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Creating a Far Traveler 5e Campaign in dnd

There’s some brief information in SCAG about far traveler 5e background in Sorcerer feats. It mentions Evermeet has been thought to be lost following the Spellplague, like Lantan and many others. It came back throughout the Second Sundering when ships from Evermeet attained Faerun. So, most likely, you have just been around Toril for the past 8-9 years if the campaign takes place presently. 

Subclasses and feats to get a Far Traveler Sorcerer 5e

Are you looking for making a sorcerer with a far traveler 5e background? You intend to make him more of a bard-like, trickster sorcerer that prefers to use some tricks up his sleeves and a little persuasion rather than engaging in conflict. Do you still want him somewhat battle-ready, though? All you could be searching for is a suitable subclass, an excellent effort to use, a superior sorcerous origin, and some powerful cantrips.

Far Traveler 5e background

In that instance, you may run a Shadow Magic Sorcerer using the 5e Far Traveler background. The level 3 Eyes of the Dark will be fantastic for trickery since it’s magical darkness that it is possible to see in, but they can’t. As far as being a trickster requires some cantrips, which can mess with folks, more utility can help. Mage Hand, minor illusion, prestidigitation. As far as feats go, you can go with Magic Initiate and choose Thaumaturgy. If you’d like the feat that will assist you or the party, accept Inspiring Leader or War Caster.

Far Traveler 5e Starting gold

Starting Gold and Equipment by Background Table: Should you choose to take the beginning equipment option, your starting wealth is a fixed amount based on your background. Below is a helpful alphabetical chart that lists every background and the beginning GP that comes with it. As per SGAC, the starting gold for far traveler 5e is 10gp jewellery and 5gp.

5E Starting Gold Level — Levels 2+: The rules are different if you intend to begin the campaign with characters above level 1. While 3.5 supplied a helpful chart that supplied starting gold according to your character level, the 5th Edition of the Player’s Handbook doesn’t. Luckily, the Dungeon Master’s Guide includes the official rules for supplying starting gold and equipment for higher-level characters. Remember, the DMG clarifies this is at the DM’s discretion, so these principles are only a rough guide. See below for the guide provided by the DMG. These tables offer you choices for low magic campaigns, standard campaigns, and campaigns involving high magic use.

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Far Traveler 5e DnD Spell details

Just about all the familiar people and other people that someone could encounter along the Sword Coast or at the North have something in common. They live their lives without travelling over a few miles away from where they were born. You aren’t one of these folk.

You’re from a remote location, one so remote that some of the frequent people from the North realize it is. The chances are excellent that even if a few people you’ve got heard of your homeland, they know merely the name and perhaps some outrageous stories. You’ve come to this part of Faerûn for your reasons, which you may or may not choose to share. It is all about Far Traveler 5e dnd spell.

Although you’ll undoubtedly find a number of this property’s ways to become odd and discomfiting, you could also make confident that some things its folks take for granted are to you new wonders which you’ve never laid eyes on before. You’re a person of interest, for good or ill, to those around you almost anywhere you go.

Resource: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Tool Proficiencies: Any musical instrument or gambling set of your pick, likely something native to your volcano

Languages: Any one of your choice

Gear: One set of traveler’s clothes, any musical instrument or gaming set you are proficient with, poorly wrought maps out of the homeland that portrays where you are at Faerûn, a little piece of jewellery value 10gp from the style of your homeland’s craftsmanship, and a pouch containing 5gp.

Suggested Characteristics



A far traveler in 5e may have set out on a journey for one of a range of reasons, and the death from his or her homeland might have been voluntary or involuntary. To ascertain why you are so far from your home, roll on the table below or choose from the options provided. The subsequent section, talking potential homelands, includes some suggested reasons that are acceptable for each location.

The most crucial decision in creating a 5e far traveler background is discovering your homeland. The places discussed here are all sufficiently distant from the North and the Sword Coast to justify the use of the 5e far traveler dnd background.

