Everything You Want To Know About Polyurethane Foam Mattress

Everything You Want To Know About Polyurethane Foam Mattress

Everything You Want To Know About Polyurethane Foam Mattress 

A majority of people do not have any idea about polyurethane foam. This material is a commonly used constituent in the making of mattresses. Several luxurious mattresses also use this material to offer a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. 

In this article, we will learn about polyurethane foam and how it is used in the manufacture of mattresses. 

Facts about Memory Foam Material

Memory foam is manufactured from a product of the petroleum industry called “viscoelastic”.  It is a type of regular foam that is made from a non-renewable resource. 

The manufacturing process used in the creation of memory foam makes it different from regular foam. As the material tends to hold water, it can lead to the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. This can cause serious health consequences. 

About Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a comprehensive term used to define any foam that is made with the help of diisocyanate, and polyol. Some of them are memory foam, high-density foam, and high resilience foam. Polyurethane foam may contain additives.

So, a manufacturer can name their new foam product based on the additive they use in its preparation. Several different kinds of foams are present in the polyurethane umbrella. Some of them offer varying levels of firmness and are remarkable for bedding.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polyurethane Foam In Mattress Construction?

Polyurethane foam comes with benefits such as noiseless, resisting crumbling, matting, and dustless. Due to these incredible properties, a majority of the best mattresses of 2022 are constructed using polyurethane foam. All these properties offer a comfortable sleep surface to the sleeper. 

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Furthermore, polyurethane foam doesn’t worsen the common types of allergies. It also lacks a residual odor. The mattress resembles an “open cell structure” that allows the material to breathe properly and lower the possibilities of invasion of mildews and molds.

What Are The Properties Of Polyurethane Foam?

Almost every mattress that you will find on the market has polyurethane foam as its main component. Here, are the reasons why it holds a lot of significance in mattress construction.

  • Polyurethane foam is resistant to body impression. In other words, even after prolonged use, the height of the mattress doesn’t reduce which is a common reason for mattress replacement. 
  • The polyurethane foam has got the correct foam density. It adds the right level of firmness in the right areas to the mattress. This helps it to retain its original shape to stay in good shape for several years. 
  • High-quality polyurethane foam offers higher density foam. Such foams are firmer, offer enhanced support, and last for a longer duration. They may cost more initially but this expense will compensate in the longer run. 
  • These foams are made with random-size cells that give a luxurious feel to the foam. This quality provides a comfortable and relaxed sleep experience to the user.
  • This material is versatile and predictable material that offers a comfortable sleeping experience. High-quality polyurethane foam offers greater support, a better feel, and higher resistance to compaction. 

How Is Polyurethane Foam Made?

Polyurethane is a type of polymer that is produced as a result of the chemical reaction that happens between diisocyanate, and polyol in 1:2 ratios. Both of them are chemicals that are formed from organic compounds. 

In addition to these chemicals, there can be a few more compounds added to achieve the appropriate amount of elasticity and density for every piece of foam. The resultant material thus formed i.e., polyurethane is manufactured. It is then poured into separate molds and cooled before cutting into different layers of the mattress.

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How Is Polyurethane Foam Used In Bedding?

Polyurethane foam is one of the integral elements used in the construction of a memory foam or gel foam mattress. It is added to each layer of the mattress. Some of the widely used memory foam mattresses are made with almost all types of mixtures of polyurethane foams.


Polyurethane is an artificial blend of organic compounds. Polyurethane foam is mostly used for its ability to offer enhanced comfort and support to the sleeper. However, low-quality material shows less durability and an off-gas tendency. So, people who suffer from lung issues should do extra research on the foam quality before buying it.