Electric-Driven Hydraulic Pump

electric-driven hydraulic pump

Electric-Driven Hydraulic Pump| Functions of electric-driven hydraulic pump

With the help of this article will let you know about the different techniques, features, and working of the electric-driven Hydraulic pump. The pumps are best for industrial purposes. These electric pumps will make the work quick, and all things become completely effective. You can get the benefits of several things with the hydraulic pumps. The transportation facility, productivity type, certificate, and status of the product will take you towards the electric pumps. Let’s see the other details of the product in detail below:

What is the meaning of an electric-driven Hydraulic pump?

The term electric-driven hydraulic pump refers to the pumps that work with the help of an electric motor. 

  • These hydraulic pumps will easily get found in every part as they perform different functions. 
  • The pumps will do the work complete in a short span. Whether it is a small work or large work it can perform all its functions.
  • These electric-driven hydraulic pumps contain electric and gas-powered systems.
  • The maximum power output of these pumps is 1000 mph.
  • They perform different functions like drifting the heavy system, turning the shaft, drilling the holes, etc.
  • The rated pressure of these pumps is 80 mph.

Features of electric-driven hydraulic pump:

The hydraulic pumps are one of the best pumps that will help in transferring the liquid from one position to another. These pumps will start their work only when the liquid gets shifted from one position to another. Here we will see some other features of the electric-driven Hydraulic pump that will let you know about the pumps in detail.

  • These electric pumps will work along with the power packs of hydraulics so that the cables will get connected properly.
  • The brand of these machines is QIAN YUAN.
  • Every month there is a good production of hydraulic machines. All about 100 PCS will get manufactured in a month.
  • You will get the delivery of the products by all modes of transportation,i.e., land, air, and sea.
  • When you receive the order of these goods, you will see them in a good packaging way. The whole electric pumps are present in a wooden box.
  • And within a short period,i.e., 5-10 days, you will receive the goods after placing the order.
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Get the pumps at a reasonable price and make your workings easy. You will use the pumps after their trial. So without a thing, take it and initiate your work.

Components of electric-driven hydraulic pumps:

A few parts in a hydraulic framework are considered important parts. This is due to the fixation cost or criticality of the mission. It also includes the valves & pumps. All the points are discussed here below:

1. Vane Pumps:

  • There are several varieties of vane pumps that are accessible between producers.
  • These all pumps will work on comparable plan standards. An opened rotor is coupled to the drive shaft & turns within a cam ring that is flighty to the drive shaft. 
  • Vanes will get attached to the rotor spaces and follow the inward surface of the cam ring as the rotor turns.
  • The vanes & the inward surface of the cam rings are generally liable to high wear measures.
  • As the two surfaces wear, the vanes come farther from their opening. Vane pumps tell about the consistent stream with a great price. 
  • Vane pumps will work at a consistency level, but it ranges from 14 to 160 CST somewhere.

2. Cylinder Pumps:

  • Cylinder pumps are accessible in fixed & variable relocation plans.
  • Cylinder pumps are the most adaptable and rough siphon type that deal with a scope of choices for a framework. 
  • These pumps can work effectively at pressures past 6000 psi and work effectively.
  • Many pumps will generally oppose wearing better than other siphon types.
  • Cylinder pumps work at a typical liquid consistency of 10 to 160 CST.

3. Gear Pumps:

  • Gear pumps will produce pressures up from 3000 to 3500 psi. Such pumps will offer a wide thickness that will range at the level of 2200 CST.
  • Inner stuff pumps consist of a high proficiency even at low liquid consistency.
  • Outer stuff pumps are normal and can deal with pressures up to 3000 to 3500 psi. 
  • These stuff pumps offer a reasonable, mid-pressure, mid-volume, fixed displacement conveyance to a framework.
  • The thickness of these pumps will range under 300 CST.
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Some technical parameters of electric driven pumps:

Technical parameters of electric-driven Hydraulic pumps are present to show the different things.

1. Technical parameter number 3:

  • Technical parameter 3 consists of a product no 10062 and the XYL-80 P model. 
  • The engine of this parameter is petrol. 
  • The high pressure of the model is 80, and the low pressure is 2. 
  • The net weight of this model is 50 kg. And it has 10 as its oil stock.

2. Technical parameter number 4:

  • Technical parameter 4 consists of a product no 10063 and the XYL-80 D model. 
  • The engine of this parameter is Diesel. 
  • The high pressure of the model is 80, and the low pressure is 2. 
  • The net weight of this model is 50 kg. And it has 10 as its oil stock.

These are the parameters of the electric-driven hydraulic pumps. All the pumps are available in different models. 


From the above, it is concluded that all the electric-driven hydraulic pumps are the best pumps manufactured by the manufacturers. At the time of manufacturing, these persons will use the best quality of raw material so that there is no deficiency in the working. And all your work will become easy in an eco-friendly manner. Get all the power pack units at a reasonable price. Or you can also place an order for these hydraulic power packs for home delivery. The delivery of these products is available to you within a short span, that is, with the help of all modes of transportation,i.e., road, rail, and sea. Try these electric hydraulic pumps for your purpose. They will work very effectively & ensure that the user clears all his problems solved with the power pack.