Combat Reflexes Pathfinder Lore, Feats, Improved Combat (Kingmaker)

Combat Reflexes Pathfinder

Combat Reflexes Pathfinder ( Kingmaker)

Combat Reflexes Pathfinder (kingmaker): You can make extra attacks of opportunity.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Benefits: You may make several additional attacks of opportunity every round equal to your 5e Dexterity bonus. By the feat, you may also earn attacks of opportunity while flat-footed.
  • Without this feat: A personality without the feat can perform only one chance every round and not make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed.

Improved Combat Reflexes Pathfinder

  • Type: General
  • Resource: Dragon #340
  • You react to some fall in your competitors’ guard With lightning speed.
  • Prerequisite: Dex 13, Combat Reflexes, (+6) base attack bonus

Benefit: To any given opportunity in melee, The next strike is at a -5 penalty, just like your next normal attack in any given round. You still cannot exceed your average maximum amount of attacks of opportunity in around.

Improved Combat Reflexes Pathfinder

Feats highlighting Combat Reflexes Pathfinder

Antagonize: Control Defender combat strategy. Antagonize can be a superb way to complement your other feats. The Diplomacy choice adds a negligible impedance making it harder for enemies to attack your allies. Also, the Intimidate option provides a pressured “taunt” effect (one of very few such developments in the game). The diplomacy option is excellent as a fallback option when you don’t have a better idea of investing your standard action for a twist. Move into place, and torment an enemy while you wait for enemies to participate you.

 The Intimidate option only lasts one round unless your goal can not attack you that round (possibly they had been triggered?). Still, you can extend it for another round as an Immediate action. That is two rounds of an enemy compelled to do nothing else but attempt to attack you, which is precisely what you would like them to do. The Intimidate option only works once per day, unfortunately. Still, I have used it to induce enemies to run beyond several of my allies, drawing them away from delicate partners and provoking several AoO’s from the procedure. Use traits for Diplomacy or Intimate as class abilities. Despite poor Charisma, you ought to be able to use this reasonably well.

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Combat Reflexes Pathfinder
Combat Reflexes Pathfinder

Combat Expertise: Prerequisite

Improved Trip: +2 into CMB to trip. Combined with Your weapon, that’s a significant advantage. You won’t need to be concerned about attacks of opportunity against many enemies since they can’t usually reach you.

Greater Trip: The following +2 to a trip, along with the target, provokes attacks of opportunity. Not only do you receive a free strike, but do your buddies!

Combat Reflexes Pathfinder: Crucial. You’ll need some Dexterity to gas it, but 12 is fine to start if you play something MAD just like a Paladin. You may always get a belt afterward.

Pin Down: Requires 11 levels. However, if You are already a fighter, this solves the 5-foot measure problem.

Stand Still: Both tripping and Stand Still use a Combat Maneuver Assess, but tripping lets you receive +2 in the weapon and +2 from each of Improved and Greater Trip, accompanied by a free attack against an enemy who’s now prone and will draw an additional AoO when it stands. Stand Still also only works for adjoining squares, so it will not take advantage of reach.

Dodge: The AC bonus is fine since Almost all are control defenders will probably be using a two-handed weapon and preceding the AC bonus from a defense till they can get an animated protector.

Mobility: Prerequisite. You should seldom See the effects of the accomplishment, but sometimes running past a few enemies may get you into a very advantageous position.

Combat Patrol: It also requires Combat Reflexes, But I listed it here because I know you chose Combat Reflexes. That is a perplexing feat, but it is very significant. It raises your reach much farther than you could go differently. Still, the motion mechanic means you might be running all over the area during other people’s turns. The only restriction with this motion is that you can’t move more than your speed before your next turn, so that you may maneuver around mostly wherever you would like and put enemies precisely where you want them within your reach.

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Spring Attack: Sometimes useful, Spring Attack will let you avoid an attack of opportunity while moving beyond enemies to get to the position. Take this if you also intend to take whirlwind assault.

Whirlwind Strike: Of All the feats in this Manual, this is among the last ones you need to consider of the good feats as it’s a secondary gimmick to your usual AoO shenanigans. Since area control defenders already invest heavily

Lunge: Advantage, but it only lasts until the end of your turn, which means that you can not prolong your control field between turns, where to place control defenders glow. However, it’s an excellent match to whirlwind assault.

Power Attack: More damage is excellent, but For an Area Control Defender, it is often much more important to strike reliably than to deal a bunch of damage. Bear in mind that the penalty applies to your combat move checks since they are strikes. Also, the conclusion lasts until the start of your next turn, so you’ll endure the effects of your attacks of opportunity, too.

Pushing Assault

Pushing Assault: This may help adjust Enemies’ positions within your reach, especially if you’re dealing with several enemies. However, if you misuse this, you may end up pushing enemies out of your reach. Suppose the enemy lacks ranged strikes and does not want to run off. In that case, that means willingly re-entering your space and confronting the related attacks of chance where applicable for combat reflexes pathfinder. Your best use case for this is to push enemies away enough away that you can still hit them, but they can’t hit you. 

Combat Reflexes Pathfinder Table

Benefit You may make several additional Attacks of Opportunity per round equal to your Dexterity bonus. With this feat, you may also make Attacks of Opportunity while Flat-Footed.
Feat Name Combat Reflexes
Feat Type Combat
Combat Normal
Normal A character without this feat may take only one attack of opportunity every round and can’t make Attacks of Opportunity while Flat-Footed.
Special The Combat Reflexes feat may not permit a rogue to utilize his opportunist ability more than once each round.
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If you are large, you want to put enemies 15 feet off at the interior border of your polearm’s reach. That prevents them from using Withdraw to eliminate. It prevents them from 5-foot stepping adjacent to you. It encourages them to try charging you, thus suffering a -2 penalty to AC and allowing you to hit them with Stand Still or trip them more easily.

Step Up: The word”adjacent” Breaks this accomplishment for us. If it said”a foe within reach,” it will be good. But following means in an adjacent square, so they would have to be 5-foot stepping away from you, which brings them into your polearm’s reach. That is right where you want them, so using Measure Up would handicap you.

Weapon Focus: Exciting, but you will be creating plenty of attacks, and also, the bonus applies to your CMB if you trip with your weapon.

Greater Weapon Focus: Another +1, but it is limited to Fighters (and courses that feign to be fighters for feats).

Whip Mastery: You’ve picked up proficiency. You can now do with your whip what every other area control defender has been doing using a horse chopper and armor spikes. You have the advantage of not having to keep a pair of armor spikes. Still, there are so many different methods to keep enemies from spike range (many of which you want to take even with a whip) that this seems unnecessary about holding down several enemies. Grappling one enemy with your whip signifies that you turn off your very best trick so mildly annoy one enemy.

Summary of Combat Reflexes Pathfinder 

It is possible to make extra Attacks of Opportunity with “Combat reflexes Pathfinder.”

Benefit: You may make several extras. With this feat, you might also make Attacks of Opportunity while Flat-Footed.

Normal: A character without this feat can create Just one opportunity per round and can not make Attacks of Opportunity while Flat-Footed.

Particular: The Combat Reflexes Pathfinder feat Doesn’t allow A rogue to use her opportunist ability more than once per round.