How to Build Dragonborn bard 5e dnd | Lore or Valor

Dragonborn bard build 5e

Can Dragonborn bard be made?

Bards in D&D can be a bit more magical than that. They have a variety of skills, including warrior poets, musicians, and spies. Let’s now consider the culture of 5e Dragonborn bard in dnd. They live in clans that place devotion first and create an honor-based society.

You are a Dragonborn, and you get a bonus for both your strength and charisma. It is suitable as your primary stat as a bard for both combat and roleplay. While your natural strength bonus is nice in straightforward ways, it will not be used. It is best to prioritize dexterity over charisma when you need to use ranged or melee combat (use finesse tools), armor class, and initiative) (better to have casters take first). Next, think about the constitution. It will help you with your concentration spells as well as your hit points. Finally, you can consider wisdom and intelligence depending on your bary.

Bard colleges are subclasses of bards. Different playstyles work better with various subclasses. The Colleges of Swords and Valor are good options for engaging in martial combat, as you might as a Dragonborn. Both grant you better armor and an increase in your damage. If magic is your preference, the College of Lore may be the right choice. Glamour and Eloquence are options if you want to tap into your charismatic side.

Which class is best for Dragonborns in DnD 5E?

A class that uses strength and charisma to min-max the paladin.

* Barbarians can still use some charisma with the Berserker’s Intimidating Presence. A Valor bard with Dragonborn strength could use it, while a fighter with Banneret could use the charisma.

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* Sorcerer and Warlock could use Dragonborn’s charisma well enough, but neither class uses strength for melee. (Blade warlock would instead use the Hexblade Subclass, which uses charisma and not strength).

It’s possible to use different classes, but none of them uses the same strength or charisma. That makes it more challenging to use them for other classes.

How to play a Dragonborn Bard?

Even if you are a Dragonborn and you want the college of Swords, Valor, or College of Valor, it is essential to focus on how your party can best benefit from you in combat. Bardic Inspiration is a feature all bards have, regardless of their subclass. The dice grow in size with your level, and you can grant allies buffs to improve their abilities. This die can be used for different purposes by different subclasses, but it is still helpful to support your party.

Bards are great at solving skill challenges. They have many skills and will be a great asset. Your spell selection should not be limited to combat ability. It would be best if you also considered how your spells could help you in your utility role.

Which 5e Dragonborn breath weapon is best in Dnd?

Two benefits are offered by Draconic ancestry. It grants us a breath weapon that can be used to attack specific elements. That can be a cone or line attack, and it will also be tied to an element. The Dragonborn is immune to damage types through its breath.

If you’re a gold Dragonborn, you can breathe fire in a cone 15 feet high and resist fire damage.

Dragon Breath Weapon Damage Type
Black 5 by 30 ft. line (DEX Save) Acid
Blue 5 by 30 ft. line (DEX Save) Lightning
Brass 5 by 30 ft. line (DEX Save) Fire
Bronze 5 by 30 ft. line (DEX Save) Lightning
Copper 5 by 30 ft. line (DEX Save) Acid
Gold 15 ft. cone (DEX Save) Fire
Green 15 ft. cone (CON Save) Poison
Red 15 ft. cone (DEX Save) Fire
Silver 15 ft. cone (CON Save) Cold
White 15 ft. cone (CON Save) Cold
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Best way to Roleplay as Dragonborn Bard

Are you proud, Dragonborn? Or were you born into another society as a result of the birth of your clan? Bards are often viewed as the “joker” at a party. However, this is a false stereotype. It doesn’t have to be a weak backline. You might even be the party leader. It is the person who handles social interactions and makes difficult decisions. Or perhaps you prefer a quieter role. Maybe you’re even introverted. It’s possible to be a charismatic introvert and still have charisma. Charisma is your personality’s force. It doesn’t have to be loud. Your bard might keep their outlets creative. Be mindful of how you interact with others and remember your Dragonborn heritage if you want to make your Dragonborn gift truly unique.

Dragonborn Bard 5e Build: Lore or Valor

One level of cleric can give you heavy or medium armor and a shield. That will solve your AC problems. You also get more cantrips which Bards can use because they have a limited amount and a smaller selection. Guidance can be used to get out of combat dnd skill checks and has a more robust attack cantrip. You have a whole caster spell progression so that you won’t be left behind in spell slots. You can learn additional level 1 spell, such as healing words, allowing you to study more rituals and situational Bard spells. You can also get some excellent domain bonuses at Level 1 (like Life).

It’s worth looking at a 1 level dip in Draconian Sorcerer, as it’s thematic for Dragonborn. You get a constitution to save proficiency if it is picked up at level 1. The unarmored bonus it offers is slightly higher than light armor. However, shield use is not granted. You can compare it to medium armor, especially if you choose high dex. There is no cap as medium armor. Although stone sorcerers can be used as a dip, it is UA.

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Hexblade Warlock might be worth considering. It will grant you medium armor and shield and a weapon based on charisma rather than strength or agility if you must use a weapon. You might think about leveling up your Warlock as you progress through the levels. However, since you are starting at level 4, you won’t be able to do that immediately, or you will be more of a bard than a warlock. Your eldritch blast is now much stronger at level 2. That means you can do severe damage to spells even if you don’t have enough spell slots. Level 3 grants you the option of a variety of boons like a pseudodragon familiar, which gives you perception bonuses and magic resistance. Because Warlock does not advance your standard spell slots, and you would be sacrificing multiple Bard levels, it’s unlikely that you want to go any further than that. I would probably stop at 1 or 2.