Can Feline Agility 5e for Tabaxi used with double speed of Haste?

Feline Agility 5e dnd

Feline Agility 5e dnd

Feline Agility 5e is a Tabaxi feature in dungeon and dragons. Your Agility and reflexes enable you to move with an outburst of speed. Suppose you carry on your turn in combat. You can double your rate until the expiration of the turn. Once you do this trait, you can not use it repeatedly until you move 0 feet on one of your turns.

Tabaxi’s 5e Feline Agility as a bonus action

Your DM may have house ruled differently, but it is not a bonus action or simple movement by the book. Unless it explicitly says it is an action or bonus action, racial abilities and activities are free. So, do Feline Agility 5e also claim it gets a bonus action to initiate a Tabaxi’s claws? There is no action assigned to it. You decide that your pace is doubled for that turn (primarily as a free action.) And it can’t prepare it again until you satisfy the given criteria (consume a turn not utilising any of your movement).

Expeditious Retreat 5e

The spell Expeditious Retreat uses a bonus action to cast and allows you to practice the Dash action (doubling your speed). Considering the double speed effect of Expeditious Retreat and 5e Feline Agility are comparable, it would be expected to assume they demand the same actions. But they don’t.

Expeditious Retreat 5e

Can a Tabaxi’s Feline Agility 5e helpful with the Haste spell’s doubled speed?

Let’s start by revealing this down a bit.

The tabaxi 5e is an 18th monk, so you get a +30 to speed, earning his walking speed 60.

Then you take mobile feat- getting his walking speed 70.

Suppose any tabaxi were affected by the Haste spell, the walking speed would double, so now it will be 140.

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The Haste 5e spell states as per PHB, pg. 250:

Until the spell finishes, the target’s speed is doubled, it gets a +2 bonus to AC, it owns an improvement on Dexterity saving throws, and it earns an additional action on any of its turns. That action can be helpful only to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action.

The Rogue’s Cunning Action feature says:

You can take any bonus action on each of your turns in battle. That action can be helpful only to take the Dash, Disengage, or 5e Hide action.

Either Feline Agility, 5e Haste or Boots of speed may double your base speed of 60 to 120. But all together, they do that. So the rate is 120 using just your movement.

It means you are planning Dash: 3 times

140 (Current base walking speed) plus 140 (action used to Dash) + 140 (extra action from Haste) plus 140 (bonus action Dash from the rogue’s Cunning Action) = 560 ft.

And now suppose you require Feline Agility 5e to make his entire movement for the turn 1120 feet.

Feline Agility 5e trait of Tabaxi states (Volo’s Guide to Monsters, p. 115):

Suppose you move on your turn in combat. You may double your speed until the completion of the turn. But the reality is as follows. As long as the character advances, their movement completely with Haste becomes 280.

They have heavily invested in that build. Therefore squeeze as much out of it as it can! Moving that far might not be as valuable as they would think in a restrained field in combat. However, there can be times where it is pretty relevant.


5e Feline Agility doubles your movement speed. Therefore whenever you “move” or “dash”, you are moving or dashing twice the number you usually would. That mounds with bonuses conferred by spells and items.

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Monk at Level 20 adds +30 speed. For a 5e Tabaxi, this is 60 base speed.

Feline Agility in 5e dnd uses your current speed and doubles it until the end of the turn. So this is 120 base speed. We have already discussed the above.

Move 120, Bonus Dash as the step of the wind 120, and leading action dash 120 provides you 360 ft of movement that turn.

Take some spellcasters and items to assist you. Hold somebody cast Longstrider on you, which raises your base speed by 10 (70). Get someone cast Haste on you. It will take your current speed and doubles it 70 x 2 = 140. Furnish and activate Boots of Speed. So, the speed boots exert your current rate and double it, 140 x 2 = 280 base speed. Feline Agility in dnd 5e does it. Likewise, as well as it will easily stack, so 280 x 2 = 560 base speed.

Move 560, Bonus Dash in the step of the wind: 560, original action dash 560, hasted action dash 560. That will be 560 x 4 = 2,240 feet of movement in 1 turn.

It is almost commensurate of running about 254.5 miles per hr for 6 seconds.