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Evermeet: If you’re an elf, Evermeet is a logical (although not mandatory) option to your homeland.

Most people who emigrate from Evermeet are exiles, forced out for committing several infractions of elven legislation, or emissaries that come to Faerun for a function that benefits elven culture or society. Situated on the Shining South’s southern borders, also hemmed in by hills around, the magocracy of Halruaa is a mysterious land to many in Faerun who understand about it. Many folks have heard of the strange skyships the Halruaans sail. Some knowledge of the stories that even the very least of the individuals can work magic.

Far Traveler 5e background in Sorcerer feats


Halruaans generally create their travels into Faerun for personal reasons since their government has a strict stance against civic involvement with other nations and organizations. You could have been exiled for breaking one of Halruaa’s many byzantine laws, or you could be a pilgrim who attempts that the shrines of the gods of magic. Should you happen from Kara-Tur, the people of Faerûn likely refer to you as Shou, even if that is not your authentic ethnicity, because that is the blanket phrase they use for everyone who shares your origin.

Kara-Tur folk occasionally travel to Faerûn as diplomats or to forge trade relations with booming merchant cartels. As a part of some delegation, you might have come here and then decided to remain when the campaign ends. From the terrain into the structure into the god-kings who rule these lands, almost everything about Mulhorand is alien to somebody gin the Sword Coast.

Culture shock

For far traveler 5e, you likely experienced the same sort of culture shock. It is when you abandoned your desert home and travelled into the unknown climes of northern Faerûn. Recent events in your homeland have led to the abolition of slavery and a corresponding increase in the traffic involving Mulhorand and the remote elements of Faerûn.

Individuals who depart behind Mulhorand’s sweltering hills and ancient pyramids to getting a glimpse at a different life do so for many reasons. You may be in the North only to find the strangeness this wet soil offers or because you have made many enemies among the desert communities of your home. Few have learned of your homeland, but many have questions about it upon seeing you. Humans from Sossal seem crafted from snow, with alabaster skin and white hair, and typically dressed in white.

Social exists far into the northeast, hard up against the endless ice to the North and bounded on its other sides by countless kilometres of the Great Glacier and the Great Ice Sea. No one from the nation attempts to cross these colossal barriers with no convincing reason. You have to fear something genuinely terrible or find something significant.

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Zakhara. As the expression goes, one of those in Faerûn who know of this place, “For to Zakhara, go south. Then go south more.” Of course, you followed an equally long route when you came north from your place of birth, even though it isn’t unusual for Zakharans to visit the southern extremes of Faerûn for trading purposes. Few of them stray as far from home as you have.

You may be travelling to find out what miracles are to be located out the deserts and sword-like mountains of your homeland, or perhaps you are on a pilgrimage to comprehend the gods that others worship, so you may better appreciate your deities. Though your home is physically closer to the Sword Coast than other locations discussed here, it’s far more unnatural. You hail from among the Underdark settlements, each of which has its strange customs and laws. Suppose you are a native of a few of the great underground cities or settlements. In that case, you’re most likely a member of this race which occupies the place, but you might also have grown up after being caught and pulled below when you were a child.

Far Traveler 5e Starting Gold


If you are a true Underdark native, you might have arrived at the surface as an emissary of your people, or perhaps to escape accusations of criminal behaviour. It applies whether justified or not. If you aren’t a native, your reason for leaving “home” likely has something to do with getting out of a bad situation in far traveler 5e.

All Eyes on You Curious glances are directed at your way wherever you go, which can be a nuisance. Still, you also obtain the friendly interest of individuals and others interested by one-hundred lands, to say nothing of everyday people that are eager to hear tales of your homeland.

It’s possible to negotiate this focus into access to people and places you might not otherwise have for you and your travelling companions. Noble lords, scholars, and merchant princes, to list a few, might be interested in hearing about your remote homeland and individuals for far traveler 5e.

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