno does care about the improvement of each universe. The gods are also frustrated that the mortals don’t want to make improvements to their universes, and he is incredibly jealous.

Zeno’s power level

In Dragon Ball Z, you can see that the power level of Zeno is at a very high level. In fact, Zeno is so powerful that he can destroy entire planets. But how is this possible? The answer lies in the future. The story is set in the future, when Zeno is king of all gods. However, Zeno is far stronger than Chronoa, and thus, Chronoa does not have the authority to interfere with him.


In the first multiverse, Zeno is the Omni-King, and possesses complete authority over everything. His power level is very similar to that of Goku, who is the Omni-King of thirteen multiverses. But unlike Goku, Zeno is only capable of destroying one multiverse. That being said, his power level is equivalent to that of Zeus, the supreme deity of the omniverse.

In the Ultra Instinct form, Zeno gained a fiery aura. This aura is surrounded by blue sparkling energy. This form is similar to Zeno’s base form. In this state, Zeno can easily defeat Lucifer, who is in his base form. This level of power makes him incredibly strong. It is estimated that Zeno has a power level of approximately 1,225800,000,000,000,000. If he was to achieve the Omega Level, he would defeat Lucifer in Super Saiyan God form.

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The first time Zeno shows off his ability to wipe out other immortals, his future self does so with Infinite Zamasu. All the other gods in the Multiverse bow to him. However, the Gods of Destruction are clearly terrified of Zeno. And that’s just the beginning. So how powerful is Zeno? There’s no telling how many more he can take on the strongest fighters in the Multiverse.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, then you’ll probably be disappointed if you don’t know what this character can do. Despite being the future counterpart of Vegeta, his power level is extremely high. He uses him for Blutz Waves during the Vegeta saga. And he has one of the highest body count of all the characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, it’s important to understand the differences between Zeno and his future counterpart before making a decision.

His erasure power

Zeno has a power called the erasure power. With this power, Zeno can erase multiple universes. This is an extremely dangerous power because it can make people from one universe vanish in another. Additionally, it can also destroy entire realities. For example, upon erasing the parallel universe, Zeno destroyed the Time Ring, which represented the world of Future Trunks. However, there are many variations of the erasure power.

Although Zeno has an incredible amount of power, this power can easily lead to him getting into a bad mood. Consequently, he is capable of erasing entire universes in an instant. During the future Trunks Saga, Zeno erased the future of all existence. Later, Whis reveals that Zeno destroyed six universes when he was in an “unpleasant mood.”

Zeno’s erasure power is incredibly powerful, and he has used it to wipe the Future of the Earth. This was done to prevent the erasure of Universe 7 and save the future of Zamasu. It is believed that Future Zeno used this power to erase his future self, resulting in the disappearance of the Future Zeno. This is another example of how Zeno can change history.

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When Goku killed Jiren with his Spirit Bomb, Zeno expressed concern and doubt. He wasn’t sure he wanted to wipe out Goku. He also expressed admiration for Goku’s new power and “sparkly” appearance. Therefore, it is safe to say that Zeno’s erasure power is a very dangerous tool in the Deus Ex Machina universe. However, Zeno’s erasure power will not stop Goku from destroying Zamasu.

The erasure power allows Zeno to erase all the timeline incarnations of a universe. This power also allows him to erase people from alternate timelines. However, he never erased Future Trunks, since his future version of himself was in Universe 7.

His Alpha/Omega Ultra Instinct form

Zeno achieved this form by subconsciously unlocking the full potential of his defensive and offensive might. Zeno also acquired a complex aura. However, the true power level of Zeno’s Alpha/Omega Ultra Instinct form is still unknown. However, his power level is believed to be approximately 1,225800,000,000. Hence, he can easily overpower Fused Zamasu.

The power of Zeno’s Alpha/Omega ultra instinct form is immeasurable. The Omni-King of the 1st multiverse, Zeno has the ability to destroy any object with ease. This ability makes him one of the most powerful practitioners of Instant Transmission. Moreover, Zeno has the ability to produce a handy button on his palm. This power makes him the most powerful being of all the universes, excluding the upcoming one, which is Zeus.

After the Anime War, everyone forgets about the Alpha/Omega Ultra Instinct. Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo get their corresponding forms. Goku and Vegeta have one limiter, while Piccolo and Vegeta get two limiters. As for Zeno, he is the only one who can reach this form, but the others are limited by their limitations.

As an honorary nephew of Goku, Zeno is adorably protective of his nephew Shido. He respects his nephew and refers to him as ‘Your Majesty’. However, he is protective of his honorary nephew Shido, and he insists on being called Zen-Chan by Shido. This is because Amun-Ra can be overprotective and can’t help himself.

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His Blue-and-Orange Morality

“Blue-and-Orange morality” refers to a fictional morality in which good and evil are not absolutes. Instead, they are shades of gray. In this type of morality, a person can do good and evil by simply acting random. In Zeno’s Blue-and-Orange Morality, individuals may not know their own moral values and their behavior may be arbitrary, lawful, and neutral.

“Blue and orange morality” is a common TVTrope, but the concept is flawed. For one, it’s completely self-contradictory. And for another, it’s completely useless. While this morality is ridiculous, it offers food for thought. In the end, it’s just a TVTrope. In fact, there’s a better way to look at blue and orange morality.