Early Signs That Your Wife is Having an Affair

Early Signs That Your Wife is Having an Affair

Early Signs That Your Wife is Having an Affair

Are you suspecting your wife of cheating? Is she displaying typical cheating behaviors, such as being gone a lot or not answering her phone? Are you thinking if she is being adulterous as she is being sneaky with her phone? Discovering that your wife is cheating on you can be a devastating blow, especially when it is common knowledge how difficult it is to find a partner you love and want to have a solid and happy marriage with.

As traumatic as it is, you need to know if your wife is cheating on you to take the appropriate steps to correct the situation. We are here to help you determine if your wife is cheating on you. Read on to learn a few early signs of your wife’s cheating.

She is Always On The Phone But isn’t Calling You

When it came to using social media on the phone, the relationship with your wife may have been much more open toward the beginning. But has she recently become a lot more protective of her phone? Not leaving it unattended anywhere and throwing a fit if you ever touch it? Does she offer a lousy explanation if you call her to see where she has been all day and quickly hangs up the phone?

Do you constantly see her on the phone when she is with you, but she never calls you or picks up your call when she is away? And when you ask her why she didn’t pick up your call, does she make an unrealistic excuse? You might wonder which gender cheats more, men or women, but if you see that your partner has been away a lot and is on the phone constantly, it might be a sign of infidelity, and you don’t need to be wondering about it much. It is time to confront your wife if she displays the abovementioned behavior.

Hanging Out With Friends More

Usually, your wife’s friends will be the first to know whether she is having an affair. This is because she is most likely telling them everything, especially if she is in a new relationship. Your wife’s friends may show signs that your wife is cheating on you, so you can pay more attention to them if you suspect your wife is cheating on you. Your wife may also have begun to socialize with a new crowd, which will have given her a chance to meet a new man. Your wife can likely use these new friends as an excuse to cheat.

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If you know your wife’s old friends well, you will sense the guilt they have from knowing that your wife is cheating on you. This will not be the case with new friends of your wife as they are less likely to know or care about your marital issues. If you see that your wife is spending more time with a new group of friends and does not share the details of her time with them, this might be a sign that she is cheating on you.

Avoids Having Sex

Toward the beginning of your marriage, the sexual relationship with your spouse was excellent. However, the intimacy may have dissipated, and she now avoids sex with you. Various factors, such as changes in attitude, physical appearance, or lack of emotional intimacy, could be responsible. Another reason for the loss in sexual interest could be that your wife might be having an affair.

You must remember that the frequency of sex can vary in marriages, especially when children are present. The reason is that many parents are wiped out caring for a newborn and hardly have time to take care of themselves. That might be a reason for wanting not to have sex as much.

Some other signs related to this that might indicate that she is having an affair are:

  • The sex life between you and your wife is pretty non-existent
  • There is a significant lack of connection between you two
  • She never wants to be intimate with you
  • She is suddenly doing new things in the bedroom
  • She keeps on making excuses for not wanting sex

Your Wife Is More Secretive and Emotionally Distant

A wife will naturally cling to her husband if she deeply loves him. Are you noticing that your wife doesn’t share her emotions with you anymore and spends less time with you? If your wife is becoming more secretive and demanding more privacy, it might signify that she is having an affair. While it is natural to want to keep certain things to yourself, you must have a certain level of disclosure when you are in a marriage.

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Wanting too much privacy and preventing you from knowing anything about them might indicate that your wife is cheating. Notice that your wife maintains an emotional distance from you and is unusually secretive. It could be because she is ashamed and feels guilty about what she is doing behind your back.

Picks Up More Fights

It is natural for a person to be in a lousy mood for specific periods when they don’t want to be bothered. However, if your wife is cheating on you, she might pick a fight with you over a petty thing, giving her a reason to leave the house. When looking for signs of adultery, picking fights for no apparent reason tops the list. Your wife might create issues out of nowhere or start acting aggressively when they want to provoke you to get her own space.

If your wife is picking fights with you over silly issues and storming out of the house a lot, citing that she needs more distance from you is a classic sign of your wife trying to leave the house to meet her cheating partner. If your wife is being unfaithful to you, she will make a mountain out of a molehill to pick fights with you so that she can justify finding affection in her lover’s arms.

She is Suddenly More Into Her Looks

If a person is going through a midlife crisis or has low self-esteem, it might explain why they become concerned with their appearance. Many women lose a part of their identity when they become mothers. This can make them care less about themselves and emphasize their looks less. Hence, it does not necessarily indicate that she is cheating if she is more into her looks now.

That being said, if she starts wearing revealing clothes and becomes obsessed with her looks, it might be a warning sign that she could be cheating. There is a distinct difference between dressing up to impress someone and simply caring for your appearance. So you need to look closely to determine the amount of importance she puts on how she looks and when she dresses up more. Does she dress better when going to a particular place or meeting someone?

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There are Changes In The Office Routine

Till now, your wife mostly followed a set schedule of when her work started and when it was time to leave work. However, she now breaks that schedule and goes to work early or stays well after the usual closing time. This might lead you to wonder why your wife’s work schedule has changed to this extent, as such changes in work changes can easily indicate that she might be cheating on you.

Coworkers are the usual choice when a person seeks another for a romantic relationship. Be careful before jumping to this conclusion, as there might be developments at work that cause changes to the usual schedule. Here are a few common signs that your wife might be cheating on you with someone from work.

  • Your wife acts strangely when you ask her about colleagues
  • Your wife chooses to dress up for work every day
  • You see that she is texting her coworkers a lot more than she usually did
  • A specific coworker’s name lights her face up
  • She is suddenly caring about a coworker a lot.
  • She doesn’t talk about her work as much as she used to.

She Is Indifferent

What does your wife have to say about you looking at another girl? How does she react if the waitress hits on you? Typically a loving wife is supposed to be territorial regarding her husband and kids. So if you see that your wife has stopped caring when other women are attracted to you, it might mean trouble. Indifference can be a sign of cheating if:

  • Your wife doesn’t seem to care when you are excited about something, although she used to be enthusiastic about it.
  • Your wife seems bored with you, the kids, and the other regular habits.
  • Your wife isn’t jealous when other women hit on you.
  • She has little or no interest in birthdays, holidays, or other family events.

Summing Up

It can be devastating to learn that your wife is cheating on you. So, if you suspect your wife might be cheating on you, you must look out for the early signs. We have accumulated a few of the common early signs for you so that you can know for sure and put your mind at ease to take the following required steps. You may not want your marriage to end in divorce, so choose the next steps wisely. Hopefully, the situation will be easy for you to work out.